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NIGHTWISH: Live at Ice Hall, Helsinki 2012

March 15th, 2012



10’TH of MARCH, 2012


Symphonic metal quintet Nightwish, the most successful Finnish band abroad at the moment, played a show in front of over 7000 people in Helsinki’s Old Ice Hall. The show was a part of the bands six day Finland tour which was a great hit when all shows were completely sold out. It seems that Nightwish is now having the time of their career although their future was at stake following former vocalist Tarja Turunen’s departure in 2005. Swedish vocalist, Anette Olzon, was chosen to replace Tarja in 2007 the band’s latest two albums DARK PASSION PLAY and IMAGINAERUM have received both critical and commercial success across the globe.


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TAROT – The 25th Anniversary Tour, DOM, Helsinki on April 6th

April 10th, 2011

Tarot - Tour2011 flyer.jpg

TAROT – The 25th Anniversary Tour, DOM, Helsinki on April 6th

Review & live pictures by Luxi Lahtinen

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TUSKA OPEN AIR 2010 Festival

September 6th, 2010

Tuska 2010-Logo_20-02-2010(WM).jpg


Kaisaniemi Park

Helsinki, FINLAND  

As everyone who was there still recalls, last year’s Tuska wasn’t a highlight experience when it comes to bands. This was surprising as there were some killer names on the bill such as Suicidal Tendencies, Pestilence, My Dying Bride. Obviously, last year was some kind of intermission for booking bands to pull more people. Thankfully, this year’s Tuska event was completely different. The line-up definitely looked more than awesome. The legendary Megadeth headlined Sunday, Nevermore on Saturday and above all the Canadian guitarist, wizard, and music genius, Devin Townsend. Japanese j-rock groups were not seen at Tuska. Instead the death metal bands ruled such as Obituary, Nile and of course domestic bands such as Sotajumala ja Torture Killer. The festival was an utter success. The whole weekend was totally packed….and above all Megadeth crowned the whole three day metal inferno.

Sad but true, Tuska will not be held in the heart of Helsinki in the upcoming years. The park of Kaisaniemi will be a construction zone as the whole area will be improved to be better and more enjoyable. However, it is going to be interesting to see how the new area will work for metal bands. At least the upcoming area has proven itself to be a good festival area as there have been a couple of festivals and gigs arranged there so far. This is a farewell to the Kaisaniemi park and the current Tuska formation.

Enjoy the review and above all enjoy our pics.

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Nightwish – Interview With Marco Hietala

October 4th, 2008





Nighwish Bassist/Co-Vocalist Marco Hietala

Interview conducted by Robert Williams

Videography courtesy of Sandra Torres



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Helloween, Sonata Arctica, Tarot, Graham Bonnet & Twilightning

November 9th, 2006

Rock To The River Festival
Imatra, Finland
12 & 13 August 2006

Review and photos by Brat

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Tarot – Marco Hietala

August 26th, 2006

TAROT –  Marco Hietala

Interview & live pictures by Luxi Lahtinen

Legendary Finnish Heavy Metal dinosaurs Tarot are currently busy with the recordings of their new, and as yet untitled 7th studio album that should see its release date sometime by the end of the year. Since the band’s previous album SUFFER OUR PLEASURES, which was released on Spinefarm Records in 2003, two noteworthy things have happened in the Tarot -camp. First off, after the S.O.P. album the band left Spinefarm Records and signed to a smaller, independent Finnish label King Foo Entertainment. Secondly, in early 2006, Tarot made an official announcement that they have added a new guy to their line-up for the 2nd vocals. This ‘old-new’ member is Tommi ‘Tuple’ Salminen who has actually had a strong involvement with the band since 1995 with his roles being both as a roadie and as backing vocalist in the band for more than 10 years.

We met Tarot’s always friendly vocalist and bassist Marco Hietala on a sunny evening in Tampere 25th of May 2006, just a few hours before the band’s gig at the University House that same night. We talked about the previously mentioned matters and about much more.

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