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Sadistic Intent – Bay Cortez, Rick Cortez, Ernesto Bueno and Arthur Mendiola

April 23rd, 2017


Bay Cortez, Rick Cortez, Ernesto Bueno and Arthur Mendiola

Sadistic Intent is one of the most respected bands in the underground death metal scene. The four-piece guided by the Cortez brothers has doggedly been carving out their path in death metal since 1987. The band has had ups and downs during these years, but gained monumental status in the death metal scene. Sadistic Intent is a brutal war machine as far as their material is concerned and above all the four piece’s gigs are a pure triumph of true and brutal death metal. sat down with the whole band and had a long conversation about various topics. 

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POSSESSED vocalist Jeff Becerra & SADISTIC INTENT guitarist Rick Cortez

January 31st, 2007


POSSESSED´s Jeff Becerra & SADISTIC INTENT´s Rick Cortez

Interviews + Sadistic Intent live pictures by Luxi Lahtinen


What happened to Sadistic Intent, some of you may wonder silently in your minds. The band was working with their THE SECOND COMING OF DARKNESS debut full-lenght album in 2002, but when things really start to go badly wrong, they do – and nothing can stop them going wrong. That was Sadistic Intent´s unfortunate faith with their 1st attempts to get the album recorded back in the day; everything ended up for a real mess.

However, as long as there´s some hope left, almost anything can be expected, even the second coming of Sadistic Intent. And talking about these so-called ´2nd comings´, Possessed´s sort of ´second coming´ has been going on for a while already. Namely the band members of Sadistic Intent have been currently been doing one-off shows with Jeff Benjamin Becerra, playing classic Possessed songs in Europe, in the States, and in Mexico with a huge enthusiasm. It all started with a special reunion show of Possessed that took place at Wacken festival in August 2007. At the same time, Sadistic Intent played one-off gig in Hamburg, Germany – actually the day after the Wacken weekend, together with the Dutch old school Death Metal masters Pentacle.

Since Possessed´s special Wacken performance and Sadistic Intent´s show at Ballroom in Hamburg last year, lots of things have happened. Read all about these things – amongst other very interesting plans both Sadistic Intent and Possessed have in their sleeves about a number of things. Both Jeff Becerra of Possessed and  Rick Cortez of Sadistic Intent, opened slightly their private boxes of secrets for… ENJOY!  ;o)

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