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July 9th, 2017


Once again, the Finnish two-man-team made their annual road trip to Sweden Rock.  The 2017 line up presented a wide range of metal and hard rock as usual. Over 70 bands offered one hell of an experience for the attendees during the four-day festival. Sweden Rock has been successful during the past twenty years, always being sold out as it was again this year. However, it took a bit longer until all the tickets were gone this year. It has become quite logical for us to give an in-depth report on several bands performing at Sweden Rock to all the readers out there. It was an enormous pleasure to testify Scorpions, Venom, Ratt, Warlock, Running Wild, and a whole lot more.  Unfortunately, we are not able to cover every bloody band, but hopefully, you will have a pleasant reading experience… Stay hard, True As Steel.

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RATT – Bassist Juan Croucier

June 30th, 2017



U.S. icons Ratt are back. The band has gone through many major changes in recent years. After many different steps, turns, lineup changes, and public drama, things are finally solved and the band is back to stay. The current line-up has three original members: vocalist Stephen Pearcy, guitarist Warren De Martini, and bassist Juan Croucier. The band is complemented by longtime guitarist Carlos Cavazo and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, who joined Ratt this spring. The band is currently on tour, and now it’s time to find out what they want to do in the future. There has been a talk of a possible new Ratt album and many other things. I met the bassist, Juan Croucier, in June in Sweden Rock. We discussed the band’s plans, the state of new album, Juan’s solo career, and also his early days with Dokken. Read on!

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December 2nd, 2016

The newly reunited RATT — featuring singer Stephen Pearcy, bassist Juan Croucier and guitarist Warren DeMartini — has been confirmed to perform at next year’s edition of the M3 Rock Festival, set to take place on Friday, April 28, 2017 and Saturday, April 29, 2017 at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland.

Ratt 2010


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Bobby Blotzer unleashes his ultimate RATT Experience

March 30th, 2015
Bobby Blotzer unleashes his ultimate RATT Experience!

Bobby Blotzer unleashes his ultimate RATT Experience!

As a member of the Legendary Rock Band RATT, Bobby Blotzer has headlined arenas the world over, selling over 20 million records worldwide! In 2015, the acclaimed drummer affectionately known as “The Blotz” plans to introduce the world to his own one of a kind RATT Experience Live Show.

While the members of RATT are currently on hiatus, Blotzer has assembled a group of world class musicians that will perform not only the RATT hits fans have come to expect, but also several deep album cuts as well, including many songs that have never been performed live!

The Experience is rounded out by Josh Alan (Sin City Sinners), Scotty Griffin (Ex LA Guns), Doc Ellis (Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate) & 21 Year Old Guitar Hero Blaze.

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RATT Singer STEPHEN PEARCY – “It’s Time That I Personally Part Ways With The Band”

April 25th, 2014

2013-05-09-SexDrugsRattRollCoverimageRATT singer Stephen Pearcy has issued the following statement:
“After 30 years creating the band Ratt and losing a real brother, (late guitarist) Robbin (Crosby), it’s time that I personally part ways with the band.

I am officially done with having anything to do with them due to the constant turmoil, unresolved business, personal attacks/threats in the public forum,
and most of all, the disrespect to the fans.

I’m very content and proud of the legacy and the music I’ve created. This music will live well beyond any of our lifetimes. I owe no one anything but a huge heartfelt thank you for coming to the party for the last 30 years.

With much respect, life goes on and the music I created will continue to be heard for years to come despite the dark clouds that have lingered for far too long. I will personally continue to make music and perform live shows.

See you out there!” Read the rest of this entry »

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RATT – USA Spring/Summer Tour dates Announced

April 12th, 2013

ratt_logo.jpgRATT is currently filling up their schedule; thus far the following shows have been confirmed with hopefully more to follow!

9 – Celebrity Theatre – Phoenix, AZ (with DOKKEN)

10 – Casino Del Sol – Tucson, AZ (with Dokken)

11 – Henderson Pavillion – Henderson, NV (with Dokken)

21 – House Of Blues – Houston, TX

22 – House Of Blues – Dallas, TX

24 – Rocklahoma – Pryor, OK



13 – The Depot – Salt Lake City, UT (with LITA FORD)

20 – Rock USA at Ford Festival Park – Oshkosh, WI (with VAN HALEN)

27 – Half Way Jam – Royalton, MN (with LOVERBOY)



3 – Live & Loud at Freedom Hill Amphitheatre – Sterling Heights, MI (with WARRANT)


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Drummer Bobby Blotzer Joins Geoff Tate’s QUEENSRŸCHE; RATT’s Future Uncertain?

