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SACRIFICE – Rob Urbinati from Canadian thrash legends

March 2nd, 2009

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Canadian thrash legends´ return

An interview with vocalist & guitarist Rob Urbinati

Interview by Luxi Lahtinen

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The Canadian (thrash) metal scene used to be one of the most interesting and strongest back in the day, especially during the ´80s. Many of us could name at least a half dozen of metal bands out from that country that made a great impression on us in the ´80s (Exciter, Razor, Annihilator, Voivod, Infernäl Mäjesty, Dead Brain Cells, etc. – actually it´s this easy) by churning out many great albums to their roster that are considered as the true classics of the genre these days.

Then, the new millenium 2000 brought us many comebacks of once defunct thrash acts – some of their comebacks being somewhat well-grounded while some others not that much. If there´s one particular thrash band that could be said to be worth coming back, it´s definitely the legendary Canadian thrash warriors called Sacrifice who released such fine tour-de-forces of thrash, like the TORMENT IN FIRE and FORWARD TO TERMINATION albums during that golden decade of thrash metal.

Sacrifice have currently been working hard on their 5th studio album, titled THE ONES I CONDEMN, at Rouge Valley Studio here in Toronto, together with engineer Darius Szczepaniak – and if Rob´s own words about the album are anything to go by, expect no less than Sacrifice´s return to the basics of thrash. As Rob himself has promised, the album´s gonna be fast, heavy and devastating – and it´s gonna sound like it´s been done by a real band instead of some computer-program-fixed band.

I contacted Rob recently and and asked him to reveal some more details about the new Sacrifice album – amongst other things, via this email conversation that Rob was kind enough to do with me for What is certain, THE ONES I CONDEMN won´t let leave thrash fans cold – just believe me! ;o)

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Sacrifice – Rob Urbinati

October 26th, 2006

Sacrifice – Rob Urbinati

Interviewed on September 28, 2006 by Blake ‘Metal’ Wolfe

We got to speak with vocalist/guitarist Rob Urbinati of Sacrifice after their recent reunion performance at Toronto’s second annual Day of the Equinox (DOTE) festival. We spoke to Rob about the festival, the reunion how & why, re-issued CD’s, the possible future for Sacrifice, etc.  Enjoy! 

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Rob Urbinati: Ex-Sacrifice / Interzone

August 23rd, 2005

Rob Urbinati: Ex-Sacrifice frontman returns with new band INTERZONE!

Interviewed by EvilG

When I was “growing up” there was always a small number of bands from Canada that I respected both for the fact that they were (like myself) Canadian, and for the fact that they were one of the best bands we had to offer the metal world. One such band is Sacrifice. Sadly, the band is no more, but fortunately Sacrifice’s frontman (guitarist and vocalist) Rob Urbinati has put together a new band that is sure to turn many heads as well as please fans of his former band. Even though Sacrifice was well known and respected, after they broke up there was very little press on the subject so hooking up with Rob was was a great opportunity! 

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