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SATAN’S HOST “Pre-dating god” part 1 / part 2 – new DOUBLE album out on January 19, 2015

December 23rd, 2014


Gabriel Management proudly presents: SATAN’S HOST “Pre-dating god” part 1 / part 2 – new DOUBLE album out on January 19, 2015!

Pre-order and listen here.

At long last, the wait is over: SATAN’S HOST deliver their masterwork with “Pre-dating God” Parts 1 & 2! Both albums will be released simultaneously by Moribund Records on January 19th, 2015 in Europe/UK and January 20th, 2015 in North America. Striking while the iron’s hot after 2013’s critically acclaimed “Virgin Sails”, the two-disc “Pre-dating God” sees Satan’s Host going from strength to strength, creating epic ‘n’ dynamic HEAVY METAL anthems that immediately stick in the brain. With a storied history that spans five decades, Patrick Evil’s devilish warriors here bring together their two distinct periods – the traditional/true metal of their early work, and the blasting black metal of their middle period – and tastefully modernize it into a sound that is totally all their own. With Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin (JAG PANZER, TITAN FORCE) delivering his best vocal performance ever, right now, no one’s able to touch SATAN’S HOST for sheer mastery and uniqueness: “Pre-dating god” Parts 1 & 2 will soon be a metal classic for time eternal! Recorded between July and September this year at Flatline Audio and produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dave Otero, both parts of SATAN’S HOST “Pre-dating God” feature artwork by the legendary Joe Petagno.

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SATAN’S HOST premiere new video, prepare new album and festival dates

January 31st, 2014

Today, cult metal legends SATAN’S HOST premiere the new video for “Dichotomy.” The track hails from SATAN’S HOST’s newest album, Virgin Sails, released late last year by MORIBUND RECORDS to widespread international acclaim. Cited by many journalists as 2013’s “Album of the Year,” Virgin Sails showcases SATAN’S HOST in blazing Satanic fury, delivering a hellish opus of new standards and metal classics, taking the band and scene to new heights. With Harry “Leviathan Thisiren” Conklin surpassing all prior vocal performances, buttressed by riveting black-axe master Patrick Evil and the rock-solid rhythm backbone of drummer Anthony “Evil Hobbit” Lopez and bassist Margar, SATAN’S HOST unleash another metal classic. Witness for yourself the band’s unique, eternal “Dichotomy” HERE (and below)

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SATAN’S HOST @ La Respuesta, San Juan, Puerto Rico

April 27th, 2013

Satan’s Host

@ La Respuesta, San Juan, Puerto Rico

March 16th 2013

Produced by K&K Entertainment

Review by Titus Isaac
Videography by Dennis Rivera
Photography by Fran Jaume

Satan's Host

Satan’s Host

The anticipation for this particular show was built not only because of the production team’s promotional efforts, but also because a particular group of religious fanatics who decided to start some silly campaign to boycott the show.

Apparently, these people felt that it was just “too much” to allow a band with a name like Satan’s Host to play on the island, even though bands like Marduk and 1349 had already visited Puerto Rico.

I guess we should thank these people for promoting the show through means such as the local news programs and newspaper articles. Although not one of these people showed up the day of the show, they definitely helped in getting the attention of Metal fans that were otherwise unaware of Satan’s Host music or the fact that they would play here in Puerto Rico.
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SATAN’S HOST announce release date, track listing for special 25th anniversary album

August 30th, 2011


Colorado Satanic metal masters SATAN’S HOST will be releasing CELEBRATION For the Love of Satan on November 22nd via MORIBUND RECORDS. The new disc is a compilation of two new songs and songs from each album that spans the career of the band, except from earlier 2011 release By the Hands of the Devil, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of the cult classic and debut album Metal from Hell. The new disc was once again recorded with producer Dave Otero at Flatline Audio in Denver, Colorado and has exclusive artwork by world-renowned artists Chris Moyen and Joe Petagno, and photography by Brent Boutte of Mirrorlife Productions. SATAN’S HOST recently re-signed with MORIBUND RECORDS for another two-album deal with exclusive options. The band will also be one of the headliners at the Up The Hammers festival in Athens, Greece in March 2012 and will also be appearing at the Gothic Theatre for the fourth-annual Raven Eggs and Kegs Radio Show Halloween Bash hosted by Raven on Oct. 21 in Denver, Colorado.