September 4th, 2012

The below quote from RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer was posted on Facebook:

“Hey peeps, I really appreciate the loads of positive feedback about the grouping with Geoff and company. A lot of questions about the state of Ratt surfacing as well. Those should be directed in the direction the usual suspects in Ratt’s disappearance, Warren (DeMartini) and Stephen (Pearcy). I’ve exhausted myself for two years with those two. I’m sorry for all the b.s. they have fed false info to fans. Not meant to be mean, just exhausted with unreasonable people.”

As reported earlier, Bobby Blotzer of Ratt has joined GEOFF TATE’s QUEENSRŸCHE along with bassist Rudy Sarzo (ANIMETAL USA, ex-WHITESNAKE), guitarist Glen Drover (ex-MEGADETH), guitarist Kelly Gray (ex-Queensrÿche) and keyboardist Randy Gane.

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RATT – New Album Due This Summer; Tour To Be Announced

January 27th, 2012

RATT have issued the following update:

“Ratt & Roll 2012! Warren (DeMartini, guitar), Stephen (Pearcy, vocals) and the band continue to write the new record. Expect a whole new breed of Ratt for a summer release and tour, TBA. Till then, there could be a few surprise shows.

Pearcy recently locked in a publisher for the new book (no title yet), should be finished late summer this year. Release date early 2013.

Look for Stephen on a new episode of VH-1 Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy Camp, filming February 2012.

Top Fuel Hot Sauces will be available, and in stores anyday, and on your taste buds. More newz as we get it!”

Stay tuned for updates.

RATT 2010

RATT 2010

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RATT’s Bobby Blotzer – “We Should Be Steamrolling Right Now And As Far As Stephen (Pearcy) Doing A Solo Album, That Is Something I Do Not Understand”

October 25th, 2011
Ratt 2010

Ratt 2010

RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer spoke with John Parks from Legendary Rock Interviews recently about a number of topics. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Legendary Rock Interviews: How much of a distraction is it to the business of Ratt when Stephen’s off doing solo albums and tours and Warren’s off doing his thing?

A: “It’s a joke to me the way that these guys handle business. We should have been working this past summer, out there touring or getting ready for the next record. Those two guys took it upon themselves to basically refuse to work or tour, and then incidentally when Stephen finally gave in and decides ‘Okay, whatever let’s get out there and tour’ suddenly Warren decides he’s not going to tour, I guess to teach Stephen a lesson. In my opinion, it’s all just really bad business and really petty. I don’t think coming off a really great record like Infestation that this was the right move for the band to be making. We did a record that was a true return to form, we had two Grammy considerations, top five album in Japan and Canada, top 30 in the States. We should be steamrolling right now and as far as Stephen doing a solo album, that is something I do not understand. Stephen is a part of Ratt and our label Roadrunner picked up our option for the next album, I don’t think Stephen or anyone is able to release anything. He shouldn’t be putting anything out unless it’s a Ratt record.”

Legendary Rock Interviews: Sometimes I’ve heard some of his solo projects and thought to myself ‘why not release that as Ratt?’

A: “That’s just it though. He’s put out these records and I don’t think ANY of it compares to Ratt. I don’t think I’ve heard anything on his albums over all these years that I would at all consider Ratt. Granted, I haven’t heard every song or even every record he’s done but what I have heard of Stephen without us has always been like ‘Ok, whatever, I’m not too concerned about that.’ You know? That goes for a lot of bands’ solo projects. It’s only Ratt when you take us and get us all together with each other’s material. Then it becomes Ratt music. You will not hear songs like we’ve had on Ratt records on anybody else’s solo material.”

Legendary Rock Interviews: So how are things between you and Warren at this point?

A: “I’d say ‘lukewarm’. That’s a good term. I talked to him for the first time in about a year. I mean, it was a good conversation but honestly I would characterize it as lukewarm. Stephen and I talk frequently and that is what it is, we’re not at all on non-speaking terms. I ran into Juan Croucier actually about a month ago and had a good ten minute talk with him which was….interesting. I’ve actually got the Juan interview with you guys right here in front of me as I’m talking to you, someone sent it to me. Typical bullshit from him.”

Read the entire interview here.

