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May 26th, 2017
Ravage - "Return Of The Spectral Rider"

Ravage – “Return Of The Spectral Rider”

Ravage, the heavy metal band from Boston, MA USA today released the band’s new full-length recording “Return Of The Spectral Rider”. The album is available on CD, limited edition vinyl, and digital download format. The release is a complete re-recording of the band’s “Spectral Rider” album which was given a limited release in Europe through Germany’s Karthago Records in 2005. The new version features a crisp new production quality, a new track-listing, guest appearances and all-new artwork by TIM JACOBUS (known for painting the covers of the R.L. STINE’S GOOSEBUMPS and FEAR STREET series of horror novels).

Singer Al Ravage explained the band’s decision to re-record their debut full-length. “Ever since the original version of ‘Spectral Rider’ was released, we hoped to revisit it. There were numerous issues with the production and we didn’t have access to the original tracks so there was no possibility of a remix. The track listing got screwed up before production… the artwork was not well-received… it didn’t receive a lot of promotion… there were just a lot of problems with that release. But at the same time, it featured some of our favorite songs we’ve written and we’ve continued to feature a lot of them in our live set. We felt that adequate time had passed because the original version has been out of print for years and it was actually recorded fourteen years ago. So with our new studio we finally had the opportunity to record the songs properly. We had a blast revisiting this material and it’s great to be able to present these songs to a new generation of heavy metal fans.”

Ravage’s last album “The End Of Tomorrow” was released by Metal Blade Records in 2009. “Return Of The Spectral Rider” will be the first full-length to appear on the band’s new imprint Society For World Wide Ravage Recordings and will be distributed by

Promotion for the band will be provided by PR firm Online Metal Promo

A lyric video for the song “Turn The Screw” is available on Youtube at this location


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April 16th, 2017

Ravage - "Return Of The Spectral Rider"

Ravage – “Return Of The Spectral Rider”

RAVAGE, the traditional heavy metal act with thrash influences from Boston MA has posted a new lyric video for the song “Turn The Screw” (link below). The track is the first single from the band’s forthcoming “Return Of The Spectral Rider” album which will be released by the band’s own imprint, Society For World Wide Ravage Recordings on May 26th. The offering is a complete re-recording of the band’s album “Spectral Rider” which was given a limited release by Germany’ Karthago Records in 2005. The band made the album available for digital pre-order last Friday and the track “Turn The Screw” is available now for download and streaming. The album will be offered on limited edition CD and Vinyl formats in addition to digital.

Singer Al Ravage commented, “We really appreciate the support we’ve received so far on this project. We’ve wanted to have a better presentation of these songs for many years and so it’s great to finally be getting this out there, but this is also the first time we have tried releasing a full-length album ourselves without any label support – so we sort of need all the help we can get in order to be heard. We recorded everything ourselves in our own studio so we got a very raw, live sound, but it is also sounding the way we alway wanted it to sound with crazy amounts of guitars and extended solos relentless kick drums and just everything over the top.”

The album features artwork by TIM JACOBUS (known for artwork on the R.L. STINE’S GOOSEBUMPS and FEAR STREET series of horror novels) and guest appearances from former Ravage members and local band friends. The recording was mastered by PETER RUTCHO (VOMITRON, REVOCATION) who had produced the band’s last album “The End Of Tomorrow” which was released by Metalblade Records in 2009.


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Ravage unveil artwork for new release, track listing and set release date

February 9th, 2017
Ravage - "Return Of The Spectral Rider"

Ravage – “Return Of The Spectral Rider”

RAVAGE, the traditional heavy metal and thrash act from Boston MA USA which formed in the mid 90’s and released the full-length album “The End Of Tomorrow” on Metal Blade Records in 2009 today unveiled the cover artwork and track listing for “Return Of The Spectral Rider” – a full length offering which will be slated for release on May 26th through the band’s own label Society For World Wide Ravage Recordings.

The cover art was completed by artist Tim Jacobus, known mostly for his work on the GOOSEBUMPS series of horror novels.

The album was recorded and mixed by Ravage at their own Hellbent For Accoustics Studios in Malden, MA and was mastered by Peter Rutcho, who had previously mixed and mastered the band’s “The End Of Tomorrow” album and is known for his work with such bands as REVOCATION, BURY YOUR DEAD, ARMORY, and VOMITRON.

