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The guitar duel became internet sensation in less than 48 hours

December 7th, 2013
The historic guitar duel and recording of P. Sarasate’s violin masterpiece, Zigeunerweisen Op. 20, has become an instant internet sensation! It was released on The Commander-In-Chief’s YouTube Channel,, less than 72 hours ago.
World leading guitar magazine, Guitar World, posted it on their website, FB and Twitter less than 48 hours ago. The feature on their website has more than 20 000 Shares already! The two guitar virtuosos, The Commander-In-Chief (also known as the Queen of Shred) and classical guitarist, Thomas Valeur, are totally overwhelmed by the positive feedback and amount of support this release has gotten.
This is the first professional guitar duel between a metal guitarist and a classical guitarist. This is the first time this piece of music has been recorded on guitar. The response has been 99% positive, with metal fans being very supportive of it.

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The Commander-In-Chief announces first shows in Norway, supporting Metal legends TNT

October 26th, 2012

Norwegian 7string guitarist/singer/songwriter “The Commander-In-Chief” has confirmed that she is taking her show to Norway for the first time, supporting Norwegian Metal legends TNT on two of their 30th anniversary shows; November 16th, at Garage in Bergen, and November 17th at Rockefeller in Oslo.
The Chief is very excited and honored to support TNT, a band that has such an important place in the history of Norwegian Metal/Hard Rock.

After living abroad most of her life, she is extremely happy about returning to the city where she was born, Bergen.

She will be supported on stage by AxeWound drummer Jason Bowld, who played drums on her debut EP “Evolution” and her bassist Toshi Ogawa, who played with Jason in Slaves to Gravity. She also brings sound engineer Mani Hammond, who has worked with her since April this year.

Her sensational performance at Bloodstock Open Air festival in August this year (headlined by Alice Cooper and Machine Head) was widely praised by reviewers and fans, with one reviewer saying “The Commander-in-Chief was a pure boost of guitar shredding force that swept through the arena and had the whole Sophie tent rocking” (

In September she was featured as “1 of 10 Modern Guitar Gods” in Metal Hammer UK, alongside Alexi Laiho and Tosin Abasi.
She has been confirmed for Metal Hammer’s own festival, Hammer Fest, in March 2013 and on December 15th she will support Lawnmower Deth at Garage in London.

Since her Bloodstock performance she started to work with booking agent Ben Hylands, IIA Touring. More dates will be announced soon.

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Metal Hammer features The Commander-In-Chief as 1 of 10 modern guitar Gods

August 23rd, 2012

In the September issue of Metal Hammer UK, they feature “The new wave of shred. 10 guitarists who are setting the world on fire”. The feature says: “Meet the modern Guitar Gods raising the bar for incredible six-string (and seven- and eight-string) intensity in Heavy Metal”. Among the ten guitarists featured are The Commander-In-Chief, Alexi Laiho, Tosin Abasi and Richie Faulkner. About The Commander-In-Chief, they say: “The Commander-In-Chief is a seven-string-wielding Norwegian uber-shredder who has made it her mission in life to prove that shredding at blistering speeds is not just a male phenomenon. Her recent cover of Black Sabbath classic Paranoid won her legions of fans around the world with its fretboard-burning intensity and operativ vocals.”

The Commander made her sensational festival debut on August 10th at Bloodstock Open Air. She packed the tent with a huge crowd, despite being the first act on Friday morning at the Sophie Lancaster stage.

To see more about The Commander-In-Chief, go to her FB or Twitter

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The Commander-In-Chief performs “THOU” Live

May 23rd, 2012
When The Commander-In-Chief  recorded this song some months ago, Pantera producer Sterling Winfield called it her musical mission statement. He made a written statement afterwards confirming it was all done by HER, with NO Protools magic and NO Auto tune or copy/paste of any kind. Still, people have been asking if it is possible to perform this song LIVE, with all the technical rhythm and lead guitars, the epic Arpeggio part in the bridge and the very challenging vocal line on top of that – all done by one person.
The Commander-In-Chief closes all her gigs with this song and here is LIVE footage from the Water Rats in London last week. She is currently gigging all over the UK. For more details about her LIVE schedule, go to her FB, website or Reverbnation page. On August 10th she can be seen at the prestigious Bloodstock Metal Festival in the UK, headlined by Alice Cooper and Behemoth.

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Sensational debut EP released from the new Queen of Metal. Produced by Pantera producer S. Winfield

February 19th, 2012

The 22 year old Norwegian female 7 string guitarist/singer/songwriter “The Commander-In-Chief” released her debut EP “Evolution” yesterday online. The response and feedback has been overwhelming! She is called everything from “the savior of Metal” to “the most sensational new artist out there” by Radio DJs and fans alike. Hailed as “the new Queen of Shred” by Metal Hammer, UK, last month with a full page spread. Featured with a two page spread in Metal Hammer Norway this month – and four days from now she will be featured in Total Guitar Magazine.

Here is the link to her Music Store on FB, where you can hear all the songs streaming;

Produced by legendary and highly acclaimed Pantera producer Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Hatebreed, Hellyeah), who said this about the recording;

“I would first like to say thank you again to “The Commander” and Elisabeth Hagen for giving me the opportunity to work on such an original project. It is refreshing to work on a recording that is nothing like everything else that is going on in music currently.

Furthermore, as a producer and engineer for the last twenty-­‐one years, I feel that the following needs to be said for many reasons:

I am very proud to acknowledge the fact that what you are hearing is all 100% musician played performances! During the course of listening to these songs, you will NOT hear one drum hit that was moved around, placed on a grid, “Sound Replaced” or augmented in any way whatsoever. You will also NOT hear “Auto-­‐ Tuner”, “Melodyne” or any other vocal tuning software of ANY kind!

That being said, I will answer the burning question looming in your minds… Yes, “The Commander In Chief” played ALL of the guitars you’re hearing, and sang every single note. Not only did she do all of this, but she did it all with more great attitude, and professionalism than a lot of the veteran musicians I know that have been doing this almost longer than she has been alive. All of the musicians that played on this project were truly great! They all performed above and beyond the call of duty and I was proud to be a part of it.

I think that it is important to mention these things so that listeners and musicians alike can see that music can be made without all of the trappings or abuse of digital recording tools. This experience was also proof to me that there are musicians out there that still take pleasure in playing/singing and relying upon the discipline it takes to do so. Thanks for listening, and please enjoy!!! ”

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