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April 9th, 2011

RATT’s charismatic frontman STEPHEN PEARCY has announced that he will be hitting the road this June with the METAL IN AMERICA tour including warm up dates throughout the month of April and May.

PEARCY’s touring band includes an impressive pedigree of  rock alumni consisting of   drummer Greg D’ Angelo (ex-White Lion), guitarist Greg Walls (ex-Anthrax), bassist Mike Duda of W.A.S.P. and guitarist Erik Ferentinos of Antidivision (Top Fuel Records).

The METAL IN AMERICA tour is expected to run through end of summer and will include material from RATT’s deep catalog of classic rock anthems and Pearcy’s impressive solo material.

For tour date information visit

In other recent news, Pearcy will be teaming up with renowned New York City Chef Chris Santos, who is a judge on the Food Network’s Chopped, to create his own BBQ Sauce and Hot Sauce for High River Sauces.

Pearcy recently signed with the booking agency Popular Music fronted by music veteran Michael Rand.
For further information visit
For further information about High River Sauces visit


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Best of 2010

January 3rd, 2011

Best of 2010

As always, the top albums are for releases from 2010 that are full albums (no EP’s or demos). They also have to be new studio albums for 2010, not re-recordings, re-releases, cover songs, or live material. Below the combined TOP 30 are links to each staff members personal "best of" lists which besides the top albums contains such things as best new band, best DVD/Blu-Ray, disappointments of 2010, greatest hopes for 2011, personal metal discovery of 2010, and various other metal-related categories. Enjoy!

The Top 30  Heavy Metal Albums of 2010

(Click the album cover to read our review.

If no review is available the link it to the band’s MySpace page.)

1. Accept – Blood of the Nations


Wolf Hoffman’s reaction to the band’s #1 placement in our list was:

"Sensational!!! We are so happy about this reaction by the fans. This last year has been nothing short of phenomenal for Accept."

BLOOD OF THE NATIONS is a fantastic album, so fantastic that it very easily came out on top when we compiled our best of 2010 list! In the media, producer Andy Sneap said when he worked with the band he made them go back and listen to the 80’s albums, and it worked. Accept have delivered the album they needed to make. Accept reformed with a vocalist who is just as good as Udo Dirkschneider. Vocalist Mark Tornillo rages through the songs with power and charisma, without being a clone. Accept have proven to the world in 2010 they are still relevant, powerful, uncompromising and most of all entertaining. Welcome back!

2. Blind Guardian – At the Edge of Time 

Blind Guardian

Easily the best and strongest Blind Guardian album since NIGHTFALL IN MIDDLE-EARTH with a maximum of variety and everything that has turned these guys from Krefeld into what they are today: one of Germany’s most successful and influential metal bands. With AT THE EDGE OF TIME, Blind Guardian returned to the fold in total triumph. This is an album to be enjoyed for numerous repeat listens. Newer fans should eat it up, and older fans should be appeased with the band’s renewed emphasis on their thrashy roots.

3. Ratt– Infestation


Ratt is Metal. Always have been and likely always will be. From their appearance on the very first Metal Massacre compilation in 1981 alongside the likes of Metallica, Malice, and Bitch, to the new 2010 album, Ratt have always been among the heaviest of the so-called "hair metal" bands. So despite what the revisionists may think, Ratt have a firm spot in the development and evolution of the Heavy Metal genre and have earned their spot in this year’s list. Sonically the Ratt Pack is back! The band had stated they wanted a real up-tempo record and distinctly aimed for the classic sound. They nailed it. It’s all there, the swagger and slight sneer of Pearcy voice, the fluid and fiery soloing of DeMartini’s axe-work, the complimentary work of Cavazo…it’s a beautiful thing to behold!

4. Triptykon – Eparistera Daimones


Thomas Gabriel Fischer (AKA Tom G. Warrior) has nothing to prove to anyone. As the principal architect behind Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, Fischer’s body of work is the reason that many bands exist today. Two years since Celtic Frost’s very public dissolution, Fischer could have easily opted to rest on his laurels and bask in the afterglow of his evil legacy, but nooooo. To the contrary, Fischer has assembled a new band and recorded an album of new material that’s arguably some of the best in his career. Triptykon is the band, EPARISTERA DAIMONES is the album, and yes – it’s as good as Fischer has promised it to be!

