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Napalm Death, DeathBound, The Scourger – Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

February 3rd, 2007

Napalm Death
DeathBound, The Scourger
The 16th of January 2007
Tavastia Club
Helsinki Finland

By Arto Lehtinen

The legendary British grind core mongers, Napalm Death, haven’t visited Finland for years. The last time Napalm Death did a show, their guitarist, now late, Jesse Pintado was still in the ranks sharing the guitar duties on the stage.  For some weird reason, only a little bit over 100 maniacs had crawled out to testify the show back then. Years passed by till January 2007 when the grind core legends from Birgiham returned to the soil of Finland to cause an ultimate grinding rampage for the four date tour cross Finland. Of course, it was extremely thrilling to witness app. 600 true fans of grind core out to see Napalm Death in the middle of the week.

As usual a couple of Finnish bands had been booked to open and support on the tour. Frankly both the bands fit the bill more than perfectly.  

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The Finnish Speed – and Thrash Metal Special – Part 2

March 21st, 2005

?Thrash Metal Knows No Boundaries…?
The Finnish Speed / Thrash Metal special
(Pt 2.)



Featuring interviews with Bloodride, Burning Empire, HateFrame, Murdread, Nailgunner, Py?veli, Sightless, Solitaire, The Scourger and Witheria


All interviews by Luxi Lahtinen

Bloodride live pictures by Luxi Lahtinen
The Scourger live pictures by Toni Salminen



Last year, in January 2004 to be exact, I got an idea to introduce a bunch of up?n?coming Finnish Speed – and Thrash Metal bands to a wider audience via (view that feature here) simply because to me it seemed many of these new – yet even quite damn talented I must say, Speed?n?Thrash Metal bands deserved more attention that they have managed to receive for themselves at that time.

A year later, having been following what?s been going on in the Finnish underground Metal scene for many years already – sometimes more actively, sometimes a bit less actively – I thought I would be the right enough time again to bring 10 new Finnish Speed ? and Thrash Metal bands to attention that had made a positive impact on me one way or the other during these last 12-14 months or so. Almost every band of the 10 interviewed bands in this 2nd part of ?The Finnish Speed ? and Thrash Metal Special? is still unsigned (with the exceptions of both HateFrame and Solitaire) and is looking for a suitable label to sign with, so if you happen to own a record label and your main interest has been focused around this particular genre mostly, then don?t hesitate to check out the bands for this special feature.

Without prolonging your burning curiosity about the featured bands any longer, now let?s get started with the 2nd invasion of Finnish speed merchants & thrash bangers? read on! 

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