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Lucid Dream
June 2017
Released: 2017, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

Lucid Dream has been around since 2009, led by their talented guitarist, Simone Terigi. While many Italian bands gravitate towards symphonic power metal, Lucid Dream has always been more of a retro-metal band with a direct and simplified sound that recalls NWOBHM. They also include a dash of progressive metal in places along with modern production.

OTHERWORLDY is the third release from Lucid Dream, and without question the band has taken its most direct approach yet. This album embraces NWOBHM along with some elements of Priest and Maiden. Thus, the songs are tighter and more memorable, as “Buried Treasure” quickly demonstrates with its economical riff and chugging verse rhythm. “Ring Of Power” recalls “Heading Out To The Highway” and Priest in general, but with the bands own flourish after the opening riffs subside.

Alessio Calandriello’s vocal lines are once again entirely fitting for the music, reminiscent of Triumph’s Rik Emmet. The drums stand out on this album, well recorded and up front. Terigi’s guitars do not seem to have much bottom end, with a strange and dry sound. Still, the solos are tasteful and judicious while many of the riffs have that sticky quality. “A Blanket Of Stars” is a peaceful, clean guitar instrumental that Terigi has become quite adept at composing, reminding me in many ways of Jim Matheos solo work on AWAY WITH WORDS.

“Magnitudes” shows the versatility of the band, sounding like Anathema for part of the song and then swiftly transitioning to Labyrinth. It is an unexpected twist that is inspired and works quite well. OTHERWORLDY contains the band’s most focused and connecting song-writing and is another welcome addition to their catalog. I like that the approach has been pared down for a more urgent delivery. My only small complaint is that the guitar sound is just too dry and lacking in punch. If you are a fan of the band already, then I can happily say that the new album is their best. Curious appreciators of NWOBHM, Priest, Triumph, and Labyrinth should start their exploration of Lucid Dream with this album
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. A Blanket of Stars
3. Broken Mirror
4. Buried Treasure
5. Everything Dies
6. Magnitudes
7. The Ring of Power
8. The Stonehunter
9. The Theater of Silence


Simone Terigi - Guitars
Alessio Calandriello - Vocals
Gianluca Eroico-Bass
Paolo Tixi - Guest Drums

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