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RORY GALLAGHER “Kickback City” Out Oct. 29th

September 11th, 2013


On October 29, 2013, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Kickback City, a unique immersive album inspired by the crime noir passion and music of Rory Gallagher [MSRP $29.98]. Featuring a specially compiled album of Rory Gallagher’s best crime novel-influenced music; the stunning package also includes an exclusive new novella by Ian Rankin, fully illustrated by graphic artist Timothy Truman. This unique immersive album also includes a special narration of the story by actor Aidan Quinn.

Inspired by Rory Gallagher’s passion for crime novels, Kickback City is a creative collaboration combining the words of Ian Rankin, the illustrations of Timothy Truman and of course the music of Rory Gallagher. The result is a brand new kind of concept album – a must have for fans of Rory Gallagher, Ian Rankin, graphic novels and newcomers alike.

Throughout his life, Rory Gallagher was a great fan of the crime noir genre and much of his work was inspired by the characters and themes found in the cult detective novels of authors such as Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. Examples of Rory’s best crime-inspired material are central to the Kickback City album, providing the soundtrack to Ian Rankin’s newly created novella The Lie Factory. Rory’s lyrics and song titles are cleverly woven in to the story.

International award-winning novelist, Ian Rankin and his hard-boiled, hard-living central protagonist, Detective Inspector John Rebus, are great fans of Rory’s work.

States Ian Rankin: “I was approached by Rory’s brother Donal Gallagher who asked if I knew that Rory was a big fan of crime fiction? And of course when you look at it, the songs, the lyrics and especially the titles: Kickback City, Continental Op (the title of a Dashiell Hammett book) it all makes sense. Donal mentioned that he was thinking of putting together an album of Rory’s songs that are to do with crime and thriller elements and asked if I wanted to get involved. It was great fun and writing the story for the Rory Gallagher album was just obvious to me. It would be noir, the classic Raymond Chandler or Philip Marlowe private eye.”

The unique album Kickback City is completed by the stunning visuals created by illustrator Timothy Truman (DC Comics / First Comics). Also a life-long Rory Gallagher fan, the musician, writer and illustrator has been working in the graphic novel industry since the 80s and is internationally known for his art design for the Grateful Dead. His first series was the title Grimjack, a futuristic private eye who became one of the most popular characters of the time. In the November 1984 issue “Legacy,” Grimjack is hired to protect a singer-guitar player named Jim Lanyon. The comic book’s cover featured a poster of the rock star, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Rory Gallagher.

“I was turned on to Rory’s work in 1973 when I was a junior in high school in West Virginia. One Friday night, I turned on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert and that’s when I first saw Rory. He immediately blew me away. I thought he was the greatest guitarist and performer I’d ever seen and I’ve been a devoted follower of his music ever since,” added Timothy Truman.

Timothy was the ideal choice to create the stunning imagery that unites the music of Rory Gallagher with the new story created by Ian Rankin. Three minds, one vision: Kickback City.

Kickback City will be packaged like a hardback book housing 3 audio discs, including an audio version of the book read by actor Aidan Quinn (Legends Of The Fall, Michael Collins), the 44-page novella The Lie Factory and four “crime scene” postcards, and the crime-inspired Rory Gallagher compilation album. The set also includes a collection of live “crime” tracks (Kickback City Live) recorded at the Cork Opera House, never before available as an audio release.

Rankin continues: “Timothy Truman has really captured the nuances and the noir feel, I’m hugely impressed. It really works and Aidan Quinn has also done a great job. He really got into the character and narrative voice but it’s subtle and allows the listener to bring their own perspective to what’s going on.”

“This could be weird. If this album ends up in Rebus’s record collection I could end up writing a story in which Rebus takes out this album and sits reading an Ian Rankin story whilst listening to a Rory Gallagher album!” – Ian Rankin

Eagle Rock Entertainment is the largest producer and distributor of music programming for DVD, Blu-Ray, TV, Audio and Digital Media in the world.  Eagle works directly alongside talent to produce top quality, High Definition and 3D programs, both concerts and documentaries, including The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Queen, The Doors, Jeff Beck, U2, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney and Ozzy Osbourne. Eagle is a Grammy Award winning company and has received over 30 multi-platinum, over 50 platinum and over 90 gold discs, worldwide.  Eagle Rock Entertainment has offices in London, New York, Toronto, Paris and Hamburg.

