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Statement Issued from Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) To Paul Ryan

August 22nd, 2012
Statement Issued from Dee Snider and His management company:
It was brought to the attention of  the management today that Paul Ryan (nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election) has been using tour client Dee Snider’s composition “We’re Not Gonna Take It” in his political campaign to become the Vice President of The United States of America. Dee does not support Paul Ryan. Accordingly,  Dee has released this statement to Benjy Sarlin, campaign reporter for TPM  in Washington, DC:
I emphatically denounce Paul Ryan’s use of my song “Were Not Gonna Take It” as recorded by my band Twisted Sister. There is almost nothing on which I  agree with Paul Ryan, except perhaps the use of the P90X.
Dee Snider

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TRONDHEIM ROCK festival – Norway

July 8th, 2012



Trondheim Rock is annual rock event held, like the name suggests, in Trondheim, Norway. The festival has a tradition of having high quality performers outside of the mainstream and ongoing trends. The history of Trondheim Rock includes such artists as Def Leppard, Jon Lord, Kamelot, Whitesnake, Gary Moore, and Glenn Hughes amongst many others. This year’s edition of the event included three bands: re-united the Darkness, legendary U.S hard rockers Twisted Sister and Norwegian band TNT who now celebrate their 30th anniversary in their original hometown.



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TWISTED SISTER guitarist Jay Jay French Interview on Dee Snider/Manowar/and the origins of Twisted Sister

June 25th, 2012

“Our job was to blow other bands off the stage.”

Jay Jay French

Jay Jay French

Twisted Sister founder and guitarist, Jay Jay French gives a lengthy interview in the latest issue of Chips & Beer The Magazine (May 2012). French spoke to journalist Adam Ganderson about the origins of the band, French ’s thoughts on frontman Dee Snider and the Twisted Sister’s feud with Manowar. Some highlights below:

Tell me about when and how you started Twisted Sister.

I was living on a commune and playing in this hippy band in the summer of ‘72. We played one show that summer and it was a disaster. And I came home at the end of August and a friend of mine who was a friend of the New York Dolls said, “You gotta see this band The Dolls.” Now I had seen them, cause they rehearsed in the same studio where I rehearsed at with my little hippie, weirdo band. We rehearsed in New York City, a place called Talent Re-Con. Which, I believe was one of the first rehearsal studios in New York. And the Dolls had rehearsed there. So I had seen them coming in and out with their shagged hair. Now, you have to understand, I’m a Grateful Deadhead, so this was the other side of the coin, right? The glam looking kind of thing, the Rod Stewart kind of haircut. I’d never seen that in an American band. On top of this, in June of ‘72 I had auditioned for KISS when they were called Wicked Lester.

You did?

Yeah. And they said to me, “What’s with the long hair? We’re gonna cut our hair,” and “Are you into Slade?” And I said, “No.” And they said, “Well you should listen to Slade, cause we’re gonna be like Slade.” But they didn’t have a name yet. They were Wicked Lester. So I auditioned for them in June of ‘72, then I went off and joined this hippy, kind of weirdo, Allman Brothersish kind of band. So anyway, that band rehearsed all summer long and lived on a commune in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. I came back in August and we played a show. The band was called Maxwell Benjamin and the show sucked, and the band broke up that night. And I remember coming home thinking, “What’s gonna be the next thing?” And I got a subscription to Fusion Magazine. Bowie was on the cover. And with a subscription came three albums: Hunky Dory , Mott , and Lou Reed’s Transformer. I put on the David Bowie album, opened up the magazine, saw Mick Ronson, flipped out. Flipped the fuck out. Like, “Oh my God. This is my life. This is my future. Fuck all this.”