5. Melechesh –  The Epigenesis 


Black/Death/Middle Eastern "Mesopotamian Metal" extremists made a big impact this year. Originally from IsraHELL and now based out of the Netherlands, the band has been around in some form since 1993. That Melechesh are able to maintain the album’s early momentum through to the record’s dying moments makes what they have achieved with THE EPIGENESIS that much more remarkable. Unlike so much of what passes for modern-day extremity, every one of this disc’s eleven tracks bristles with its own identity and design. It will demand a lot of attention – this definitely isn’t the record to whip out at your next kegger – but the rewards far outweigh the investment. Absolutely superb in every way.

6.  Helloween – 7 Sinners


Helloween are very comfortable right now. They are back on a major label, the line-up has been stable for probably the longest stretch in the bands history, and they have fallen into a great pattern of releasing a studio album every couple of years (right around Halloween naturally). Relaxed, confident and mature the band have nothing to prove but instead of delivering a complacent record, the band have delivered the fastest, heaviest album of their career. It’s their 26th release over and 13th full-length studio album of all-new, original material. Lucky #13 for the band sees a crowning achievement with 13 killer cuts spread across the hour. Helloween have delivered a masterpiece. It will quickly silence all the fans who couldn’t stomach UNARMED from earlier this year.

7. OverKill – Ironbound


The veteran New Jersey boys return with a compelling slab of unmistakeably old school thrash that is tinged with a fine mix of groove, progressiveness and melody that separates Overkill from the multitudes of carbon-copy thrashers out there. This is modern thrash the way it should be played: roots in the 80s but with its direction and ambition befitting a metal scene on the cusp of its 30-year anniversary. It’s a beautiful thing to behold: while most of their contemporaries have split up or sold out, Overkill are still doing their thing, updating and improving but never forgetting where they came from.

8.  Nevermore – The Obsidian Conspiracy


Five years – that’s how long Nevermore made us wait for a sequel to the still awe-inspiring THIS GODLESS ENDEAVOUR. By modern-day standards that’s an absolute eternity, the length of which only the likes of Slayer or Metallica could reasonably be expected to get away with. Regardless of delay, the album is a perfect example of heavy metal in its purest, most intelligent and provocative form. As always the band defies classification with elements of power, thrash, prog, blended together into a mixture that is uniquely Nevermore.

9. Sabaton – Coat of Arms


Sweden’s war metallers, Sabaton, have been consistently moving to the forefront of the power metal movement in the last few years. COAT OF ARMS continues Sabaton’s fine tradition of power metal with bite. The band is in fine form throughout and do not disappoint. You listen to a Sabaton album for the pounding marches (“Uprising”) the fast assaults (“Midway”, “Screaming Eagles”), and the catchy hooks and choruses (every damn song!) and COAT OF ARMS has it all!

10. Halford – IV – Made of Metal


Finally! Halford was really overdue. Despite having a skeleton of a catalog, Halford really needed to put some meat on the bones of his solo career. MADE OF METAL is really only the third studio album of all new material in over 10 years. Sure the catalog looks impressive but in reality, live albums, demo albums, EP’s, digital only live albums and novelty Christmas albums are just filler. Halford needed to deliver the goods and we’re pleased to say he is still made of Metal. The album clocks in at a whopping 14 tracks at over an hour it is his longest solo album to date.


Number 11 to 20

11. Crazy Lixx – New Religion

Crazy Lixx
12. Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier Iron Maiden
13. Scorpions – Sting In The Tail Scorpions
14. Immolation – Majesty and Decay Immolation
 15. Avantasia – The Wicked Symphony / Angel Of Babylon Avantasia
16. High on Fire – Snakes For The Divine High On Fire
17. Kylesa – Spiral Shadow Kylesa
18. Death Angel – Relentless Retribution Death Angel
19. Dimmu Borgir – Abrahadabra

Dimmu Borgir
20. Wuthering Heights – Salt Wuthering Heights


Number 21 to 30

21. Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Relentless

22. Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth

Black Label Society – Order of the Black

24. Reckless Love – Reckless Love

25. Hail Of Bullets – On Divine Winds

26. Hardcore Superstar – Split Your Lip

27. Forbidden – Omega Wave

28. Heathen – The Evolution of Chaos

29. Rage – Strings To A Web

30. Circle II Circle – Consequence of Power


Individual Staff Lists For 2010

Includes: top 20, best new band, best DVD, discovery of the year, greatest hopes for 2011, and disappointments of 2010.