The track list to SATAN’S HOST’s CELEBRATION For the Love of Satan is as follows:

1) For the Love of Satan – new tune

2) Hell Fire – Metal from Hell

3) Metal from Hell – Metal from Hell

4) Witches Return – Midnight Wind

5) Cauldron of the Ancients – In Articulo Mortis

6) Nightside of Eden – Archidoxes of Evil

7) Ecliptic Equinox – Burning the Born Again (A New Philosophy)

8) H.E.L.L. – Burning the Born Again (A New Philosophy)

9) Satanic Grimoire – Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick

10) “The Cursing” Vampyric Evil-Eye – Great American Scapegoat…666

11) Dark Priest “Lord Ahriman” – Power~Purity~Perfection…999

12) Convictions – new tune


For more info, consult and

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SATAN’S HOST: release date set for new album, plus artwork + track listing revealed

February 16th, 2011

MORIBUND RECORDS has confirmed May 3rd as the release date for SATAN’S HOST’s brand-new album, By the Hands of the Devil. A hugely anticipated release, By the Hands of the Devil sees the return of original SATAN’S HOST vocalist Leviathan Thisiren (AKA Harry Conklin of JAG PANZER/TITAN FORCE fame) back into the SATAN’S HOST grotto.

Satan's Host (2011)

Satan's Host (2011)

Recorded at Flatline Audio with in-demand producer Dave Otero (CEPHALIC CARNAGE, COBALT),  this new opus has taken the band to new heights in every aspect: lyrical content, musicianship, power, melody, and pure infernal magick. Prepare for Satanic power metal majesty!   Fittingly, By the Hands of the Devil once again features artwork by the legendary Joe Petagno (MOTORHEAD, MARDUK, KRISIUN), which can be viewed here:

Satan's Host - By the Hands of the Devil

Satan's Host - By the Hands of the Devil

Lastly, SATAN’S HOST have revealed the track listing for By the Hands of the Devil as thus:

1. By the Hands of the Devil
2. Shades of the Unlight
3. Demontia
4. Before the Flame
5. Bleeding Hearts of the Damned
6. Black Hilted Knife
7. Revival
8. Fallen Angel
9. Inferior Worlds
10. Norwegian Wood*

*bonus track
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SATAN’S HOST reveal new album title, offer studio report w/ original vocalist Harry Conklin

August 10th, 2010
Satan's Host 2010 lineup

Satan's Host 2010 lineup

Satanic metal warlords SATAN’S HOST are currently at Flatline Audio with legendary super-producer Dave Otero working on the bands ninth studio album, entitled By the Hands of the Devil, to be released next year by MORIBUND RECORDS.

With the departure of vocalist Eli Elixir and the return of Leviathan Thisiren (AKA Harry Conklin, of JAG PANZER and Titan Force) into the SH grotto on vocals, the band has recently performed in Germany for the Keep True Festival in April 2010, and have done some local Colorado shows to prepare for the new album. Founding six-string sorcerer Patrick Evil, with his cornucopia of uber-evil riffs, has been at the top of his game with all-new tracks that will devour the weak at heart and those who try to dismiss this true metal virtuoso. Anthony “Evil Hobbit” Lopez, making his second appearance on the drums of doom, has taken the groove to a new hellish high, and with the addition of Margar on dass, SATAN’S HOST have taken their musical journey to new, darker realms with deeper and broader themes and lyrical content. Adds Patrick Evil, “I think this will be our greatest album to date. Our ninth release for our 25th aniversary – how much better can it get than that?” Prepare for a revival of the primal!!!
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SATAN´S HOST – A Greater Black Magick

July 18th, 2007

Guitarist Patrick “Evil” of SATAN´S HOST
Interview by Luxi Lahtinen


Even if this demonic and notorious incarnation called Satan´s Host – from the majestic mile-high mountains of Colorado, have been around for over 20 years, spreading their satanic message for metal brothers and sisters around the world, only a minority of people have found them. METAL FROM HELL (released on vinyl only in 1986 by now defunct Web Records), being the band´s debut as well as most known album that featured Leviathan Thisires (aka Harry Conklin) from Jag Panzer, was the very album that dragged the band´s name out from the dark catacombs into the daylight for a mass of people. Harry Conklin also sang on the band´s 2nd abum MIDNIGHT WIND, which was unfortunately never released because Web Records went bankrupt. Hence it was no wonder why the album was also bootlegged back in the day. 

The following years, actually the period of 1988-94, Satan´s Host was in a sort of state of self-seclusion where the whole Satan´s Host Grotto was manifesting its magick, having also a new vocalist in the ranks, Eli Elixir replacing Harry Conklin who left the band after the MIDNIGHT WIND (still unreleased) album. The band had already started incorporating from the traditional pre-Power Metal sound they had in the very beginning – toward a much heavier and darker direction at that time, evolving into a Black/Death Metal act that they are nowadays, with very strong satanic themes.

It´s 2007, and I got a chance to talk to Patrick “Evil” (the guitarist in Satan´s Host) nearly about everything between heaven and hell – and especially the band´s latest work, SATANIC GRIMOIRE: A GREATER BLACK MAGICK.

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