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ASPHYX & SOULBURN : Bob Bagchus and Wannes Gubbels

May 31st, 2007

Interview by Arto Lehtinen (with additional questions by Jani Koskela)

Death Metal used to rule the earth in the late 80’s and the early 90’s when several brutal bands emerged from the abyss to spread their own lethal stuff. Although bigger names were rolling all over the metal map, the underground scene was  huge and vital. Demos were traded and underground magazines published articles and interviews of several brutal death metal bands. One of the underground pioneers of the death metal genre was definitely Asphyx hailing from The Netherlands. The band’s raw, brutal and above all nihilistic music appealed to a number of death metal freaks. The band got more attention when the former Pestilence growler Martin Van Drunen joined for a couple of albums. But the inflamed chemistry and disagreements led to the premature demise of Asphyx. However the core members of Asphyx didn’t give up and went on to form Soulburn by recruiting Wannes Gubbels from the mighty Pentacle. After all the name was chosen to Asphyx. After the last Asphyx disc, ON THE WINGS OF INFERNO, Asphyx was laid to rest. In 2007 Asphyx has returned to crush the cenotaph again. Therefore it was an excellent opportunity to have a chat with both Wannes Gubbels and Bob Bacghus about the reunion and other topics…

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