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FM – Steve Overland, Pete Jupp and Jim Kirkpatrick

February 4th, 2011




FM was supporting legendary Thin Lizzy in London on late January 2010 and there we had the opportunity to sit down with founding members Overland and Jupp alongside with bands latest addition Kirkpatrick and hear all the latest news as well as some past stuff and other interesting stories about FM… Read on!  

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IRON MAIDEN’s Bruce Dickinson

January 1st, 2000

IRON MAIDEN Interview With Bruce Dickinson
Interview by David Lee, January 2000

Bruce Dickinson is one of the more entertaining personalities to speak with in this business and never more so than when he is “feeling his way.”  The celebrating in the IRON MAIDEN camp must have been  furious this week.  The happiness with this new Millennial MAIDEN is intoxicating in and of itself but when Bruce has obviously been with the grape; well that makes for an altogether different interview.  Not one to hold out from peer pressure (or for lack of a better excuse!) I popped myself a can of suds or six and got to the point, as much as was possible by the end of this drunken verbal marathon we were on.  Fact is, there is quite a bit of business in both the Bruce Dickinson and IRON MAIDEN camps, time to get serious.

Dickinson has recently released yet another solo album, this time a live disc, and as faithful metalheads would expect from Bruce, it is top shelf material all the way.  Representing the largest portion of setlists from concerts in several Brazilian cities, “SCREAM FOR ME BRAZIL” showcases the Bruce Dickinson Band at their rocking best.  No MAIDEN numbers here, the focus is on solo material, as Dickinson will explain, there was no need to because he is once again back with MAIDEN.  So, what we have here are songs representing the best of Dickinson’s solo catalogue performed in front of a teaming arena of crazed Brazilian metalheads.  The tour book sized CD insert documents it all and is itself so incredibly well done that special mention should be made of it and, I guess, just has been!  Kudos to the art director for the mass of photos and other documentation included.

In addition to the live solo record, issued under Dickinson’s own AIR RAID RECORDS imprint, there are to be several other releases.  At least three SAMSON releases that feature Dickinson, the reappearance of the “METAL FOR MUTHAS” series and a compilation of rare and unreleased solo tracks and by years end another solo studio album, whew!  Combine all that with a full-blown MAIDEN album/tour cycle and it looks to be yet another busy year for Mr. Dickinson to say the least.

Bruce phoned in from France where he was finishing up the new MAIDEN epic.  We covered a lot of ground as the hour we had planned to speak slipped into two and then quite nearly three.  Here are a few feet of that territory, as for me, next stop is the aspirin bottle.

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