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Singer Stephen Pearcy taking a break from RATT

November 2nd, 2010
RATT 2010

RATT 2010

Legendary RATT singer Stephen Pearcy has sent the following exclusive update on his activities:

“I’m personally taking a break from Ratt to concentrate on my label Top Fuel Records, work on a new solo album and BATTERING RAMM, a project that I’m looking forward to as I’m just playing guitar in that, That music is way more aggressive then anything I’ve done in the past.

Also other new ventures under my new management at MMG (A FrontLine Company with Jim Morley-Bobby Collin), and just enjoy time off.

And get busy with the drag race stuff 2011.

I will say, there does need to be some major restructuring in the Ratt camp per say before I step back in, that’s a fact! If any other member is unhappy, there’s obviously personal concerns and valid reasoning.

We (Ratt) had a great end of tour show in Japan at Loud Park 10 with ROB HALFORD, HELLYEAH and others recently. Without getting into anything personally, its more the business side of things that bothers me, if that can be taken care of without animosity and procrastination, everything else should fall into place for another record and tour to support it. But just not right now, not for awhile with me until then.

The band is NOT breaking up. We made a great record with Infestation and now hearing that were on the Grammy nomination lists (for single and album) says a lot for that hard work.

I have the utmost respect for Robert Crane (bass) and Carlos Cavazo (guitar), and look forward to writing and playing out there again with them anytime.

And I don’t believe the things that are being spewed online about their respected positions in Ratt or any bands. They have every right to say what they feel, when and how they want to, I would if I spent a minute in that band. Like I am now.

Until then, stayed tuned!!”

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RATT To Release Special Edition Of Infestation Album With Bonus DVD In Japan This October

August 20th, 2010
RATT 2010

RATT 2010

A special limited special edition of RATT’s new studio album, Infestation, will be released in Japan on October 6th.

This special release will include songs from the band’s rare debut EP, Ratt, and six live tracks. The bonus DVD features behind-the-scenes footage from the Infestation release party, held on April 21st, 2010, a music video for ‘Best of Me’, and making-of the music video.

Also includes a description and lyrics.

Further details can be found here.

It was previously announced that on September 22nd, Ratt will be releasing their first-ever live CD plus DVD, called Rattn’ Live, in Japan via Roadrunner. More details will be revealed soon.

Infestation debuted at #30 on the US Billboard Top 200 chart and #4 on the Top Hard Music chart.

The band’s upcoming tour dates include:


20 – Northwoods Rock Rally – Glen Fora, WI

21 – Alrosa Villa – Columbus, OH


4 – Speaking Rock Event Center – El Paso, TX

17 – Shrine Mosque – Springfield, MO

18 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Maryland Heights, MO

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Ratt Back on the Road, Vocalist Recovered From Surgery

July 20th, 2010
Ratt 2010

Ratt 2010

After a very successful Spring tour, iconic ‘80s hard rockers Ratt are excited to continue their “World Infestation” with Germany’s Scorpions.

Due to emergency surgery, vocalist Stephen Pearcy was recently forced to cancel a string of European dates; however, the Ratt family is happy to report he has made a full recovery and is eager to get back on the road.

“Despite the forced break with my surgery, I’m feeling better and being out here on tour with the Scorpions is rehabilitating, to say the least,” Pearcy said. “We’re doing different songs from Infestation and they are going over great!  We’re mixing up our set and kicking some ass. It’s a Scorpion sting with some Ratt ‘n’ Roll!”

The upcoming tour supports April’s Infestation, which “plugs directly into the sound and spirit of their glory days” (Revolver).  The record is an aural assault armed with “killer tones and great technique” (Guitar Player).  Infestation debuted at #30 on the US Billboard Top 200 chart and #4 on the Top Hard Music chart. It is being hailed by many as one of the best albums of the band’s storied career. Check out the video for the single, “Best of Me,” which literally offers a sneak peek into the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

For all summer tour dates, Ratt is offering a limited number of exclusive VIP Packages which include a meet and greet with the band at the show of your choosing!  For exclusive details and to purchase these special packages, check out Ratt Ticketing.

