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METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX – The Big Four At Poland’s Sonisphere Festival; Photo Gallery Online

June 17th, 2010
Kerry King, Dave Mustaine, Scott Ian, and James Hetfield

Kerry King, Dave Mustaine, Scott Ian, and James Hetfield

The Big Four of thrash metal – METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX – played together for the first time in their history at the Sonisphere Festival last night (June 16th) at Bemowo Airport in Warsaw, Poland in front of 100,000 fans. has posted a gallery of photos from the event. Check it out at this location.

The band’s setlists were as follows:


‘Creeping Death’

‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’


‘The Four Horsemen’

‘Fade To Black’

‘That Was Just Your Life’


‘Sad But True’

‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’

‘All Nightmare Long’


‘Master Of Puppets’


‘Nothing Else Matters’

‘Enter Sandman’


‘Stone Cold Crazy’

‘Hit The Lights’

‘Seek and Destroy


‘World Painted Blood’


‘War Ensemble’

‘Hate Worldwide’

‘Dead Skin Mask’

‘Angel of Death’


‘South of Heaven’

‘Mandatory Suicide’

‘Chemical Warfare’

‘Raining Blood’


‘Holy Wars… The Punishment Due’

‘Hangar 18’

‘Take No Prisoners’

‘Five Magics’

‘Poison Was The Cure’


‘Tornado Of Souls’

‘Dawn Patrol’

‘Rust in Peace… Polaris’


‘Sweating Bullets’

‘Symphony Of Destruction’

‘Peace Sells’


‘Caught In A Mosh’

‘Got the Time’




‘Only’ (video below!)


‘I Am The Law’

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June 17th, 2010





Jävlä Swedenrock, här kommer vi igen. The annual roadtrip to Swedenrock by the Finnish Metal‑Rules.Com  team is already the tenth time in a row.  The  2010 line‑up presented a wide range of metal and hard rock. Therefore, over 70 bands offered nothing but an utter blast and a helluv an experience for the attendees to enjoy metal and rock. Swedenrock has been successful during the past ten years as the festival has always been sold out. This year wasn’t any exception as the fest was sold out despite the lousy economomic situation worldwide. As mentioned in the first sentence, this is the tenth time in a row when Sweden Rock has been featured on Metal‑, so it is quite logical for us to give a real in‑depth article of several bands performing at Sweden Rock. The  weather wasn’t ideal compared to previous years. It either rained or was windy with a little sunshine. But we were there for bands, not for having some beach party. We are not able to cover every bloody band, but hopefully you will have a pleasant reading experience… Enjoy or die !!!


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June 16th, 2010


METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX — the so-called “Big Four” of 1980s thrash metal — will play together for the first time in history tonight (Wednesday, June 16) at the Sonisphere festival at Bemowo Airport in Warsaw, Poland.

The first photo of all the members of the four bands (minus SLAYER guitarist Jeff Hanneman) hanging out in a room together, apparently taken earlier today (Tuesday, June 15), can be viewed to the right.

“It’s about fucking time this happened,” says SLAYER’s Kerry King, “and about time the fans finally get what they want. This is fucking awesome.”

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian agrees, commenting on the enormity of the announcement. “People have been talking about these four bands playing together since 1984,” he says. “That’s twenty-six years of expectation!! And the thing is, I believe not only will we live up to the expectations, we will shatter them! No other four bands as influential as the four of us have ever done this. Imagine if THE BEATLES, STONES, THE WHO and ZEPPELIN had done shows? Or SABBATH, PRIEST, MAIDEN, MOTÖRHEAD? Well, I may be getting into some rarified air here but as a fan, that’s how big I feel this is.”

These four legendary acts broke out of the underground thrash movement to dominate the metal world in the 1980s, selling millions of records and packing arenas across the globe. The metal giants have never before all shared the same stage, despite huge demand.

A second “Big Four” appearance is planned for Sonisphere Switzerland two days after the Warsaw concert, with more Sonisphere shows featuring the awesome combo to follow.

“This is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity for heavy metal fans to see the four greatest heavy metal bands in American history back together on one stage,” concludes MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine. “If there are any heads left at the end of this festival that haven’t banged, they don’t belong there.”

The “Big Four” concert on June 22 in Sofia, Bulgaria will find its way to the U.S. via a satellite broadcast. That day’s show, as part of the Sonisphere festival, will be beamed to more than 450 movie theatres in more than 140 markets in the U.S., along with cities in Europe, Canada and Latin America.

The concert will be broadcast to theatres in high definition. Delayed screenings are planned for Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

METALLICA’s Lars Ulrich said in a statement, “Who would have thought that more than 25 years after its inception, thrash metal’s ‘Big Four’ would not only still be around, be more popular than ever, playing shows together at stadiums all over Europe, and on top of that, coming to a movie theater near you in high definition (for better or worse??!!). Bring it on!”

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SLAYER/ The Haunted @ The Forum 3rd June 2010

June 16th, 2010
SLAYER And The Haunted

@ The HMV Forum London

3rd June 2010

Written by Steve Sedit

Photos by James G


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Slayer at Manchester Academy – May 30th, 2010

June 4th, 2010

Slayer at Manchester Academy

30th May 2010

United Kingdom

Review and photos by Frank Ralph


Third time lucky for the Slayer faithful.

This was actually my first gig since the passing of Ronnie James Dio, and it was really nice to hear classic Rainbow being belted out through the PA before Slayer took to the stage, as today was the date that the Dio memorial was taking place in LA.

