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Past Poll Results

Favorite Teutonic Thrashers?

Favorite female vocalist? 
Tarja Turunen, Nightwish

Favorite Kreator Album (not including best-of`s)
1. Extreme Aggression (1989) 19% (460) 
2. Pleasure To Kill (1986) 15% (378) 
3. Coma Of Souls (1990) 15% (363) 
4. Terrible Certainty (1987) 5% (128) 
5. Violent Revolution (2001) 5% (114)

(Poll close date Oct.15th, 2001)

Canada' best addition to heavy metal has been?
1. Annihilator
2. Anvil
3. VoiVod

Is Judas Priest "Judas Priest" without Rob Halford?
Yes! The band is bigger than one person. 51% (1625)
No! Without Halford Priest are a cover band. 49% (1560)

What band should do a proper tour in North America?
1. Helloween
2. Rhapsody
3. Stratovarius

Worst career move in the history of metal
1. Metallica sell out 40% (831)
2. Max Cavelera in Kornfly 10% (215)
3. Tommy Lee goes rap 9% (189)
4. Michael Kiske leaves Helloween to play rock 6% (133)
5. Iron Maiden hire Blaze Bailey as lead vocalist 6% (131)

Iced Earth's upcoming CD will be based on classic horror movie icons. Do you think this is cool?
1. Yeah - Iced Earth can do no wrong 69% (1246)
2. No - This is total cheese 31% (553)

In recent news Danny Spitz (ex-Anthrax) claims to have found the lord. What do you think of this?
1. Crock of shit 41% (399)
4. God bless him 36% (351)
3. Don't care 18% (179)
2. Danny who? 6% (55)

What one of the following bands has staged the best comeback?
1. Venom
2. Destruction
3. Crimson Glory

What band would you like to see return?
1. Rainbow (Dio + Ritchie Blackmore)
2. Death
3. Carcass

Kings of Metal
1. Iron Maiden
2. Metallica
3. Black Sabbath
4. Manowar
5. Slayer
6. Judas Priest
7. Blind Guardian
8. Helloween
9. Ozzy Osbourne
10. Death

Reader Poll: Best of 1999
1. Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle Earth
2. Testament - The Gathering
3. Gamma Ray - PowerPlant
4. Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black
5. In Flames - Colony

Iron Maiden: The band of the past or of the future?
1. With Bruce back, the sky is the limit!
2. Maiden will never achieve their past glories.
3. Bruce is back but the masses don't care.

Did Priest choose the right vocalist to replace Rob Halford?
1. YES, Ripper is a god!
2. NO, Ripper Sucks
3. Shoulda chosen Ralf Sheepers
4. Bring Back Halford

Favorite Styles of Metal
1. I love it all!
2. Power Metal
3. Death Metal
4. Thrash Metal
5. Black Metal

Where is the Best Metal Coming From?
1. USA
2. Sweden
3. Germany

Metallica sellout poll
Most everyone agreed that, yes Metallica have long since sold out).

80's Metal Poll
The overwhelming majority of you (90%+) said that  bands that were formed in the 80's were better in the 80's!!
To some, the 80's unfortunately only represents glam/pop metal. The reason probably being that this form of music was so commercially successful. But remember, the early 80's also gave us such classic albums as Motley Crue's "Shout at the Devil", Judas Priest's "Screaming For Vengeance", Metallica's "Ride The Lightening", not to mention the host of other 80's bands that put out countless killer albums during that period.

What this poll focused on was the 80's bands that remain together to this very day. Bands like Slayer, Metallica, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Anthrax, Ozzy Osbourne, etc. The poll question was simple, do you think that these bands released their best CD's in the 80's???

The Best of 1997
By Artist:
1. Megadeth "Cryptic Writings"
2. Bruce Dickinson "Accident of Birth"
3. Machine Head "The More Things Change..."
4. Judas Priest "Jugulator"
5. Testament "Demonic"
6. Motley Crue "Generation Swine"
7. Entombed "To ride, shoot straight..."
8. Six Feet Under "Warpath"
9. Geezer "Black Science"
10. WASP "KFD"

For Album As #1:
1. Bruce Dickinson "Accident of Birth"
2. Machine Head "The More Things Change..."
3. Motley Crue "Generation Swine"
4. Six Feet Under "Warpath"
5. Megadeth "Cryptic Writings"
6. Judas Priest "Jugulator"
7. Entombed "To ride, shoot straight..."
9. Testament "Demonic"
10.Geezer "Black Science"

The First Metal Band

Best Album Cover Art
#1 Iron Maiden "Somewhere in Time"
#2: Iron Maiden "Live After Death"
#3: Iron Maiden "Powerslave"
#4: Slayer "Divine Intervention"
#5: Tool "Anemia"
#6: Morbid Angel "Domination"
#7: Iron Maiden "Killers"
#8: Iron Maiden "Number of the Beast"

Top 5 Metal Vocalists

#1. James Hetfield of Metallica took the title as the BEST METAL VOCALIST!! Despite all the bickering, metal fans still think James is one of the best.

#2. Phil Anselmo of Pantera came in at an extremely close second.

#3. Geoff Tate, Queensryche. This was a surprise, at least to me. I haven't seriously listened to them since Operation Mindcrime.

The next three are all tied for the #4 spot, thus making this a list of the top six vocalists. Max Cavalera (ex-Sepultura), Ronnie James Dio and King Diamond.

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