Tour dates are as follows:

July 19 – Mahalia Jackson Theater – New Orleans, LA (w. Scorpions)

July 21 – Nokia Live – Grand Prairie, TX (w. Scorpions)

July 22 – Warehouse Live – Houston, TX

July 23 – AT&T Center – San Antonio, TX (w. Scorpions)

July 25 – Zoo Amphitheatre – Oklahoma City, OK (Rock N America Music Fest)

July 29 – Key Club – Los Angeles, CA

July 31 – 910 Live – Tempe, AZ

Aug 1 – Pacific Amphitheatre / FAIR – Costa Mesa, CA (Orange County Fair)

Aug 3 – Oakland Metro – Oakland, CA

Aug 4 – Raley Field – Sacramento, CA (w. Scorpions)

Aug 5 – The Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV

Aug 6 – Warnors Theatre – Fresno, CA

Aug 7 – 4th & B – San Diego, CA

Aug 13 – Scriba Town Inn Summer Concert – Oswego, NY

Aug 14 – Atlantic City Hilton Resort Grand Theatre – Atlantic City, NJ

Aug 20 – Northwoods Rock Rally – Glen Fora, WI

Sept 4 – Speaking Rock Event Center – El Paso, TX

Sept 17 – Shrine Mosque – Springfield, MO (w. Skid Row)

Sept 18 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Maryland Heights, MO

More news and updates can be found at

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RATT Drummer Bobby Blotzer – “I Never Know From One Day To The Next That This Band’s Going To Be Together”

June 16th, 2010
RATT 2010

RATT 2010

RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer recently discussed “control issues” within the band during an interview with Noisecreep about his new book, Tales Of A Ratt: Things You Shouldn’t Know. An excerpt from the story is available below:

“I never know from one day to the next that this band’s going to be together because of certain people in this band. You can depend on me, I will be there for every show. I won’t pull some of the shenanigans and stuff that people do in this band.

“And it makes it hard. It makes the creative tension-wise I guess on how that frustration comes in and goes into the music and comes out sounding like kick ass Ratt music. But it’s just hard. It’s between me, Warren [DeMartini] and Stephen [Pearcy] trying to perpetuate our way of doing business. You got three chiefs and no Indians.”

In fact, when pressed on what the members of Ratt fight about the most, Blotzer provides a simple, one word answer: “Control.” Blotzer is brutally honest. His new book, Tales Of A Ratt: Things You Shouldn’t Know tells the Ratt story from beginning to today from Blotzer’s perspective. The autobiography was written by Blotzer with some help from writer friend Jim Clayton.

The writing style is conversational — as if Blotzer is talking directly to you. In fact, Blotzer dictated all his stories to Clayton in chronological order, and the two collaborated back and forth. Blotzer began working on the book in January 2008 and waited until the release of Ratt’s new album, ‘Infestation,’ to completely finish the book. He self-published the autobiography, and it began shipping in April 2010.

Like all music biographies, the book spends some time on Blotzer’s childhood, his love affair with music and his desire to be in a band. Then there are the chance meetings of future Ratt members and the rise to fame. Along the way there are hilarious stories of rock ‘n’ roll mayhem and painful realities of everyday life.

Toward the middle of the book, Blotzer addresses the ’90s when glam metal was no longer the favorite type of music and it was hard for bands like his to get work. Then there was the fact that his lead singer quit. Times were lean and bills had to be paid and Blotzer became an entrepreneur in order to keep his family afloat. Among others, Blotzer owned a steam cleaning business. While he was earning good money, Blotzer admits writing about the steam cleaning business was “painful.”

“The irony was that I still lived in my beach house,” explains Blotzer. “[I was] still getting royalties or whatever but it’s not enough. And I didn’t have any other experience in any field other than selling cars — I didn’t want to do that. And I had to do something. And that was something that I knew that I could fire up immediately. It’s definitely not a glamorous job, but it’s something that does make good money for the guys that do it.”

Click here for more.

Ratt recently canceled their scheduled European tour, issuing the following press release:

Ratt have been forced to cancel their upcoming European tour dates. Vocalist Stephen Pearcy will be undergoing urgent hernia surgery this week. The band regrets missing the European dates on the heels of the release of their first album in 11 years, Infestation, which enjoyed a high chart debut in European territories.

Ratt shares this disappointment with all their European fans who planned to attend the shows at Sweden Rock, Sauna Open Air Festival, UK Download, Hellfest, Grasspop and Gods of Metal as well as their other dates. The band is looking into rescheduling as many of the shows as possible.

Pearcy’s doctors anticipate a full recovery in time for Ratt’s North American touring schedule, which includes a run with THE SCORPIONS, beginning in July and running through September.

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