So I start going and auditioning for glam bands because I can see my future as a transvestite. I said, “I can do that. Maybe it’s a great way to get laid.” And the drummer that was in that crazy hippie band that I lived out in the commune, that drummer went on to another group. And the agent that he had was mentioning that he knew another band that was looking for a glam, a glitter rock guy. So he said, “Hey I played with a guy this summer, I think he’s into that shit now. We lost the Duane Allman part and I think he transitioned over to the Mick Ronson world. Maybe you should call him up.” So I get a phone call from this guy named Mel Anderson from New Jersey. And he goes, “Hey is this John Segal? This is Mel Anderson. Listen, I understand yous into glitter.” “Yous”: it’s important. He goes, “yous,” not “you are.” “Yous guys. I seen yous guys.” I’m a New York kid. I didn’t learn the vernacular of the blue collar suburbs. I said, “Yeah I’m into glitter.” He went, “Oh good we’re into glitter, man.” So he goes, “Look, I’ll bring you up to rehearsal.” So he drives to my house in Manhattan, picks me up, and drives me out to New Jersey to this rehearsal with this band called Silverstar. This is in December of ‘72. And we’re driving out and he said, “Yeah man, we’re gonna fucking wear make up. I wear this colored wig like Parliament.” He was black. “It’ll be like Parliament/Funkadelic. The lead singer’s gorgeous. There’s gonna be girls everywhere man. We’re gonna fuckin’ wear like dresses and shit. And make up.” And I go, “Really?” And he goes, “Yeah man, it’s the best way to get laid, man. The best fucking way to get laid. ‘Cause girls like guys who look like girls, but they got dicks. Trust me man, it’s a fuckin’ great formula.”

Ha Ha Ha!

And I’m like, “Sounds good to me!” Cause I ain’t gay, but if you’re tellin’ me it’s a good way to get laid I’m all for it. So I go rehearse with these guys. And so they asked me to join that night. We started rehearsing first week of January ‘73. I moved to New Jersey. Moved into the band house. We were called Silverstar for about two or three weeks. I hated the name. I said, “One Quaalude and nobody’s gonna fuckin’ remember the name Silverstar.” It’s such a non-name. And then, basically, it evolved. The singer, the original singer thought of this. He was drunk, and came up with this idea for the name Twisted Sister. And that’s how it all started.

So would you say you guys were leaning to the more hard rock type bands like B.O.C., that sort of style? ‘Cause it definitely wasn’t punk what you guys were doing.

No, no man. First of all, Blue Öyster Cult never figured into our viewpoint. Nothing ever really did. We completely evolved in our own world. I think when we really established ourselves as really high end…look, we were a ‘70s rock band that made it in the ‘80s is really what we were. And we were a bar band. So everything we did in the bars was, we learned how to entertain. And that was really it. We learned how to get audiences going crazy. This goes back to The Grateful Dead, of trying to get the audience completely wrapped up and involved. But the band really became an entertainment, performance artist band. Music was secondary. The bludgeoning effect of the music was primary. We learned to be predatory. Our job was to blow other bands off the stage. Because it meant we could make more money. So we became really predatory, which is how we are today. I don’t think we’re a musical band as much as we are an outfit that’s designed to destroy other bands and their morale. I really don’t care. We go out there to eat up other bands for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don’t really give a fuck. And the day that that ends is the day I’ll stop playing. But it aint about the music. It’s about the crushing effect of what a galvanizing entertainment package will deliver.

Does it ever bother you that the general public recognizes Dee as Twisted Sister, when you started the band?

Well I don’t write the songs. If I was Pete Townshend it would bother me. Cause Pete Townshend wrote the songs for The Who, but everyone assumes that Roger Daltrey wrote ‘em. But I always needed somebody to do this stuff. I couldn’t do it. I don’t have that capacity. If you’re asking me did I assume that what would happen ultimately is that the singer would spin off to the degree that it did? Probably not. But it is what it is. Lead singers are what they are. It’s funny, you’d think that Keith Richards would understand that he and Mick Jagger are roughly equivalent in the world, but Keith doesn’t think so. He doesn’t think the world knows who the fuck he is. If I was Jimmy Page and I wrote and produced the album, it’d be different, but it’s not. You’re not interviewing me about the songs.

In his book it didn’t seem like Keith has many nice things to say about Mick Jagger.

Yeah, well that’s what happens when you’re in a band. If a band’s been together 40 years, if they don’t hate each others guts at that point, the band aint worth shit. That’s my opinion. There should be a lot of that. That’s what happens. Dee’s book is comin’ out. Who the fuck knows what he said about me.