“Return Of The Spectral Rider” is a complete re-recording of the band’s first album “Spectral Rider” which was given limited release on Germany’s Karthago Records in 2005.

Singer Al Ravage commented, “This is a collection of a lot of our favorite songs…they are the songs we end up playing most often live because they are just a lot of really fun songs that we have been playing forever. It is great to finally have a definitive recording of these tunes and we’re really greatful to the guest musicians who came in and gave the recordings a lot of new life. We got a really cool artwork from Tim Jacobus and we’re excited to finally be able to share this stuff with everyone after having had to endure the usual delays…”

The album will be available in physical form exclusively as an extremely limited collector’s edition numbered 12″ vinyl. A deluxe digital download format with bonus tracks will be available different platforms across the web.

More information on the coming pre-order will be available at the band’s website and the band’s Facebook

A preliminary mix of one of the tracks has been posted to Youtube.

The expected track listing is as follows

1. Dies Irae
2. Spectral Rider
3. Turn The Screw
4. The Wicked Way
5. Masque Of Black Death
6. Ravage Part 1: Damage
7. Whyvern
8. Wake The Dead
9. The Wasteland
10. Curse Of Heaven
11. Bring Down The Hellhammer
12. The King Forgotten
13. Father Of The Atom (Bonus Track)

Ravage has scheduled the following live shows to support the upcoming release…
MAR 21 Somerville MA at Once Ballroom
MAR 25 Providence RI at Firehouse 13 w/ Matthias Steele
APR 27 Worcester MA at Ralph’s Diner

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July 6th, 2016

Ravage, the traditional heavy metal/ thrash act from Boston, MA, which formed in the mid 90’s and whose last full length album “The End Of Tomorrow” was issued through Metal Blade Records in 2009, have released a lyric video for “Curse Of Heaven”, a track from the band’s forthcoming full-length album “Return Of The Spectral Rider”.

The album is a complete re-recording of their underground cult album “Spectral Rider” which was recorded in 2003 and given a limited release through Germany’s Karthago Records in 2005. Singer Al Ravage explains, “‘Return Of The Spectral Rider’ is a complete re-recording of our old ‘Spectral Rider’ album. It is a collection of songs that we loved and have always felt were very strong songs but we never got a proper studio production of them due to lack of budget, producer issues etc. The original recording was done during a very tumultuous time in the band’s history and at the time I thought it might be the epitaph for the band. Eleven years later, we are still around and still playing a lot of these songs, so it was fun to revisit them. There is a raw energy to the thing because there are some songs that we wrote the music for when we were thirteen years old… there’s lyrics on there that I wrote when I was fifteen. We recorded them in our own studio so we were able to experiment a bit on the production end and tweak the sound to what we originally wanted which is to have a very “real” sounding recording. The drums aren’t triggered, they don’t sound like a drum machine playing the drums. We didn’t use a metronome, and the biggest difference is that we actually tuned up! The whole thing is in standard tuning. This is the way metal was meant to sound.”

The album was recorded in Malden, MA at Hellbent For Acoustics Studios and features guest appearances by former members of RAVAGE, members of IRON WILL, ROZAMOV, BLACK MASS, POWER GLOVE, and SEAX. Cover art has been completed by Tim Jacobus, best known for his work on the GOOSEBUMPS and FEAR STREET series of horror novels. It has yet to be revealed.

The recording is currently in the mastering stage and RAVAGE is seeking interest from record labels.

The lyric video for “Curse Of Heaven” can be viewed below and at this location

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October 30th, 2012
Ravage, the traditional heavy metal/ thrash band from Boston MA who formed in the mid 90’s have released the band’s first set of new original music since their full-length album “The End Of Tommorrow” was released by Metal Blade Records in 2009. The new single “Enter The Outbreak” along with another original bonus song “The Demon Core” is now available exclusively in digital format through online retailers like CDbaby, itunes etc. The songs had been set to appear on a previously announced compilation which was scrapped earlier in the year due to issues with the recording and band line-up changes. Singer Al Ravage commented, “It’s great to finally have these new songs out there, and we have many more to come. We just thought we’d get some new material out while we are deciding what format to go with in the future. This is some of our most aggressive material to date, but we’ve also kept a lot of melody in there. Check it out.” The two songs can be downloaded at an are also available for streaming in their entirety at the band’s facebook page

