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SARCOFAGUS represented at MIDEM by the American MDI Distribution

January 26th, 2011

Sarcofagus is the first Heavy Metal Band in Finland, founded in 1977 by the guitarist Kimmo Kuusniemi. It’s early recordings include Single “Go to Hell/All those Lies” 1979, Albums “Cycle of Life” and “Envoy of Death” 1980 and “Moottorilinnut/Motorbirds” by Kimmo Kuusniemi Band at 1981.

All the old recordings are re-released by the Finnish SVART Records as luxury Vinyl editions, including “Sarcofagus Live in Studio 1979”, a previously unreleased and forgotten studio tape from this pioneering Metal Band. All the Vinyl re releases will be available in worldwide distribution.

Sarcofagus made a comeback in 2007 when they released a studio Album “Core Values”. The Band is currently working on on a new album “Sarcofagus Live in Studio 2010”, 13 tracks that were recorded in only one day in Finland following their “Back From the Dead” tour last year. The gigs were all filmed and they will be released as a DVD with the Album. New tour will soon follow.

The Band Sarcofagus is being represented at this years MIDEM Festival by the American MDI Distribution.

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Sarcofagus Re-Issue Vinyls now in Worldwide Distribution & New Releases Imminent

January 11th, 2011

Latest Sarcofagus news:

Sarcofagus is the legendary first heavy metal band in Finland, founded in 1977 by guitarist Kimmo Kuusniemi. All their original LPs are being re-released as Luxury Vinyl editions by Finnish SVART Records.

“Sarcofagus Live in Studio 1979” and “Cycle of Life” 1980 are already out, NOW in worldwide distribution by the following distributors:

Finland: Svart Records (
Sweden: Record Heaven
Germany: High Roller, Underground Power, Iron Bonehead
France: Season of Mist
UK: Code7 / Plastichead
USA: Relapse Records
Netherlands: Bertus, Clear Spot

The next worldwide Sarcofagus re-releases by SVART Records will be Luxury Vinyl Editions of 1980 “Envoy of Death” LP, and Sarcofagus guitarist Kimmo Kuusniemi Band’s 1981 “Motobirds/Moottorilinnut” LP and full Album Length Video.

Sarcofagus is currently mixing the new “Live in Studio 2010” Album recorded in one day in October 2010 following their “Back from the Dead” tour in Finland.

Re-release of 1980 “Cycle of Life” Album, now out as luxury Vinyl edition, by SVART Records

This is luxury reissue of their first studio LP “Cycle of Life” from 1980. The new edition is remastered for vinyl from the original master tapes and wrapped inside a glossy gatefold jacket. Includes a large booklet with all the material from the original, rare inserts plus new liner notes from band leader Kimmo Kuusniemi, as well as previously unseen photos.

Technical Info:
140 gram clear vinyl, sturdy glossy gatefold jacket, large 8 page booklet with unseen photos and information. Limited to 500 copies on clear vinyl.
180 gram black vinyl limited to 200 copies, sturdy glossy gatefold jacket, large 8 page booklet with unseen photos and information.

This  Luxury Vinyl release was made by SVART Records in Finland, 2010.

“Sarcofagus Live in Studio 1979” Brand New Black & Clear Vinyl LP Release

This is the first ever official vinyl release of this forgotten “Sarcofagus Live in Studio 1979” tape by the grandfathers of Finnish Heavy Metal. This tape was made in Pan Studio, Helsinki Finland, during a single recording session in May 1979 and buried in time soon after. Lately the tape was rediscovered and is now available on limited high quality vinyl, as it should be! The Vinyl is newly mastered respecting the original tape master.

These early tracks are a brilliant document of the birth of Sarcofagus – the music has its roots in blues and progressive rock, as the band was still searching for its distinctive heavy metal style. Finnish national radio played some of these songs, which then led to a record deal and the rest is heavy metal history.

Technical Info:
The Black Limited Edition 180 gram version, only few copies available! 350 gram heavy rough gatefold covers plus a large 16 pp booklet with liner notes and unseen photographs.
The Clear Limited Edition beautifully remastered on 140 gram clear vinyl! 350 gram heavy rough gatefold covers plus a large 16 pp booklet with liner notes and unseen photographs!

This  Luxury Vinyl release was made by SVART Records in Finland, 2010.

