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Interview with Snowy Shaw

October 6th, 2014

Interview with Snowy Shaw

by JP


Tell us a bit about the development of your new 25th Anniversary album, THE LIVESHOW!  Was it hard to pick which tunes to play live?

You mean the DVD/CD box. Naw, not at all, I just picked my favorite songs, although the hardest part was obviously all the ones I had to exclude in the set. But I made up for some of it for the second show where I selected a bunch of other songs, apart from the customary classics and hits that the audience expects. I’ll add more long forgotten, obscure and rarely performed numbers in the future, and that’s the charm of this concept. However, I couldn’t possibly include all the songs we played live on the DVD/CD. It was a matter of Killing your darlings, but not even me would stand a 5 hour long DVD,.. even if it was KISS ´76 or Manowar ´84.

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MAD ARCHITECT (feat. Snowy Shaw on Vocals): Entire New Album Available For Streaming

July 23rd, 2013

As today is the official release date for their new album, the Swedish Dark Power Metal Band MAD ARCHITECT has just announced that they will celebrate their new release on Facebook with a full streaming of the entire album “Journey To Madness”.

This Online Release Party on Facebook for “Journey To Madness” has been scheduled for TODAY !! July 23 from 10:00am CET till 23:55pm CET through

The album is released through Supertzar Records and is available from today on through all popular download platforms and as a Limited Edition CD Digipack through the band’s website. The album was produced by Mad Architect and mixed and mastered by Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) in Sonic Train Studios.
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SNOWY SHAW : Live Album Details / Cover Artwork Revealed !

December 19th, 2011

SNOWY SHAW is Alive! …is the title of the brand new live album with Snowy Shaw.

After more than 20 years professionally in the music business with countless bands and projects Snowy Shaw has earned a reputation as a multi talented artist and instrumentalist. As well as composer, lyricist, designer and visionarie madman in general.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, and many are the fans and followers who have waited for this one-of-a-kind character to go solo, and finally, here he is !

Starting off by delivering a kick ass show the world has never witnessed before with an unmatched repertoir of classics and hits when Snowy together his band play ”All his favorite songs – By All his former bands”: King Diamond, Notre Dame, Mercyful Fate, illwill, Dream Evil, Therion, Dimmu Borgir, XXX, Memento Mori etc…

The Snowy Shaw line up:
Kristian Niemann – Lead Guitar ( ex Therion )
Mannequin De Sade III – drums ( ex Notre Dame )
And female bassist/vocalissa Hellinor
( now replaced by Vicky Valkyria )

Snowy himself – lead vocals, drums, guitars, bass and keyboards.

This live album was captured on the world premiere showcase gig of his solo show that took place in the hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden on May 27th 2011.

For this special occasion Snowy invited some good old friends for guest appearances :
Andy La Rocque – King Diamond, Illwill, Death
Mike Wead – Mercyful Fate, Memento Mori, King Diamond,
Hal Patino – King Diamond, Maryann Cotton
Mats Levén – Therion, Krux, Yngwie Malmsteen
Kee Marcello – Europe, Easy Action, K2
Thomas Vikström – Therion, Candlemass

Snowy just recently decided due to the astonishing response and many offers from festivals promotors and booking agencies to postpone the much anticipated live DVD release with the intention of having even more material filmed and included from the upcoming shows.

Good news! This means that with a little bit of luck you might have a chance to attend one of the shows and experiencing this spectacular, incredible show of Snowy Shaw first hand., in real life.

Vinyl? Yes, there are current plans of releasing Snowy Shaw is Alive! as an exclusive super deluxe limited edition vinyl double live album in the beginning of 2012.

A very merry heavy X-Mas!
Available on Itunes worldwide just a few days before X-Mas!

Artwork by Snowy Shaw. Illustration by Andrej Bartulovic.

The brand new Snowy Shaw website & webshop will be launched before the end of 2011 :

The Appetizer preview :

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Therion : Gloria Helsinki Finland

December 9th, 2010


Gloria, The 3rd of December

Helsinki Finland

Review and Photos by Arto Lehtinen

Therion has traveled a long road since their early death metal days to the present more symphonic oriented metal. The band’s mastermind and soul Christofer Johansson has guided Therion through the years to reach their current status in the metal world. Therion has a large following in Europe and in South America where the Swedish symphonic metallers draw a lot of people to shows. But Therion would definitely deserve more attention and success at here in Finland. As about 400 people had crawled to testify the theatrical symphonic metal spectacle on Friday night. Obviously another metal gig in the town levied at least a few potential attendees.

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Peter Stalfors bass player – Dream Evil

March 18th, 2010

Dream Evil

Bass Player Peter Stalfors

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

Transcript by: Ulrika Henriksson

Promo pictures by: Patrik Ullaeus

Thanks to Century Media Records for providing the promo pictures and thanks to Jenny Walroth at Century Media Scandinavia for setting up the interview.



Here is an interview I did with bass player Peter Stalfors in the Swedish heavy metal act Dream Evil. The interview was done in Lund when they stopped by to do a show as support act to Stratovarious earlier this year. It was a really long time ago since I last spoke with the band members so I had a lot to talk to Peter about. But due to the time limit we mostly talked about the new album IN THE NIGHT, the new members, the tour and of course what Peter thinks the future has in store for Gothenburg’s finest act Dream Evil.



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Dream Evil live in Copenhagen Denmark

November 10th, 2004

Dream Evil
Support to Saxon
Pumpehuset, Copenhagen Denmark
October 17th, 2004

Review & Pictures by Anders Sandvall

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Dream Evil drummer Snowy Shaw

November 8th, 2004

Dream Evil Drummer Snowy Shaw

When Dream Evil came to Copenhagen on their Scandinavian support tour together with Saxon I had the opportunity to interview the legendary drummer Snowy Shaw in Dream Evil, in both Copenhagen and in Malm?. Right now they are out supporting their new album “THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL” and of course I asked Snowy some questions about the album but also some question about himself.

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