You talked about B.O.C. and Sir Lord Baltimore. But in the ‘80s, when Metal became huge, did you have any relationship with New York bands that started in that era, like Manowar or Virgin Steele?

I don’t know any of ‘em. No, I mean our bass player’s in The Dictators. He had a relationship with them for a while.

Then fell out with them and really doesn’t talk to them anymore. But Manowar said something stupid in a magazine interview to us and we challenged them to a fight and they never showed up. And then they apologized.

What was it that they said?

Yeah, some stupid statement they made in the press. So we said, “Really? Well, meet us at Covent Garden,” and we called ‘em out in the press. We went down to Covent Garden, it was covered by all the rock magazines at the time in 1983, and they never showed up ‘cause they’re a bunch of pussies. They were in fear that Mendoza was gonna kick their ass and they released a statement saying, “We apologize if we said anything to upset Twisted Sister, blah, blah, blah…” So they were just a bunch of idiots. Look, we don’t pick fights with anybody. If you pick a fight with us, it’s a different story. But we don’t pick fights. We have no reason to. Our job is we do our job onstage. And if you can survive it, knock yourself out. Otherwise, go fuck yourself.

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February 21st, 2012

Graspop Metal Meeting is proud to announce TWISTED SISTER’s long overdue GMM debut!

Founded back in 1972 by guitarist Jay Jay French, it still took Twisted Sister ten years to release their debut album Under the Blade. After years of pottering about, the American quintet decided to change musical directions and thanks to an inventive mix of traditional heavy metal, pure rock ‘n’ roll and a pinch of early seventies glam rock, Twisted Sister’s popularity began to soar. Energy bomb Dee Snider joined in 1976 and he clearly brought more to the mix than just the big hair. Taking over as the band’s songsmith, Snider authored the hit singles We’re Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock off the 1984 Stay Hungry album, two rock anthems that catapulted Twisted Sister into international fame. In 1987, the band called it quits after just four albums, only to reform ten years later. Their last studio album Still Hungry was released in 2004, but more than anything else Twisted Sister are known for their energetic live shows, making The Iron Men of Rock and Roll’ one of the most exciting bands in metal history.




Tickets for Saturday 23 June will be available as soon as the headliner for Saturday is known.
Friday, Sunday and combi tickets are already for sale:




















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‘Twisted Sister – From The Bars To The Stars: Three Decades Live’ 5DVD Set – Out November 8

November 8th, 2011
'Twisted Sister - From The Bars To The Stars: Three Decades Live' 5DVD Set - Out November 8 2011

'Twisted Sister - From The Bars To The Stars: Three Decades Live' 5DVD Set - Out November 8 2011

Eagle Rock Entertainment will celebrate Christmas early this year with the release of Twisted Sister From The Bars To The Stars: Three Decades Live, a 5-DVD boxed set, on November 8 [MSRP $59.98]. The lavish package comes complete with curios such as a Twisted Sister Christmas ornament, an official “New York Steel” backstage pass, a classic two and a half-inch Twisted Sister pin and a reproduction of the first-ever SMF Fan Club letter.


Over eight hours long, From The Bars To The Stars has to be considered the ultimate Twisted Sister boxed set. One of the five DVDs, Twisted Xmas: Live In Las Vegas, is a total exclusive, having never before been released in any format. This 2009 concert showcases the band performing such beloved holiday fare as “White Christmas” and “Come All Ye Faithful” next to “Burn In Hell” and “Deck The Halls” as only Twisted Sister can. In fact, Jay Jay French, Dee Snider, Mark Mendoza, A.J. Perro, and Eddie Ojeda, have made this holiday merriment a metal tradition for the past few years.


Live At Reading was filmed in 1982 at England’s biggest rock festival. A bonus 2011 band interview is included.


Double Live juxtaposes an early Long Island, New York show (North Stage ’82), filmed just prior to the band breaking internationally, and NY Steel ’01, the New York City 9/11 benefit they headlined.


Live At Wacken documents the band’s 2003 Wacken Open Air Festival reunion appearance in Germany. Complete with behind-the-scenes backstage footage and band interviews about their 1980s rise to world domination, break-up and reunion, it also contains their entire set on the big stage at this most prestigious of European Heavy Metal festivals.


