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Note: None of us here at, myself included, make any money from "working" for this site. That said, the below openings are not for paying positions, but require mature and reliable individuals who have some free time, a passion for heavy metal, and a desire to help with the forward advancement of 

The site has been online since 1995 when I started it as a one man operation. Since then we have grown considerably with more staff writers and guest contributors from many countries around the world. As the site has grown, it gets harder to manage the entire thing myself. All these "positions" will involve working with myself or possibly other staff members, so you'll have to be a team player and not an arsehole! ha!

EvilG - Owner and Editor in Chief

Current Openings

Database Programmer Needed!!! is looking for a programmer to help us out with back end programming for the site.

Responsibilities: Enhance, update, maintain, and develop scripts and programs. Database administration, setup, programming, backup etc.

Experience/Requirements: The person we're looking for has to have experience using PHP and MySQL in a *nix environment. To a lesser extent CGI and Pearl programming experience will also be an asset. We have a number of enhancements and updates to existing scripts that could be done along with a few new important features that will require either writing new database programs or installing existing packages and tailoring them to our needs.

If you have a few hours every week to help out, drop us an e-mail and tell us about yourself! Include any links to online programming examples you might have done.

Minister of Marketing and Propaganda is looking for one reliable and outgoing individual to help with marketing/sales. 

Responsibilities: Your main task will be to find, contact, and secure advertisers/sponsors for our site. Secondary tasks will include: setting up reseller contacts for any of our releases, compiling a weekly or monthly newsletter, writing & distributing press releases to media outlets, and any other marketing functions we require. 

Experience/Requirements: While no real work experience is required, it would be very helpful if you have knowledge of online marketing and advertising along with experience writing sales "pitch" letters and administering a focused campaign. It will make things easier if you have knowledge of the metal industry and contacts, music distribution networks, etc. As for the time required to handle this position, that is up to you entirely, as long as you are successful. The main portion of your work will be done via e-mail, so you'll need to be able to send, check and reply to e-mails daily. 

If you have the drive and have a few hours every week to help out, drop us an e-mail and tell us about yourself!

Transcriptionists is looking transcriptionists for interviews.

Responsibilities: Like the title suggests...transcribing spoken word to proper English :). Recorded interviews will be made available for you to download in MP3 format. 

Experience/Requirements: While no experience is required, patience is!! Typing up a 30 to 45+ minute pre-recorded phone conversation is not a task for someone who does "hunt and pack" typing. You'll have to be able to type fast and do so with proper spelling, punctuation, etc. Often our interviews are done with people who have an accent, some stronger than others, so you will need to be comfortable with understanding English spoken with an accent.

If you have a few hours every week to help out, drop us an e-mail!!