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EDGUY @ O2 Academy Islington

March 16th, 2012

Edguy @ O2 Academy Islington

Supported by Voodoo Six and Primitai

4th February 2012

Reviewed by: Wolf ‘Annihilation’ Shankland

Photography by Michelle Murphy

Now this was a crowd!

Waiting in line with a few of my mates was a massive experience, the hundreds of ‘Edguy’ fans waiting for the legendary power metal band hailing from Fulda, Germany.

Each one eagerly waiting for the O2 Academy to finally open their doors. Even in the cold and the snow, their spirits were lightened up by the crazy Scotsman in the wheelchair, flying up and down the crowd, doing his best power metal scream and challenging people to a drinking contest: hold the can with your teeth and lean back and drink whilst air guitaring with both hands and not dropping it. Winner gets four cans. Loved it!!! Watching people spilling drinks down themselves made I chuckle. 


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