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ARMOROS – Jed Simon wraps up the history of these Canadian thrash legends

April 5th, 2009

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Interview ex-Armoros guitarist Jed Simon

Interview by Luxi Lahtinen

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Canada has always been known for its strong metal scene, in the last few decades at least. As for the 80s Canadian speed and thrash metal scene, who among us wouldn´t be familiar with Voi-Vod, Sacrifice, Slaughter, Infernäl Mäjesty, Razor, Exciter, DBC, Annihilator and so many other names that paved the way during the 80s for many other younger Canadian metal bands to come. Then there were also some speed/thrash metal bands that possessed an incredible amount of potential in them to make it happen for themselves some day, but unfortunately ´Mr. Fortune´ doesn´t treat everyone in an equal way.

From Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, came a young and hopeful speed/thrash metal act in the mid 80s that managed to get their name on many of the lips of the people who had just gotten involved with the tape trading scene a little bit back in those days. That particular band was called Armoros, that recorded two highly popular demos, RESURRECDEAD in 1987 and REMEMBER MICHELLE in 1988 in particular that both got Armoros´ name stamped firmly on the international ground of metal. Soon the band´s potential was noticed around the world and a deal with Ever Rat Records was signed. PIECES, which was supposed to be the title of Armoros´ debut album (and undoubtedly would have become one of the landmark releases of Canadian thrash metal), was never released back then because the label went bankrupt and unfortunately meant a death blow for the band as well.

Now however, after 20 years of impatient waiting, PIECES has finally been released as a part of 3-CD box set that contains all the essential recordings from Armoros. Thanks to the Brazilian Marquee Records for understanding the importance of this band, and getting this absolutely fine gem of Canadian thrash metal released in 2008.

After ordering a copy of PIECE BY PIECE from Marquee Records directly, I got this idea to contact Jed Simon (on guitar in Armoros, but also plays/has played in such bands as SYL, Zimmers Hole, Tenet, etc.), and ask whether he would be keen on telling about those times with his first band Armoros, some 20 years ago. Told him also that we used to be penpals during the 80s, writing letters to each other and stuff. Quite funny yet strange he still somehow remembered me… Someone´s got an elephant´s memory, I guess. ;o)

But read yourself what he had to say about those days when he was still thrashing the grounds together with Armoros.       

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