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SOD: Billy Milano

August 24th, 2005

SOD: The Stormtroopers of Death Interview With Billy Milano

Interviewed in September 1999
by David Lee and Jinny Jerome

In most quarters it is definitely not to your advantage to act like a moron unless, of course, that is what you do best.  No collection of individuals has ever surpassed the heights (depths?) of moronic behavior as the collective known as the STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH or SOD if you also suffer from attention deficit disorder as well as retardation.  SOD, fearing that the current crop of retarded rap-rockers may take on the mantel created and reserved for SOD have revived the old act and issued a new manual, if you will, for retardation and have called it “BIGGER THAN THE DEVIL.” 

“BIGGER THAN THE DEVIL” boasts such thought candy as “The Crackhead Song,” “The Song That Don’t Go Fast,” “King At The King / Evil Is In” and “Frankenstein and His Horse.” Please, don’t think that this bunch doesn’t know the line between stupid and clever because they can obviously package it all up and get scads of like minded idiots to sing along to every track on this as well as their first “masterpiece” of fifteen years ago, “SPEAK ENGLISH OR DIE.” The most intriguing aspect of SOD is that despite every contrivance their cross of heavy metal and hardcore punk is by far the best attempt at the meld.   A listener could easily be forgiven if he began to take the whole thing seriously, that is, until the group announces the next number and the joke is revived to its full gut busting splendor.  With years of experience handling the controversy over lyrics and public statements on various issues the group’s only real enemy would seem to be indifference.  In the ongoing battle to fight this indifference frontman Billy Milano phoned us up and relayed his thoughts on why SOD is still both relevant and irreverent.  By the end of our conversation it was obvious the joke was on me for Milano is no dummy at all, far from it. Still, you and I should do all we can to forget that the man is actually a well spoken and  accomplished businessman so as to let the music have its full effect. In-excelsior-retardo!

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