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Roadburn – Tilburg Holland

April 29th, 2016



Roadburn is definitely the leading indoor festival on the massive European festival map. All in all, 4,300 visitors per day from all different corners of the world attended the festival. The whole festival event was sold out. Roadburn is such an eccentric & fascinating festival because it offers a wide range of different kinds of sonic musical pleasure from the electro noise via a dramatic musical journey to the most extreme forms of metal. was at present at Roadburn to witness the unique performances and gigs by many musicians and bands. This year the event was curated by the legendary Lee Dorrian who had invited, for example, Diamanda Galas, whose performance was extremely dominating and rousing. However here is the brief article on Roadburn 2016.

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Roadburn 2015 – Tilburg Holland

May 3rd, 2015

Roadburn 2015 – Tilburg Holland


Article and pictures by Arto Lehtinen

The prestigious Roadburn Festival is an extra pumped adventure into the sonic catacombs of the underground of stoner/doom metal from both known and truly unknown acts. The 2015 line-up  once again offered a wide range of metal/rock and other torturing sonic pleasures. As usual, there is always a curator picking bands to play at Roadburn. The two curators being Ivar Bjornson from Enslaved and Einar Selvik from Wardruna had been recruited to create the event for their own tastes under the moniker “House Of The Holistic”. Even though these Norwegians navigated the curator roles in the finest possible way, the fourth day has been named “Afterburner” being one kind of After Party type of day. Anathema had been booked to headline that day. Well, some people may cite it as a boring act and way to conclude the four-day event, but wait, the big surprise is on the way in the article. Approximately 2500 people had arrived to enjoy the art and the music at Roadburn in various forms.

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Jex Thoth – Jessica “Jex”

October 11th, 2013

BMR Jex B&W1

Hailing from Wisconson Jex Thoth has spread out to the metal and rock world with the spell-bounding ethereal and magical music. The band is led by  Jessica, the primusmotor of Jex Thoth since the Totem years. The most recent album titled BLOOD MOON RISE proves the magic and ethereal elements playing the strong part of the approach of Jex Thoth. Therefore getting to interview the front lady of Jex Thoth unveils more about the new excellent full-length album.

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Roadburn Festival 2013 – Tilburg Holland

June 19th, 2013


The Roadburn festival has become an essential and important festival here in Europe. Even though the festival has been restricted to app. 2500 people, its appreciation is tremendous and praised amongst underground metal fans. What makes the Roadburn festival so popular? Well firstly, it’s bands of course. The festival offers such a diverse line-up covering a wide range of music from underground metal,  psychedelic rock, avant-garde stuff, doom, or any other variation of metal pleasing fans of the music and above all giving a great general atmosphere. had the privilege of visiting the Roadburn festival for the fifth time in a row to see plenty of killer bands, smell the weed and enjoy Electric Wizard being the curator of the Roadburn Festival 2013. The British stoner legends Electric Wizard had picked bands for the special day. In general, the whole Roadburn festival is such an unique concept that wouldn’t work anywhere else. Where else could some relative unknowns play to a crowned venue. Here we come again, here is a brief article on the fest.

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