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POISONBLACK guitarist Janne Markus and bassist Antti Remes

September 13th, 2009


Interview with POISONBLACK guitarist Janne Markus and bassist Antti Remes

Interview by Niko Karppinen

Live pictures by Luxi Lahtinen


Sometimes things happen in fast and unexpected ways. I wasn’t ready for an interview with Poisonblack at all, but suddenly in the middle of their touring, I had a chance to talk with guitarist Janne Markus and bassist Antti Remes. We had a somewhat hectic interview session, so we talked… talked about… Just wait! I need to take my pills in the right order. DONE! So yeah, just go on and read some more about this  relentless and rockin´ Finnish bunch so that you know what’s going on in the Poisonblack-camp these days.


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Sami Lopakka (ex-Sentenced, Northern Tribe)

April 28th, 2007

Sami Lopakka (ex-Sentenced, Northern Tribe)
Interview By EvilG
All Live Photos By Arto Lehtinen

Former Sentenced guitarist and current “Chief Of Creation & Inter-Tribal Relations” with his company Northern Tribe, Sami Lopakka, spoke to us about his recent activities. Also discussed was the final Sentenced show which was recently released on DVD, what his former Sentenced bandmates have been up to, and of course the details on his own business and musical pursuits.

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Sentenced – In Memoriam

October 28th, 2005


When one of the leading and most important frontline metal names on the Finnish metal map, Sentenced,  announced earlier this year about ceasing to exist after being around for 16 years. Fans around the globe were stunned and surprised. The band had to explain the reasons to the media and fans why they decided to retire from the metal world even though there would have been several years left for the outfit to carry on and conquere new fans and new territories with their dismal and melancholic metal message.

However the northernmost suicide rockers didn’t hammer the last nail into the coffin after the announcement, instead rolling out for several festival dates to give the very last chances for their own fans to see these five cowboys from the north on stages all around Europe. Due to the huge demand to see the Finnish metal heroes on the soil of their home country, several dates were booked across Finland and even extra dates were added to the farewell tour. Here is a brief report of the few last gigs of Sentenced when the band did their farewell shows here in Finland. Now it was about time to throw the mud on the grave and say goodbye…. 

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Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2005 – Helsinki Finland

August 28th, 2005

The Central Park Of Kaisaniemi ? Helsinki ? Finland
15th ? 17th of July 2005

Pics and reviews by team Finland

What happens in the middle of July in the central park of the summer city of Helsinki every year? Well, what a easy question, the annual Tuska Open Air Metal festival takes place every year at that time. It pulls in over 33.000 metal hearts of all ages and all kinds of persons to spend an unforgettable metallic feast in the heart of Helsinki. As it is said The Gods made heavy metal which has turned out be nothing but right in every aspect as the weather was extremely warm and hot during the whole weekend apart from a few darker clouds having gathered around the area when Dimmu Borgir stepped on the stage and in general the atmosphere was peaceful and bigger problems managed to be avoided, thanks to the common metal spirit of the Finnish die hard metal freaks.

The bill of 2005 didn?t offer any offer so-called any big selling names like Nightwish being one of the headlining acts at Tuska last year, but instead a variety of different metal genres were at present ranging from a hyper-blasting grindcore to a more melancholic Finnish mainstream rock. Having a large range of metal proves Tuska is not limited to one certain metal category as everyone had something to feel, taste and see during the three long days.

The Tuska Open Air festival has reached and gained a lot of positive attention amongst the metal people around the world. There were people having arrived from Russia, Estonia, Sweden, all around Europe and even from some Far East countries. Despite not having a big name, the metal festival was totally sold out and even a few hundred leftover tickets for Friday were sold after all.

As usual it has turned out to be an annual mandatory tradition for having an article of the Tuska festival in Metal-Rules.Com, therefore the Finnish Metal-Rules.Com pain squad spent the whole weekend testifying several acts in action and tried to feel the spirit of Heavy Metal and enjoy the pleasure of the flesh as well during the three insane long days in the beautiful central park of Kaisaniemi and in the heart of Helsinki with several friends as well as everlasting enemies. Enjoy?

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Ruisrock Festival 2005 – Turku Finland

August 4th, 2005

8-10.7 2005

Reviews and pics by Arto Lehtinen and Marko “Spandex” Syrjala

Ruisrock is one of several festivals arranged on the soil of Finland every year by carrying the profile and image of the main stream rock with the proud and honor. Ruisrock is claimed to be one of the longest running rock festivals arranged in a row without big breaks in Europe. The main important purpose of the concept of the festival is to present the frontline names of the Finnish rock scene and have a few big names booked to filling up a headliner?s spot. Originally the much claimed Velvet Revolver was supposed to conclude the whole festival on Sunday, but for a reason or another Slash and the company packed up and was replaced by a long time British gothic mongers Paradise Lost. However the festival was damn success in every aspect as all in all 70.000 people visited the festival during the weekened in the beautiful national park in a town called Turku. However here is the brief article of the festival with a solid dissection of a few bands which played there.

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Sauna Open Air Metal Festival, Tampere, Finland, 9th-11th of June 2005

July 31st, 2005

Intro/outro by Luxi ?got-some-tan? Lahtinen

Relentless commentary, bullshitting, teeth-gnashing, headaches, photographing, documenting of all kinds, etc. by Luxi ?show-no-fucking-mercy? Lahtinen & Niko ?metal-up-yer-fucking-ass? Karppinen

Sauna Open Air Metal -festival was held for the 2nd time in its entire history ? and this year the organizers of the festival had succeeded to book 3 internationally big names for the festival to headline each of the 3 days; Slayer, Megadeth and Dio; not to forget the Swedish Pain either as the fourth international band for the festival. Last year was a real success for the festival organizers already, bringing approx. 6000 metal fans to the venue for one day to enjoy such bands as Lordi, Finntroll, Children of Bodom, Thunderstone, etc. ? and of course the festival?s biggest name Nightwish.

This year nearly 7000 Metal fans gathered together with each of the 3 days being nearly sold-out or completely sold-out. So from an attendance point of view there?s undoubtedly going to be a continuation of this festival for the next year at leas and that?s what all Metal fans hope for, that?s for sure.

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Pre – listening session and interview with Vesa Ranta of Sentenced

January 10th, 2005

Pre-listening session and interview with Vesa Ranta of Sentenced at Finnvox Studio for the forthcoming (yet still unrevealed) Sentenced album.

December 21st, 2004
Article and all studio pics Luxi Lahtinen

I received a text message from the drummer of Sentenced, Vesa Ranta, 20th of December 2004 in which he asked whether I could be interested in hearing the band?s latest yet untitled 13-song studio opus in advance. Of course I couldn?t turn such an extraordinary opportunity down and accepted the invitation without hesitations, and went to Finnvox Studio next day straight from my work.

I think I need to point out that I heard the songs for the upcoming Sentenced album only once through and my analysis for the songs is based roughly on my notes that I wrote down while listening to the songs off that record at that time. So it might be better if you, dear reader, didn?t read them too accurately because as I told you already, I had a chance to hear the songs for the new Sentenced album not two or three times or more, BUT just once, and I can hardly remember any longer how these new 13 Sentenced songs sounded like any of that detailed way. So I had to trust to my notes that I managed to write down at Finnvox Studio and if you want to read them through right away, then scroll down to the end of the interview.

For more accurate and detailed info about the new Sentenced album, Vesa Ranta tells in this very interview basically everything from the song writing process of the new songs up to the recording sessions of the new album to the past times of the band, to how and why they even became accused being Nazis (!) by a group of religious people in their hometown Oulu some months ago.

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