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SLAYER – Jeff Hanneman

December 18th, 2006

Jeff Hanneman – S L A Y E R

Interview, off – and onstage pictures by Luxi Lahtinen

Thanks to Carlos A, Jason B, Craig K, Arto L, Owen M and Zach T for the help with the questions.  

Thanks to Duke for the transciption



“The Unholy Alliance” tour stormed Finnish shores on November 12th and 13th 2006. It featured 5 popular metal acts in the same package: Thine Eyes Bleed, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, In Flames – and of course the headliners of the whole tour, no less than the true Thrash kings from Los Angeles… Slayer. Last time the same tour hit European soil in 2004, having such highly popular American metal bands as Mastadon and Slipknot booked on the tour line-up.

With such a variation of metal bands both from today and yesterday, it was the kind of tour that appeals to many generations of metal fans. For the younger metal loving generation, bands like Children of Bodom and In Flames surely gave a good run for their money – and for the old fucks (ha!) like me, Slayer was basically the only good reason that dragged my lazy ass to witness this happening that took place at the Ice Hall in Helsinki on a snow storming Sunday evening, on the 12th of November´06.

Before the show got started at the Icehall of Helsinki, I managed to meet and talk briefly to Jeff Hanneman from Slayer in their tour bus for about 20-minutes about the band´s ongoing tour, the band´s warmly welcomed new album CHRIST ILLUSION, Jeff´s collection of Nazi-medals, censorship problems of the new Slayer album in India, and naturally we couldn´t avoid talking a bit about the past times either.

It was actually very nice to meet Jeff as normally it´s been both Kerry and Tom who have worked as spokeman for Slayer in the interviews. Jeff turned out to be a really nice, mellow and funny guy, as this interview with him proves this fact so well… 

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