Any SMF would agree – This is one boxed set no Twisted Sister fan can do without!

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KOTKAN MERIPAIVAT feat. Twisted Sister, Hardcore Superstar, Michael Monroe etc.

August 17th, 2011





The Kotkan Meripäivät festival is organized in Kotka in July’s last weekend and it typically has an attendance of more than 200,000 visitors in four days. The festival is Finland’s second largest festival and it’s been held since 1962 onwards. As always, the event now includes a wide selection of performers for different target audiences. On Saturday there were performers like Joe Cocker and The Village People. The main event was held on Friday and it included such bands as legendary U.S. hard rockers Twisted Sister, Hardcore Superstar, the Michael Monroe band, and reformed Pelle Miljoona Oy which now had former Hanoi Rocks members Andy McCoy and Sam Yaffa in their ranks.  

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July 7th, 2011
Twisted Sister Double Live: North Stage ’82, NY Steel ’01

Twisted Sister Double Live: North Stage ’82, NY Steel ’01

New York, NY (July 7, 2011)— On July 26, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Twisted Sister Double Live: North Stage ’82, NY Steel ’01, a double-disc DVD package consisting of two Twisted Sister concerts, 19 years apart. Over three hours of the most Twisted rock’n’roll and heavy metal ever! [Pre-book Order Date July 1, MSRP $24.98]

In 1982, Twisted Sister was the wildest, most outrageous club band on the Long Island, New York scene. As a goodbye to their loyal fans just prior to the band crossing the Atlantic to record its groundbreaking Under The Blade debut album, guitarists Jay Jay French and Eddie Ojeda, vocalist Dee Snider, bassist Mark Mendoza and drummer A.J. Pero performed at The North Stage Theater on Long Island. This incendiary concert footage—in its entirety—represents the only commercially-released video performances of long-retired club favorites “Lady’s Boy” and I’ll Never Grow Up” among the 14 stand-out tracks. The disc comes complete with brand new interviews from all five musicians about their feelings as they left the New York club scene to become an international phenomenon.

In 2001, with New York City reeling from the effects of September 11, Twisted Sister, who hadn’t played together for 13 years, were approached by Metal radio personality/promoter Eddie Trunk who asked if they’d headline “New York Steel” to benefit the families of those firefighters and police officers who lost their lives. Putting aside personal difficulties for the good of the cause, the band started rehearsing. Scenes of those rehearsals, as well as profound new interviews chronicling the intense inter-band chemistry, are revealing and fascinating. When Trunk introduced the band that night, with New York Mets baseball hero Mike Piazza at his side, the reaction was so spectacular, the seeds were planted for a return to form that continues to this day.

Eagle Rock Entertainment is an international media production and distribution company operating across audiovisual entertainment programming. Eagle Rock Entertainment works directly alongside talent to produce the highest quality programming output covering film, general entertainment and musical performance. Eagle Rock Entertainment has offices based in London, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Hamburg, & Paris.


DISC ONE: North Stage Theater 1982

1) What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You)

2) Destroyer

3) Tear It Loose

4) Bad Boys Of Rock ‘n’ Roll

5) Lady’s Boy

6) Leader Of The Pack

7) Under The Blade

8) Shoot ‘Em Down

9) Sin After Sin

10) I’ll Never Grow Up Now

11) You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll

12) You Know I Cry

13) It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)

14) Rock N Roll Saviours


DISC TWO: New York Steel 2001

1) What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You)

2) The Kids Are Back

3) Stay Hungry

4) Burn In Hell

5) You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll

6) Under The Blade

7) Shoot ‘Em Down

8) Come Back

9) You Know I Cry

10) I Wanna Rock

11) We’re Not Gonna Take It

12) The Price

13) S.M.F.