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October 28th, 2012

Ravage, the traditional heavy metal/ thrash metalers who formed in the mid-90’s in the Boston MA USA area are set to release their first new music since their second full-length album “The End Of Tomorrow” was released by Metal Blade Records in 2009. The band will unleash it’s “Enter The Outbreak” two-song ‘single’ this Tuesday October 30th exclusively through digital download on sites like CD Baby, itunes etc.
Singer Al Ravage commented, “It’s been far too long since we released any new original material. We have been writing, recording and practicing for some time and we released some cover songs on compilations, but we thought the Halloween season would be the perfect time to release these two songs which both deal with scary topics and the epidemic of fear. This is some of our most aggressive music ever and we have some very diverse and interesting songs to follow later in the year, but we thought we’d release these two as a taste of what is to come. We’re still combining the mix of melody and ferocity that people have come to expect from the band, and I don’t expect that to change, but I think we’ve reached a new level with the production value and song structure etc. You can be the judge. Happy Halloween and RAVAGE IN PEACE!!!”
The songs will also be availble for streaming on myspace and lyric videos will be placed on Youtube. The artwork for the single and links to the download sites will be available on the band’s Facebook

Contact –


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July 2nd, 2012


Ravage, the traditional heavy metal/ thrash band from Boston, MA USA recently had to cancel the final date of their midwest tour due to a widespread power outage caused by a tornado that hit the Columbus Ohio area 2 days ago. Ravage’s singer, Al Ravage, issued the following statement regarding the canceled Fort Wayne appearance and the near disaster that was avoided at the Warriors Of Metal Festival near Columbus.

Greetings all,

We just got back from our midwest mini-tour which was not without incident. After a successful show in downtown Columbus on Thursday night at the Warriors Of Metal Pre-Show, we proceeded to the campground where we partied deep into the night with the early-arriving hardcore traditional metal elite and prepared for the oncoming festival. The beginning of the festival on Friday went down without a hitch – fantastic sound, great bands, and a surprisingly large and dedicated crowd for a traditional metal and thrash fest happening in a forest in the middle of nowhere. As the evening wore on though, our bassist’s wife fell ill, and we drove her into town to a motel so she could stay in some air conditioned comfort. When we returned, Rich and his wife sent me a text message that said they had seen on tv that a hail storm was about to hit our area. I was in the camp ground at the time and I began to walk across the field toward the merchandise area to alert Tony “Metal Duke” Canillas from Iron Will, who was coming in the opposite direction. All of a sudden, the sky instantly darkened and a huge rush of wind swept out of the trees that surrounded the field next to the stage. Tony and I ran for cover toward the camp ground, while what was apparently the edge of a tornado swept across the field and direcltly hit the stage area. Massive branches were ripped off trees and hurtled toward the stage area and the crowd – which quickly dispersed and headed toward the camping grounds. Pieces of the sheet metal crowd coverin front of the stage were torn off and flew into the woods. A huge tree branch crushed the wooden staircase leading to the second camping area. Another branch came down directly on the powerline which fed the stage. Miraculously no one was seriously injured – in fact, the only injury was to Datis, the festival promoter, who twisted his ankle while helping people from the stage area.

Meanwhile, just as we were reaching the campground a huge branch hurtled off of a tree and crushed our two tents. We jumped in the car and drove into a large nearby barn for shelter as a torential rain came down – followed by persistent lightning, thunder and more winds. We were soon joined by much of the fleeing crowd who crammed into the barn while the storm continued. Luckily this barn tuned out to be some kind of service shed for the ranch and it had a power outlet, a lightbullb, and a fireplace, which we were able to get going to warm the crowd. After a couple of hours, the rain let up and the winds died down. We headed out to survey the devestation, thinking there was no way the show could possibly continue. It seemed like it was going to be a major bummer because Manilla Road had just showed up before the storm and Twisted Tower Dire had been ready to play.

The second miracle happened however, when after a few hours more, the crew was able to clear away much of the debris and downed trees and deem the stage area safe, and amazingly despite the powerline being hit by a tree, power was not lost and the show was able to continue around 11pm – though many sets were cut, and Twisted Tower Dire had already left. Exxplorer played a short set and Manilla Road played without a hitch.

