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Theatre of Tragedy / Where Angels Fall / To-Mera / Pythia / The Mariana Hollow – Underworld, London

April 1st, 2010



and To-Mera, Pythia and The Mariana Hollow

The Underworld, Camden, UK

14th March 2010

Words by Ben Spencer

Live pictures by James G @ Altercarnated Photography 

Theatre Of
Tragedy was a band that reminded me of my long haired, gothic trench
coat wearing youth. Between the ages of 17-18, I was gradually treading
through the gothic genre of music that was originally sparked by
symphonic metal band Nightwish and their CENTURY’S CHILD album. This
album unlocked a genre of music at the time that I was ignorant of and
yet longed to pursue. My journey began with Lacuna Coil, Tristania and  Flowing Tears. One day I came across an album cover where a white
rose lay across a red one with the italic font ‘Theatre of Tragedy’. This
band intrigued me and so I very quickly obtained this album along with
the more cohesive and better produced AEGIS album. My interest in this
particular genre of music desensitised over the course of the next year
and without sight or sound of these guys on music channels, I merely
assumed that their flames had extinguished with the changing of times.
To discover that the band was still around and that their show at Camden
Underworld would in fact be their last was an opportunity I did not
want to miss out on. 

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