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Interview with TWISTED SISTER´s guitarist Jay Jay French & Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda

October 30th, 2010

MSN /ROCK METAL TV Spain  conducted an interview with TWISTED SISTER´s guitarist Jay Jay French & Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda

/ROCK METAL TV is the new rock television in Spain directed by Mario Ruiz from Krea Films and veteran Spanish journalist Rafa Basa from

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October 8th, 2010


For those who “stayed hungry” for the riotous rock of Long Island’s loudest band, Eagle Rock Entertainment are ready to satiate! Twisted Sister: Live In Wacken – The Reunion will be unleashed as a DVD/CD set on October 26, 2010. [MSRP $19.98]
Twisted Sister established itself as a band to be heard AND seen. Their instantly recognizable image, fiery live shows, and a string of highly successful albums loaded with defiant anthems rocketed them to stardom before their split in the late eighties. In 2003, the classic line-up of lead vocalist Dee Snider, guitarists Jay Jay French and Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda, bassist Mark “The Animal” Mendoza, and drummer AJ Pero joined forces yet again and took the stage at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany. 110 minutes thick with riffage and rebellion, this DVD/CD reissue of the concert, which was previously released in 2005, was the first filmed performance of the fully revitalized, post-millenial Twisted Sister.

Live In Wacken is the full experience of the band’s reunification. Fans are treated not only with live footage of Wacken on the DVD, but snippets of other performances and interviews chronicling the story of their reunion after so many years. The accompanying CD, Live…Past & Present, completes the package, encapsulating the band’s history with vintage live tracks from Detroit and Porchester in 1980, London in 1982, and the 2003 Wacken performance.

“The Kids Are Back” indeed.

Eagle Rock Entertainment is an international media production and distribution company operating across audiovisual entertainment programming. Eagle Rock Entertainment works directly alongside talent to produce the highest quality programming output covering film, general entertainment and musical performance. Eagle Rock Entertainment has offices based in London, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Hamburg, & Paris.

Track Listing:
(*interviews sections)

1.)   What You Don’t Know (Sure Can’t Hurt You)
2.)  In The Beginning*
3.)  The Final Show…1987*
4.)  The Kids Are Back
5.)  Stay Hungry
6.)  The Speaks Reunion*
7.)  A Night For Jason*
8.)  Destroyer
9.)  Like A Knife In The Back
10.) TS on TV*
11.) The New York Steel Benefit*
12.) Under The Blade
13.) Old School Returns*
14.) You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll
15.) The Fire Still Burns
16.) South Korea April 2003*
17.) Shoot ‘Em Down
18.) We’re Not Gonna Take It
19.) Festivals*
20.) The Price
21.) Reflections*
22.) Burn In Hell
23.) I Wanna Rock
24.) Band Intro
25.) S.M.F.
26.) Credits

Detroit & Portchester 1980
1.)   Bad Boys Of Rock ‘N’ Roll
2.)  Born To Be Wild
3.)  I’ll Never Grow Up. Now!
4.)  You Know I Cry

London 1982:
5.)  You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll

Wacken 2003:
6.)  What You Don’t Know (Sure Can’t Hurt You)
7.)  The Kids Are Back
8.)  Stay Hungry
9.)  Like A Knife In The Back
10.) I Am, I’m Me
11.) The Fire Still Burns

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Twisted Sister, Tuff, W.A.S.P. Members Cover Nugent for Fat Chick Tribute Album

August 17th, 2010
WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks

WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks

Three additional musicians have been confirmed for the upcoming tribute album “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks.” Founding Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French, Tuff vocalist Stevie Rachelle and drummer Stet Howland (Lita Ford, W.A.S.P.) have collaborated on a new recording of the Ted Nugent cult favorite “Thunder Thighs,” a track from his 1986 “Penetrator” album. As Ted himself reveals in its liner notes, “‘Thunder Thighs’ is a career highpoint, as far as I and many others are concerned.” The story of a lusty young lady with a healthy appetite (and healthy curves to match), the new version is delivered with equal gusto and enthusiasm by the talented trio above. The track was arranged and produced by Paul LaPlaca (Chris Caffrey, The Great Kat, Zandelle), who also contributes bass and rhythm guitar. A sample of the song is now available at the official “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” MySpace page.

“I am the voice of this lost Nugent nugget,” says Stevie Rachelle, “and it sure was a fun one to sing! Uncle Ted does indeed rock. Always has, always will.”