On Saturday the Festival went on as planned with a great headlining appearance from Helstar, but we learned that much of the surrounding area and perhaps much of the state was without power and a state of emergency had been declared. We also learned that unfortunately power had been lost at the club we were to play at in Fort Wayne on Sunday evening and despite some late efforts to secure an alternate venue, the show had to be cancelled. We appologize to our friends and fans in Fort Wayne, as we would very much have liked to get back there, but it will have to wait. Our thoughts an concerns go out to everyone who has been affected by the storm, we hope to get back to the midwest again soon, hopefully under better circumstances, but for now we have been confirmed for next years Warriors Of Metal Festival, so we’ll at least be heading back to Ohio.

– Al



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June 29th, 2012
Ravage singer Al Ravage issued the following statement. “We are about to head out on our first string of multiple out-of-state shows since our disasterous 2009 tour. We hope to see all the Ohio and Indiana metal maniacs at the shows and party with you at the Warriors Of Metal Fest. Get ready to Ravage!”
Ravage, the traditional heavy metal band from Boston MA who most recently released the full-length “The End Of Tomorrow” album through Metal Blade Records in 2009 recently announced a return to the Midwest USA for the first time in 3 years. Ravage will headline the pre-show for the Warriors Of Metal Festival in Columbus OH, followed by a meet and greet at the festival and will return to Fort Wayne Indiana for a headlining show. Support for the mini-tour will come from Boston area metalers SKULLHAMMER and SEAX, as well as Brazilian thrashers MACHINAGE and local support acts.
The Warriors Of Metal Fest will feature HELSTAR, MANILLA ROAD, TWISTED TOWER DIRE, VINDICATOR, LAZARUS A.D. and many more.
Confirmed dates are as follows
Jun. 28 – Columbus, OH – The Shrunken Head
Jun. 29 – Pataskala, OH – Warriors Of Metal Festival (meet and greet)
Jun. 30 – Pataskala, OH – Warriors Of Metal Festival (meet and greet)
Jul.  01 – Fort Wayne, IN  – C2G Music Hall
Flyers for the shows are available at these locations
Booking contact Alec at
email –
SWWR Productions LLC.

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November 11th, 2011

Ravage, the heavy metal band from Boston MA has issued an update on the band’s upcoming November 16th show at Church in Boston, MA to promote the band’s collection of new music. (Full text of the update is available at this location The venue has been forced to change the format of the show to an age restricted 21+ show. Singer Al Ravage commented, “Unfortunately, certain powers have aligned against us (as usual) and even though the show will go on as scheduled, the club has been forced to change it to a 21+ age format in the last minute. This is the work of the [expletive] in the Boston local government who have sought to squelch any decent form of live entertainment in the city limits for as long as I can recall. Apparently those [expletive] have won again and we have been forced to refund tickets and turn away fans who have long awaited the chance to see the band. I promise that this victory on the part of [expletive], puritanical governmental tyranny will be fleeting and we will put together an event that allows everyone in the area to experience the live metal madness regardless of age.”

The November 16th event will go on as scheduled with a special appearance from Howl.

In addition, the band has offered details on the format of the upcoming release. The band will release a collection of live videos and audio demos exclusively to youtube on November 16th which will be entitled “15 Years Underground”. A link will be posted on the band’s facebook page and will contain a preview of the forthcoming 6 song, self-produced EP “Enter The Outbreak” – which the band is currently completing at their studio in Malden, MA. This EP will be released in full on November 24th, the anniversary of Ravage’s first live show in 1996 and the track listing is as follows.

Enter The Outbreak EP
1. The Mouth Of Pain
2. Enter The Outbreak
3. Talons In The Heart
4. Ravage Part 1: Damage
5. The Demon Core
6. By My Hand ( Twisted Tower Dire cover song in tribute to Tony Taylor )

The EP will also be available in a digital-only format. Ravage’s singer explained, “People who attend the CD release will receive a CD copy of one of the new songs, which they can feel free to upload to the web and share with friends. Embrace technology people! Recorded music is available free now, that is just the way it is. That is not to say we won’t offer products and merchandise in the future, and you will be able to purchase the new tracks on music download websites soon. But in general, I think it is silly to charge money for music in a digital format because you can generally find it for free on a download or stream it free. I won’t mind at all if people want to send donations to the band to support us, and of course we’ll have t-shirts etc, but music is free now, viva la revolution! That is the end of that rant.”
According to the update, the EP will initially be made available as a free streaming YouTube exclusive and will be downloadable through other venues – iTunes etc but will also not be issued in a hard-copy format.


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September 2nd, 2011


Ravage, the traditional heavy metal / thrash band from Boston, MA USA has announced 3 live dates to close out the year, including a CD release party at Church in Boston on November 16th with Providence RI metalers Howl. A link to pre-sale tickets is below.

