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German metallers SYMPHORCE announce their breakup

October 10th, 2011


“Thank you & lights out!

7 albums, 12 years and thousands of enthusiastic fans don’t make that decision easy, but after long thoughts and lots of talks we decided together to call it a day and dissolve SYMPHORCE. The heads are dead, the timetables of our main bands packed with dates,… so we feel a lack of inspiration and no possibility to record more albums, play more shows with the passion and commitment needed therefore. SYMPHORCE will always stand for an absolute independent type of metal, but with our latest (and last) album “Unrestricted” we had to recognize, that we have said everything we wanted musically. It was an unbelievable, intense and fantastic time! We thank you all for your long lasting loyalty and the enthusiasm you have shown to us. We will never forget all this for sure.

Of course, we will still remain with and in our other bands and will see us for sure somewhere somewhen on this planet. And therefore, … lights off …spotlights on!

Thanks for 12 fantastic years, thanks for the fulfillment of a dream! It was AMAZING!”

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SYMPHORCE – “Unrestricted” in October!!

September 17th, 2010


Some bands just don´t allow limitations or restrictions. Experiments are necessary for them to discover the depth of their visions. SYMPHORCE are one of those bands. The hard working group around singer Andy B. Franck (also Brainstorm) and guitarist Cede Dupont is known for only releasing first-class material as well as breaking stylistic borders and playing the hottest up-to-date Power Metal that one has heard in the last 10 years.

What better title could have been found for the new SYMPHORCE album than “Unrestricted”? It sums up the band´s attitude perfectly and is underlined by a scenario of breaking chains on the cover artwork. “Unrestricted” comes at you like a hammerfist wrapped into a velvet glove. Powerful, modern, melodic, traditional, angry and sensitive, all at the same time. Undoubtedly it is the most “catchy” piece of work that the band has ever created – and it´s all hits! This album is highlight-filled from start to finish, delivering a strong dose of gutsy Power Metal that whether lacks balls nor melody. Cleverly integrated electronic elements and the forceful executed and creative guitar work make SYMPHORCE something special amongst the Metal scene. “Unrestricted” was recorded in the Studio 22 (Ludwigsburg, Germany), mixed and mastered by Axel Heckert.

Already with their debut “Truth To Promises” (1999 – Noise Records) Andy and his band delivered a strong piece of work which immediately gained the band a lot of attention and fantastic reviews. Andy, guitarist Cédric “Cede” Dupont and bassist Dennis Wohlbold became the creative core of the band, producing razor-sharp riffs and catchy melodies as if there was no tomorrow. Following a tour supporting MERCYFUL FATE, the band released their sophomore album “Sinctuary” (2000 – Noise Records), which managed to spread the name SYMPHORCE even further. Both fans and press hailed SYMPHORCE as one of the most promising and hopeful bands of the future, and they were right… The last few line-up problems were solved when guitarist/songwriter Markus Pohl and drummer Sascha Sauer joined the band. After playing a number of shows and festivals, the band devoted itself to the creation of new songs.
Now working with Metal Blade as their new partner, SYMPHORCE recorded their following two albums, “phorcefulAhead” (2002) and “Twice Second” (2004) at the House of Music Studios with Achim Köhler (BRAINSTORM, PRIMAL FEAR etc.) producing. “Energetic”, “modern”, “with real bite” are just some of the descriptions that the worldwide press gave the band. Through tours supporting the likes of KAMELOT and GRAVE DIGGER, as well as several festival shows, SYMPHORCE established themselves as a first-class international live act. Despite the difficulty of following up the press’ and fans’ favorite “Twice Second”, SYMPHORCE delivered once again. Everybody, from the last few skeptics to the true “phorceheads”, was equally surprised: “GodSpeed” showcased a band that had become a staple in the music world of 2005. Working with producer Dennis Ward (ANGRA, PINK CREAM 69) at the House of Music Studios, the band created a modern yet timeless album, far beyond the confines of so called power metal. A tour with SONATA ARCTICA and SYMPHORCE’s US live debut followed, making the band a worldwide name. February 2007 was set for the release of “Become Death”, the sixth album, featuring new drummer Steffen Theurer. Produced by Dennis Ward and mastered by Achim Köhler once again, “Become Death” was a true and unexpected progression for the band. In 2009 SYMPHORCE then signed a new deal with AFM Records. With “Unrestricted” the band now ultimately climbs the metal Olympus!

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SYMPHORCE – New Album is Recorded!

August 2nd, 2010

SYMPHORCE, featuring BRAINSTORM frontman Andy B. Franck, have checked in with the following:

“Hey Phorceheads

Just a short update what’s going on. The album recordings have been finished, the whole thing is mixed and mastered and what can we say? it sounds FUCKING AWESOME! There’s no doubt that the small break we had turned out to be good for us, and we’ll be back with the best Symphorce record for sure. It’s what we believe at least 😉

We will come up with some more news very soon; exact release date, album title, artwork, and so on. We’re absolutely excited, and so will you be when the albums out, we’re pretty damn sure about that!

So far so good… guys have a great day. May the Phorce be with you!”

Go to this location for updates and Symphorce audio samples. Footage from the studio is available below.

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Cede Dupont of Symphorce and Downspirit

September 9th, 2009

Cede Dupont of Symphorce and Downspirit

Interview by EvilG


Cede Dupont will be most known to fans of Symphorce, and of course Freedom Call (a band he was a part of from 2001-2005). Cede is also launching a brand new band called Downspirit in which he explores his hard rock and blues roots a little deeper. In this interview we discuss his new band and get the latest from him on what’s happening with Symphorce.

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Andy B. Franck – Brainstorm & Symphorce

January 18th, 2008

Andy B. Franck – Brainstorm & Symphorce

Interviewed by EvilG

Transcription by Alxs  –  Live Pics By Arto Lehtinen

Andy B. Franck is easily one of the better metal vocalists to emerge in recent years. His tone, power, and melody-lines combine to make a style that is hard not to get into. Since Symphorce’s first album, I’ve followed Andy’s band and his Brainstorm stuff. It was with Symphorce’s BECOME DEATH album however that I personally catapulted Andy from “good vocalist” to one of my favorites. In this interview we talk about the demands of being in two bands, the perhaps precarious position Symphorce finds itself in right now, the creative process, and what 2008 and onwards has in store for Andy. Enjoy.


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Symphorce – Guitarist Cedric ‘Cede’ Dupont

March 22nd, 2007

Guitarist Cedric “Cede” Dupont

Interview by Chaosankh
Interviewed on Wednesday March 21, 2007

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