It was even nicer to note that the customary chants of Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! were saved for the gaps between tracks, as everyone enjoyed the moment and respected the meaning of the songs.
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Canadian Carnage (Megadeth / Slayer / Machine Head / Suicide Silence) – Vancouver – June 24th, 2009

June 25th, 2009

Canadian Carnage

feat. Megadeth / Slayer / Machine Head / Suicide Silence

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

General Motors Place

Vancouver, BC  Canada


***Live Review & All Photos By Lord of The Wasteland

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Slayer – Tom Araya

January 25th, 2009




Interview Conducted by Robert Williams

Videography Courtesy Of Sandra Torres

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SLAYER – Ice Hall, Helsinki on November 27th 2008

December 1st, 2008


SLAYER – "Unholy Alliance – Chapter III"

Ice Hall, Helsinki on November 27th 2008

Live review by Luxi Lahtinen

Live pictures by Marko Syrjälä

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TUSKA 2008

September 12th, 2008


TUSKA 2008

Review by the Finnish team of

"No Pain No Gain" as Scorpions used to sing, but the last weekend of June in the central park of Helsinki was nothing but pure pain from the beginning to the end in a good way. The Tuska Open Air metal festival has been taken place ten years in a row. The first festival took place at the Tavastia club back in 1998. As the years passed by, the festival has grown bigger and carved out its prestigious and now legendary reputation all around the world.

Traditional metal had a minor role on the roster of Tuska 2008. Extreme metal, in different forms, attracted and had drawn many extreme metal hearts. As well, metalcore bands KillSwitch Engage landed at Tuska for the first time with a massive impact. The younger audience appeared to be delighted about that. Power metal had the strongest presence as it had a dominating role last year. But booking Slayer, Carcass, and Morbid Angel were extreme brilliant achievements. 

Even though the festival was sold out several months ago, the most  surprising thing from the Tuska organization was to let people of the age of 70+ go in for free! All in all a few hundred metal grandpa and grandma’s were witnessed headbanging for several bands!!!

As usual, the whole three piece Finnish Metal-Rules.Com squad attended Tuska again to sense a reek of putrefaction, feel raining blood and obtain the pleasure to kill. Enjoy!!

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Metaltown Festival at Gothenburg Sweden 2007

July 29th, 2007

Metaltown Festival
30/6 – 2007

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Pictures by: Anders Sandvall

I spent the last day of June hanging out at the Metaltown Festival which took place on a sun burnt day/evening in Gothenburg Sweden. The festival was arranged by EMA Telstar, PK Music in Gothenburg and KB in Malmoe and for the first time in the history here comes a review of the festival .






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PAUL BOSTAPH of Exodus, ex-Slayer

January 25th, 2007


Paul Bostaph is a true professional and one of the best drummers on today’s metal music scene. Paul’s career started in the late eighties as a member of U.S thrashers Forbidden and over the years he has played with such bands as Testament, Systematic and Slayer for which he recorded four albums between 1993- 2003. In 2005 Paul joined legendary Bay Area band Exodus and later in the same year he made his recording debut with the band on SHOVEL HEADED KILL MACHINE. Exodus has now been on tour for over a year and last December the band returned to Helsinki. I met Paul on their tour bus prior to their show at Club Tavastia and here are the results of our interesting discussion.



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SLAYER – Jeff Hanneman

December 18th, 2006

Jeff Hanneman – S L A Y E R

Interview, off – and onstage pictures by Luxi Lahtinen

Thanks to Carlos A, Jason B, Craig K, Arto L, Owen M and Zach T for the help with the questions.  

Thanks to Duke for the transciption



“The Unholy Alliance” tour stormed Finnish shores on November 12th and 13th 2006. It featured 5 popular metal acts in the same package: Thine Eyes Bleed, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, In Flames – and of course the headliners of the whole tour, no less than the true Thrash kings from Los Angeles… Slayer. Last time the same tour hit European soil in 2004, having such highly popular American metal bands as Mastadon and Slipknot booked on the tour line-up.

With such a variation of metal bands both from today and yesterday, it was the kind of tour that appeals to many generations of metal fans. For the younger metal loving generation, bands like Children of Bodom and In Flames surely gave a good run for their money – and for the old fucks (ha!) like me, Slayer was basically the only good reason that dragged my lazy ass to witness this happening that took place at the Ice Hall in Helsinki on a snow storming Sunday evening, on the 12th of November´06.

Before the show got started at the Icehall of Helsinki, I managed to meet and talk briefly to Jeff Hanneman from Slayer in their tour bus for about 20-minutes about the band´s ongoing tour, the band´s warmly welcomed new album CHRIST ILLUSION, Jeff´s collection of Nazi-medals, censorship problems of the new Slayer album in India, and naturally we couldn´t avoid talking a bit about the past times either.

It was actually very nice to meet Jeff as normally it´s been both Kerry and Tom who have worked as spokeman for Slayer in the interviews. Jeff turned out to be a really nice, mellow and funny guy, as this interview with him proves this fact so well… 

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Unholy Alliance Tour Live In Vancouver: July 13, 2006

August 2nd, 2006

Unholy Alliance Tour
Thursday, July 13, 2006
General Motors Place
Vancouver, BC  Canada

**Review & All Photos By Lord of The Wasteland

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Slayer (with Fear Factory & Noise Therapy)

August 28th, 2005

Slayer (with Fear Factory & Noise Therapy)
PNE Forum Vancouver, August 4, 1998

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Paul Crook – Anthrax

August 23rd, 2005

Paul Crook – Anthrax (audio only interview)
Interviewed March 27, 1999 by EvilG

You’ll need real audio to listen to the interview. Don’t sweat it though, it’s FREE from Once you have the player then just download the files and hear, unedited, what Paul had to say about metal, Anthrax, his solo band and his love of Slayer :-).

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