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June 2015
Released: 2015, Bitterpill
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

I haven’t heard anything about 039 band before. This is the first time I met with their progressive/rock music. The taste that sticks yet in my ears is wonderful, majestic and great.

039 is a band based in Italy playing progressive rock/metal with ethereal male and female vocals accompanied by heavy guitars and keyboards creating a wonderful atmosphere. AMAGALMA is their new and fresh debut album that can easily be listened by any non metal fan even. Their music is passionate, atmospheric, and unique.

Their influences are of great range; from Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree to Anathema, Dream Theater and Peter Gabriel. Going into AMAGALMA, you’ll pick up pretty quickly on some of the ideas the band is going for. The production feels clean and fine-cut and makes the song sound so good.

An epic and intricate approach is apparent from these opening tracks. It is jaw dropping to hear the airtight interplay between guitars and keyboards that clearly is the work of masters of their craft. The album has four delightful interludes that invoke images of meditating next to a creek and a bonsai tree. These tracks are flowing and natural in intensity. There is a lot to love on this album. The lyrical subjects and interlude tracks are refreshing and give the album a hopeful tone underneath the layers of melancholy. The lyrical concept of the album is about dualism of reality.

The album opens very strong and heavy with “Dexter” which is followed by melodic “What’s Left”. Next, the very touching ballad of “Out of Time”. After that, there is another great ballad with perfectly melodic female and male vocals under a flute’n’piano driven tune. “Mother” is undeniably one of the hits here, being a power catchy ballad. All of the songs below follow that foresail structure that make AMAGALMA a great album.

To sum up, something great with this record is that they have finally figured out where they are heading. Every song is placed with care and helps you forging a calm, peaceful state of mind where you can just slip into your chair and listen to the pure musical genious selectivity of melody. It’s the moody atmospherics mixed with dreamy Pink Floyd essentials. It’s the strong emotional tones carried by an undercurrent of subtle progressive melodies. More importantly, it’s all of those elements expanded upon and delivered in a more dynamic package. AMAGALMA is a certainly crafted evocative masterpiece of progressive music. As a friend correctly said, despite horrible times, there always exists a bright light at the end of the struggle. This album conveys that fact and the journey there may be hard sometimes, but reaching that light proves to be an enlightening experience.
Track Listing

1. The Dark Passenger
2. Dexter
3. What’s Left
4. Out of Time
5. Away From The Sun
6. Mother
7. Blood
8. Coma
9. Amalgama
10. Flowing Away
11. Disclosure


Ruggero Ascione - guitar
Daniele Carozzi - Bass
Emanuele Rossi - Drums
Marco Zanibelli - Keyboards
Bruno D’Aleo - Vocals

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