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Minneapolis Mayhem II – 2005

July 29th, 2005

Minneapolis Mayhem II – 2005
May 6th and 7th, 2005

Article by MetalGeorge

Roadtrips: you either love them or you hate them.  Sure, the idea of hitting the road for a couple of hours with some of your best buds sounds like a grand ol? time, but when the ride is a 25 hour plus journey, it can try even the most cordial of friendships.  In this case, it was my band, The Accursed, and I making our inaugural drive down to Jackson Heights, Minnesota (a suburb), for the second installment of the Minneapolis Mayhem festival.

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Daniel Corchado of The Chasm

February 9th, 2005

?Retribution Unleashed?
An Interview with Daniel Corchado of The Chasm

Interviewed by MetalGeorge

In the days where pre-processed, American-ized Death Metal is the latest flavour, Mexico?s The Chasm stand as a royally raised middle finger of old school metal pride.  With a sound that both hearkens back to such deathrash classics as ?Seven Churches? as much as it does modern dark metal savagery, The Chasm and their latest and greatest longplayer, ?The Spell of Retribution? are taking no prisoners and turning more than a few heads.  The band?s also gigging right now alongside Incantation, Arsis, and more, so  read on and acquaint yourself with one of the underground?s most underrated acts.

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