Ravage has entered the band’s home studio in Malden, MA to record 4 new original songs – which will not be immediately available on physical CD, but will rather be released in a special ‘alternative’ format still to be announced soon. Singer Al Ravage explains “Everything is sort of up-in-the-air for us at the moment. We don’t have any commitments to anybody, we are just writing new music and recording and playing sporadic live shows, but we wanted to release some new stuff before the end of the year because we are getting that ‘new music’ itch again. The music ‘industry’ is in such a weird state that I don’t think anyone knows what the immediate future will be. So we are going to try to release this music in a slightly different way. Maybe it’s something that hasn’t necessarily been done before, but it’s not all that radical, and will present the music in an interesting, fan-driven and accessible way. Not that any of that makes sense now, but you’ll see
what I am talking about in a few of weeks when all is revealed. For now, we have a date of November 16th when new music will appear.”

The new musical collection is tentatively entited “15 Years Underground 1996-2011” and will celebrate the band’s 15 years of live music dating back to their first show in November 1996. In addition to the brand new tracks, the musical collection will include never-before-released live bonus tracks and rare demos as well as a tribute cover song for Twisted Tower Dire’s Tony Taylor, who passed away last year.

The tentative track listing is as follows,

1. The Mouth Of Pain
2. Enter The Outbreak
3. Talons In The Heart
4. The Demon Core
5. Ravage Part 1: Damage (re-recording)
6. By My Hand (cover originally performed by Twisted Tower Dire)
7. Bring Down The Hellhammer (live 2011)
8. The King Forgotten (live 2005)
9. Wake The Dead (remaster 2005)
10. Curse Of Heaven (remaster 2003)
11. Black Horizon (demo 1999)

Ravage’s end-of-the-year show schedule is as follows

Sept. 29 – Worcester, MA – Ralph’s Diner METAL THURSDAY w/ Rattlehead, Kaustik, and Graveheart 9pm 21+ show
Oct. 29 – Gales Ferry, CT – Legends Rock Bar
Nov. 16 – Boston, MA – CD RELEASE PARTY at Church with Howl, Protean Collective, and Skull Hammer 8pm 18+ show advance tickets available here

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RAVAGE: Multi-camera, High-quality video footage available from Worcester concert

August 20th, 2011


For Immediate Release: Boston MA area traditional heavy metal / thrashers Ravage, who most recently released their “The End Of Tomorrow” full-length album through Metal Blade Records in 2009 have posted a multi-camera, high-quality video featuring their performance of the song “The Shredder” at the Metal Thursday’s 100th Show Celebration at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester MA on May 5th of this year. This special show was to honor Metal Thursday’s  – currently the longest running, live bi-monthly metal show series in the United States. Ravage is currently working on a collection of recordings which will include some new studio tracks, live tracks and covers and is tentatively scheduled for release later this year – details have yet to be announced.

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August 6th, 2011

Boston MA area traditional heavy metal / thrashers RAVAGE have announced that drummer Dan “The Hammer” Kowal has been injured on a recent camping trip. Singer Al Ravage states “I have some unfortunate news to relay to you all. Our drummer Dan was apparently camping in Maine this past weekend and while attempting to chop some fire wood with a hatchet, he accidentally permanently committed a significant portion of his thumb to the wilderness of the Pine Tree State. Dan assures us that he is OK, but that he will not be able to play drums for at least a few weeks while he recovers. A fill-in player will be used for upcoming shows.” In addition to drumming for Ravage, Dan is also drummer for the thrash metal band SKULLHAMMER and bassist for the thrash metal band LICH KING.

Ravage most recently released the full-length album “The End Of Tomorrow” on Metal Blade Records in 2009 and have been recently working on new material while playing select local shows. The band will appear at Champions Bar in Everett MA on Friday August 5th.


