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Interview with Guitar God, Toby Knapp

September 8th, 2014

Interview with Guitar God, Toby Knapp

by JP


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ONWARD – Missing Album “New Fathoms Down” Released!

June 27th, 2014
ONWARD – New Fathoms Down

ONWARD – New Fathoms Down

Shredguy Records has officially released Onward’s “missing” album fourth album New Fathoms Down.

“This album is for the Onward audience and dedicated to the late Michael Grant. As promised, we are happy to bring you Onward’s “New Fathoms Down”! It’s complete.” states guitarist Toby Knapp who has spent the last few weeks restoring the album. The vocals and music were originally recorded in raw demo form in 2002 and Knapp re-tracked instruments this year.

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New Fathoms Down tracklist:

“New Fathoms Down”
“Front Line Away”
“The End Of Loneliness”
“I Will Be Waiting”
“Sleeper’s Island”
“The Ghosts Of Might Be Madness”
“The Day That Nothing Died”
“Runaway Day”
“Enemy 9”


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June 24th, 2013

Toby Knapp

Interview with Toby Knapp

Conducted by Robert Williams

Shred god Toby Knapp returns with his new solo album “Static Warfare” emerging like a blazing phoenix from the ashes of a challenging number of years during which time original Onward vocalist Michael Grant unexpectedly passed away halting any future musical activities under the Onward banner. After relocating in New York in hopes of  taking Godless Rising to the next level,  the gifted guitarist next turned his focus into creating a new solo album.  Taking a look at everything happening around him in the world “Static Warfare” became the most fitting title for the new solo album as the ever present threat of nuclear war continues to dominate the headlines. “Static Warfare” assaults the listener with an all encompassing barrage of heavy six-string artillery. Toby recently took the time from his busy schedule to speak with about “Static Warfare” as he and Shred Guy Records prepare for the album’s much anticipated release.

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April 7th, 2009

Toby Knapp 4.jpg

Toby Knapp

Interview conducted by Robert Williams

From his early beginnings at Shrapnel Records with his debut offering "Guitar Distortion", through his impressive run as a Century Media recording artist with his power metal outfit Onward; Toby Knapp remains a force to be reckoned wit in the underground metal community. Fresh off an ill fated tour as a session guitarist for the Swedish melodic death metal band Soilwork, Toby is as busy as ever working on music for Godless Rising, continuing his solo legacy and as you will soon learn has become a staunch defender of "American Metal" sure to leave some Swedish counterparts – ahem – pissed off…

Originally planning to meet in San Antonio on his birthday during the Soilwork tour, I received word from Toby himself that he would have to cancel as he left the road after the Canadian dates. Toby did however make time in his hectic schedule for the following chat…

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