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Solitude Aeturnus / Candlemass – Robert Lowe

September 8th, 2009

 Solitude Aeturnus / Candlemass – Robert Lowe



The singer of Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus

Interview and pics by Arto Lehtinen

Transcription by Antaura Zed

Robert Lowe has fronted the mighty Texas doom metal legends Solitude Aeturnus since the early 90’s and gained a respectable status as one of the greatest metal vocalists. Back in 2007 when the Swedish doom metal giant Candlemass were struggling with a vocalist problem again, looking for a suitable vocalist – an unexpected rescue came from the other side of the world. When Robert Lowe teamed up with Candlemass, he had a big task to convince old Candlemass fans. The second album with Robert Lowe as a frontman of Candlemass entitled “Death Magic Doom” is an perfect masterpiece in the doom metal genre. Before Candlemass took to the stage, I had the great opportunity of talking about Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass.  (The interview was conducted during the Tuska festival time).

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