“I recorded my guitar parts fresh out of seeing ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron,” comments Jay Jay French. “So even though I was laying down tracks for a song about some girl with meaty legs, all I kept picturing were those elongated blue aliens with their 3% body fat!”

“Ironically, I found myself working on ‘Thunder Thighs’ during a thunderstorm,” reveals Stet Howland, “and a lightning strike fried my system! To say that the files got corrupted would be an understatement! Long story short, after buying a new computer, reloading and upgrading my Pro Tools and shouting a lot of random curse words, my drum tracks were done!”
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Twisted Sister Guitarist Added to Fat Chick Tribute

June 23rd, 2010
WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks

WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks

Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie Ojeda has joined the roster of the upcoming tribute album “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks.” Eddie appears in conjunction with his solo project Eddie Ojeda’s Band of Steel, featuring vocalist Andre Vanchot (X Factor X, Joe Stump), bassist Chris McCarvill (Dokken, House of Lords, Jeff Scott Soto) and drummer B.J. Zampa (Dokken, House of Lords, Yngwie Malmsteen). Eddie and company contribute a new incarnation of the Spinal Tap favorite “Big Bottom,” a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the well-padded posterior. “Big Bottom” is infamous for featuring three separate bass parts (bass, lead bass, rhythm bass) with no guitars whatsoever. A bass-centric tune with a lot of low end, it’s a bottom-heavy ode to the bottom-heavy girl. A sample of the song is now available at the official “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” MySpace page:

“When I was first asked if I wanted to cover ‘Big Bottom,’ I thought it was a joke! I mean, why would you ask a guitarist to play on a song with no guitars?” commented a bewildered Eddie Ojeda. “That’s like hiring Dee Snider to record a song and then telling him not to sing on it! I just figured I’d stumbled into an easy gig, since my band would end up doing all the work. In the end, I did find a way of adding my own personal touch to the song, while also being respectful to the bass-heavy sound of the original.”

“It wasn’t hard playing all three bass parts,” added Chris McCarvill, “but it was hard playing them all at the same time. There has to be an easier way to do this!” The exhausted McCarvill then passed out from his exertions and declined to comment further.

“Remember, you can’t spell BASS without ASS!” remarked singer Andre Vanchot, moments before dropping trou and mooning hapless bandmate B.J. Zampa.

Summing up the band’s collective pride in the finished product, Ojeda beamed, “I think our version is absolutely killer. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it an 11!”

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July 16th, 2009




Solvesborg 4-7.07 2008




Sjutton också… The summer has arrived, hasn’t it?! Sunny, rainy, and even ice cold weather all together at Sweden Rock

However, it is time for the annual march to Sweden Rock.  This is the ninth time in a row that has made a vist to the mighty Sweden Rock festival! All in all over 70 bands had been booked for the Sweden Rock festival that turned out to be nothing but an utter blast from the beginning to the end! The bill of Sweden Rock 2009 covered everything from extreme metal ala Immortal to classic rock ala Journey and of course everything between. Therefore, there was at least something for everyone who attended. As a tradition the whole festival was once again sold out when approximately 35,200 people and all the bands and crews etc at the area every day. As mentioned in the first sentence, this is the ninth time in a row when Sweden Rock has been featured on the site, so it is quite logical for us to give a real in-depth article of several bands performing at Sweden Rock. We are not able to cover every bloody band, but hopefully you will have a pleasant reading experience… Enjoy or die !!!
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TWISTED SISTER- Live at Ideapark, Lempäälä FINLAND

October 13th, 2008



10.09 2008



Back in the heyday of heavy metal and hard rock in the 80’s, Twisted Sister was considered public enemy #1 amongst parents and above all the legendary PMRC led by Tipper Gore. They constantly attacked Dee Snider and his Twisted Sister clan. To think back then that one day the same public guys would play in some tremendous shopping centre somewhere in the middle of nothing would be beyond belief. Strangly enough, the sisters had indeed been booked to perform in a shopping centre up here in Finland, whose typical daily visitors are mostly Finnish families. Of course the Sisters didn’t play in the middle of the day so not many shopping families got to take a glance at them while shopping.