There’s still a LIMITED AMOUNT of these re-released vinyls and other stuff available straight from the Sarcofagus website:

Also available from our Ebay shop:

By buying straight from the Sarcofagus site you will support the band right away – and if requested Autographed by Guitarist Kimmo Kuusniemi!

Also available:

Sarcofagus Skull T Shirt
Front: The same big skull design as in the cover of the new “Live in Studio 1979” Vinyl. Original old photo by Kimmo Kuusniemi.
Back: Text Sarcofagus with the Eye of the Horus symbol. Original design from Kimmo’s old leather jacket.
Printed on Gildan black heavy cotton, men’s standard T. Only LIMITED AMOUNT available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Sarcofagus “Cycle of Life” T Shirt
Front: RedText “Sarcofagus” and the original inner sleeve design from the 1980 “Cycle of Life” Album.
Back: Red Text “Cycle of Life” and three Egyptian falcon mummies.
Printed on Gildan black heavy cotton, men’s standard T. Only LIMITED AMOUNT available in sizes S, M and L and XL.

All the best and thank you,


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Judas Priest, Sarcofagus & Burzum Guitarists Interviewed for Guitargument on Peacedogman

June 12th, 2010

Three legendary heavy metal guitarists KK Downing (Judas Priest), Kimmo Kuusniemi (Sarcofagus) and Varg Vikernes (Burzum) were interviewed for an extensive US rock webzine Peacedogman “Guitargument” article.

This in depth interview makes comparisons between three generations of influential metal guitarist – KK Downing from the 60’s, Kuusniemi from the 70’s and Vikernes from the 80’s… and asks – amongst other things – about their music making methods, guitar preferences and the essence of metal. The article has some brilliant and interesting revelations!

Guitargument: The Three Guitarists interview by Devamitra Volksfaust:

“Thousands of years have seen generations of bards and minstrels shape wood, caress strings with their fingers and pick ever more complex and varied tunes for the entertainment of kings and peasants, for joy and for grief. It’s been roughly 80 years since the magnetic pick-up was invented and soon was to be connected to electric amplifiers, to make guitar the unique conducting rod between the musical forces of the past and the future. Everything from pacts with the devil to manifests against social oppression have been channeled through the thundering vibrations of the “axe”. There would be no rock music as we know without it, much less heavy metal or punk. Whichever your preferred strain may be, it’s fair to assume that a reader of this site is more or less particular, if not religious, about commanding guitar riffs and intense guitar solos.

So it was high time to arrange some serious discussion about this guitar business. Heavy metal heroes come and go and each new issue of the bigger guitar magazines demonstrates a hyped-up melo-death geek or self-possessed power metal “how many notes per second” twat bragging about expensive equipment and superficial guitar tech trivia. But as can be expected, they rarely get down to the essence of things, which is how to cut the crap and make the magic happen. The surge of infernal energy right through your brain when the guitar-driven band pulls out all the stops and reaches for the night skies: the metal moments.

K.K. Downing formed his first heavy rock band with his pal Ian Hill in 1969, at 18 years old. As a member of JUDAS PRIEST he has toured Europe, America and Asia countless times, performed on 17 albums, profoundly influenced heavy metal and speed metal in sound and presence while blowing our brains out with instantly memorable riffs and some of the most famous and widely imitated solo work in heavy metal.

Kimmo Kuusniemi, a son of little northern country called Finland where no-one had heard the words “heavy metal” before, formed his egyptomaniacal entity SARCOFAGUS in 1977, shooting both figurative and literal fire from his guitar in magisterial stage shows far ahead of the times. He released three classics of Finnish occult and progressive metal filled with his unique amplified guitar histrionics before moving on to other media , while he has continued to preach the sermon of true metal to unbelievers and act as the benevolent godfather of the Finnish metal scene.

Varg Vikernes seems more like a myth than a real person, the antagonistic metal magician of Norway, the progenitor of BURZUM, who first picked up the guitar in 1987 and barely five years later, unleashed a multidimensional wave of darkness upon the world – one that we would come to know as black metal. Hypnotic, ethereal and frightening, the runic spells of Varg’s possession never stayed the same, formulating seven albums full of the mysteries of the forest and the past, weakly imitated countless times since not only in metal, but in post rock, industrial and indie drone as well.”


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