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1)   Kickback City
2)   Continental Op
3)   Kid Gloves
4)   Big Guns
5)   Loanshark Blues
6)   Secret Agent
7)   B Girl
8)   Slumming Angel
9)   Barley & Grape Rag
10) Doing Time
11)  In Your Town
12)  Sinner Boy
13)  The Devil Made Me Do It
14)  Seven Days

1)   Continental Op
2)   Tattoo’d Lady
3)   I Ain’t No Saint
4)   Off The Handle
5)   The Loop
6)   Messin’ With The Kid
7)   Loanshark Blues

The Lie Factory narrated by Aidan Quinn

44 Page novella – The Lie Factory

4 x ‘Crime’ scene Postcards

Kickback City studio compilation
Kickback City live album
The Lie Factory narrated by Aidan Quinn
The Lie Factory Digital Booklet
Kickback City ‘The Making Of’ EPK
Special Animated promo video

Standard digital versions also available


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Rory Gallagher – Notes From San Francisco

July 1st, 2011

Rory Gallagher – Notes From San Francisco

2011, Eagle Records

Rating: 4/5

As part of their massive Rory Gallagher re-issue campaign, Eagle Rock Ent. has outdone themselves with NOTES FROM SAN FRANCISCO. These songs were recorded by Gallagher during a stay in San Francisco back in ’77 and have remained unreleased until now because Rory wasn’t happy with the way it sounded so shelved the project.

Anyone familiar with Rory Gallagher’s music will know what to expect. His style of music is Blues based guitar oriented Rock. Everything I have heard from him has been consistently good and this release is no exception. Like most albums there are songs that stand out while others don’t. This doesn’t mean they are not enjoyable. One stand out on the album is “Wheels Within Wheels”, not for it being an over the top rocker or heavy Blues number but for really showcasing Rory’s vocal ability. On this acoustic track  his vocals really shine. A slight departure from the electric guitar music that the majority of the album is.

NOTES FROM SAN FRANCISCO is an album that has been shelved for way too long. We can thank the folks at Eagle Rock for managing to get this incredible album out to the fans. This is an album that should be in your collection.


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Rory Gallagher – Irish Tour ’74 (DVD)

July 1st, 2011

Rory Gallagher – Irish Tour ’74 (DVD)

2011, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4.5/5

Eagle Rock Ent. continue with their Re-Issue’s of Rory Gallagher’s catalog with this DVD of one of his most popular records: IRISH TOUR ’74. Rory, for those who do not know, he was (and still is) one of the greatest Blues-Rock guitarists that ever lived. He has been cited as an influence to many great guitarists such as Slash, Glen Tipton, Brian May, Jannick Gers and many more. Gallagher even turned down an offer to join The Rolling Stones.

IRISH TOUR ’74 showcases Gallagher’s infamous tour around his homeland. The live footage is intertwined with candid interviews and day to day films of him just walking the streets, visiting a music shop and trying out guitars to backstage preparations before a show. This gives the viewer a better glimpse of Rory as a person and how he was just a regular person like me and you.

This DVD has some really interesting bonus features. One of these is his Japan Tour of the same same year and the other is a half hour Irish TV Special.

IRISH TOUR ’74 is a testament to how amazing and talented Rory really was. His passion for the guitar shines through on the live concert performances. Even if you are not a fan of Blues-based Rock or a guitarist you will still enjoy this DVD and appreciate what an incredible guitarist he was and why he was such an influence to many.


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Rory Gallagher – Ghost Blues: The Story Of (DVD)

January 8th, 2011

Rory Gallagher – Ghost Blues: The Story Of   (DVD)

2010, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4/5

Read the rest of this entry »


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