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May 6th, 2011

Ravage, the heavy metal band from Boston MA who most recently released the full length album “The End Of Tomorrow” on Metal Blade Records, recorded their set last night at Ralph’s Diner in Worester, MA. Select tracks from the show will be featured on the band’s forthcoming release “15 Years Underground” which will be due out late this year in a format yet to be determined. Singer Al Ravage commented on the live show, “We’ like to thank the fantastic crowd and everyone from the Society For World Wide Ravage who ventured out to support us and to support the great 5 year tradition of Metal Thursdays shows at Ralph’s Diner – the longest running and best live underground metal series of shows in the country, and probably the world. Not everything went on without hitches and glitches – it was a typically mad and crazy Ravage show, but we made it through, and despite one unfortunate incident during which a friend of ours almost had his face ripped off in the mosh pit, everyone emerged OK and unscathed for the most part, and had a great time. We look forward to sharing some songs from this night of metal madness with all of you in the near future.”
The forth-coming collection of recordings will feature some new studio tracks as well as cover songs, live tracks, demos and rarities stretching back to the band’s first live gig in 1996. Further details will be released soon.

contact –

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IRON WILL Begins Recording Debut Album

March 8th, 2011

IRON WILL, the heavy metal band from Boston MA, has entered the studio to record the band’s debut album. IRON WILL’s first official offering will be a concept album entitled “Life Is Your Labyrinth”. The band formed as early as 1999 and has played shows off and on in the Boston area since then but has never released a recording. The band is a side-project of Boston-area metalers RAVAGE, who most recently released their second full-length album “The End Of Tomorrow” on Metal Blade Records in 2009.

IRON WILL features the debut of vocalist Tony ‘The Metal Duke’ Canillas. Tony has long been a fixture in the Boston-area traditional heavy metal scene and is known for his high-energy stage performances and ear-splitting power screams. Eli Firicano and Al Ravage from Ravage handle guitar and drum duties respectively, and the band is rounded off by Rich Berte, of the thrash band Lethal Design, on bass. Drummer Al Ravage describes the band’s sound as “true garage-band metal”. He adds, “The band’s sound is a combination of traditional heavy metal elements from the 70’s and 80’s played by a bunch of guys who just like to get together and bash out metal songs and covers. Most of the stuff was jammed out from improvised pieces and refined off and on in intermitent rehearsals over the last 10 years or so. We have just been playing these songs out of the sheer enjoyment of playing metal – and now we’ve finally decided to make a recording of them and share them with the rest of the metal world. The idea is to keep things raw and primal and fun. Tony is a very unique singer an lyricist and is one of the world’s most ardent metal fans – he could be the bastard son of Ozzy or Halford or both. He has come up with a lyrical concept that is both fantasy-based and auto-biographical and Eli and I are excited to help him realize his musical vision. This music certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea – or necessarily anyone’s – but I think that is sort of the point. This is a metal album made for the love of metal, nothing else.”

The record will be self-produced. The band has yet to announce a planned release date or record label.

The proposed track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Conquer On
2. Life Is Your Labyrinth
3. Nemesis
4. The Agony Of Uncertainty
5. Darkness Falls Fast
6. Rising
7. The Shadow Lurks
8. Nightmares
9. Your Legacy Lives On


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RAVAGE ‘Grapes Of Wrath’ video now available for download

November 9th, 2010

“Grapes Of Wrath” the long-awaited new video from Boston MA area traditional heavy metal / thrashers Ravage is available for free streaming download on the irreverent video game blog D-Pad D-bags located at The clip was filmed back in the summer of 2009, but had to be sent back for a number of re-edits due to some controversial parodic subject matter, violent content and special effects issues.

Ravage singer Al Ravage commented, “I’m proud of what we were able to put together with this video despite a non-existent budget. I think we were able to get our message across in a very entertaining way. The song itself speaks to the personal struggles of the people of our generation as we try to wade through the turbulent waters of this rough economic and social climate. Everyone our age knows someone who has lost his or her job, been burdened by ever increasing credit card or student loan debt and dually had to deal with the fallout of two on-going foreign wars. The song basically is a wake-up call to the brain-dead media personalities and political figures who sit idly by as the world tears itself apart and try to blame music or art for the problems of today’s youth. As for the video, as usual, we threw quite a bit in the blender for you all to keep it interesting – including some comedy, some gore, some parody, and a not-so subtle homage to one of
our favorite Judas Priest videos. Working with Egan from LAWSON: WHITE HEAT was a blast ‘in particular’ and I’m sure all members of the Society For World Wide Ravage will get a kick out of this video.”

The video was directed by John Koziol who last worked on the feature-length action comedy film LAWSON: WHITE HEAT and has previously worked on video projects for such diverse artists as AGNOSTIC FRONT and THE WU-TANG CLAN.

Ravage’s latest album “The End Of Tomorrow” was released by Metal Blade Records.



D-Pad D-bags

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