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TWISTED SISTER- Jay Jay French and Mark (the Animal) Mendoza

November 15th, 2007

Legendary glam/hard rock band Twisted Sister was originally formed in 1972 by guitarist Jay Jay French. In the beginning the band went through numerous line up changes. Eddie Ojeda joined their ranks in 1975 and one year later the band found its true leader Dee Snider who soon became the band’s dominant songwriter. Former Dictators bassist Mark (the Animal) Mendoza joined in 1978 and the band changed their style from glam rock to a more metallic hard rock. The band released their first single ‘I�ll Never Grow Up Now!’ via their own label TRS in 1981 but it wasn�t until 1982 that they finally got their first deal from independent record company, Secret Records. At this point drummer A.J Pero completed the classic line-up. Later in the same year the band finally, after ten years, released their first studio album UNDER THE BLADE. The album became a surprise underground success and the band was soon signed by major company Atlantic Records. YOU CAN’T STOP ROCK N ROLL came out in 1983. With that album the the band got its first chart-flirting single but it wasn�t until 1984 and STAY HUNGRY that the band hit the BIG time! With the help of such monster hits as "We’re Not Gonna Take It" and "I Wanna Rock" the album soon exceeded multi-platinum sales. Twisted Sister was at the top of their game. Unfortunately, the good times didn�t last too long. The bands 1985 release COME OUT AND PLAY quickly slid off the charts and the band started to lose their media interest. A.J Pero left after the tour and he was replaced by veteran drummer Joe Franco. The band did its final attempt to return with another album LOVE IS FOR SUCKERS in 1987 but after very disappointing sales Twisted Sister wound up disintegrating shortly thereafter.

The classic line-up of Twisted Sister: Dee Snider, Jay Jay French, Eddie Ojeda, Mark (the Animal) Mendoza and A.J Pero reformed in 2003 after a sixteen year non existence. Since then the band has since toured sporadically across the globe and though the band has not released any new original songs they have released a bunch of material including the heavy metal Christmas album TWISTED CHRISTMAS which came out in 2006. I had a chance to talk briefly with Jay Jay and Mark before the band’s show in Helsinki on the 12th of November and here are the results of that conversation.




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Sauna Open Air Metal Festival 2006

July 26th, 2006

Sauna Open Air Metal Festival, Tampere, Finland, 8th-10th of June 2006


Intro/outro by Luxi “come-out-and-play” Lahtinen

Mindless commentary, bullshitting, spitting, farting, headaches, mumbling, cursing, getting wasted, demons on shoulders, handclapping,  sophisticated way of using swear words, photographing, killing of the giants / slaughtering of the gayest, documenting of all kinds, etc. by Luxi “L.O.V.E. Machine”  Lahtinen & Niko “burn-in-Hell”  Karppinen


“Satan´s calling… Ave Luciferus… Ave Satanas! Heavy Metal is dangerous for your health. It reaps your soul and destroys your mind”.

If that´s so, we had arrived to the right place. Sauna Open Air Metal Festival opened its doors for the third time in its entire history, this time having booked some very interesting yet big names for the bill – Iggy & The Stooges, Lordi and Twisted Sister being probably those three bands that made most of the people travel to the festival, yet not underestimating all the other bands (like W.A.S.P., Finntroll, Stam1na – and so on…) that participated in this metallic event in one of the Finland´s biggests cities, Tampere.

This year´s bill was basically shared for three musical categories: Thursday was for a more rock-orientated bands (Blake, The Black League, Iggy & The Stooges, etc.), Friday for more extreme sounding bands (Finntroll, Diablo, Cradle of Filth, etc.) and Saturday, which was also sold-out due to bands like Lordi and Twisted Sister, we were treated to bands that have based their sounds on more of a tradiotional Heavy Metal sound, so basically everyone found some bands for his/her likings.

Also two (well-) aged (but not bald), dumb (but not stupid) and close-minded (but not THAT narrow-minded) reporters from the largely respected Canadian webmagazine intruded through the gates of the festival just like last year, and the following diary was put together by them (Read the last year´s S.O.A.M. -festival diary from here), out of the (well-selected) bands at the Sauna Open Air Metal Festival 2006. Read on…

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