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DEATH STRIKE – Paul Speckmann

July 22nd, 2011

Death Strike.jpg

Interview with Paul Speckmann

Conducted by: Carlos M. Llanas

If you ever listened to Master or Abomination, chances are you know about the mastermind behind it all, Paul Speckmann.  Born in Chicago, Illinois, Speckmann spent his time writing and performing all through the 80’s and continues to play shows today.  Sure, he toured with Master and released some killer albums, but before Master’s reunion there was something else…something wicked…something relentless.  I’m talking about Death Strike of course.  As vicious as it is raw,  Death Strike’s "Fuckin’ Death" was the kind of album that you heard and immediately thought "What the fuck? This is wild!"  and that’s exactly what it was; A wild ride from a genre of metal unheard of for that time.  Paul was kind enough to share a few words with and we were more than happy to have him.  Here he is…Paul Speckmann.


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MASTER – Paul Speckmann

December 15th, 2008

Master - logo2.jpg

Paul Speckmann – The mastermind behind Death Strike, Master, Abomination, etc.

Interview by Luxi Lahtinen

Paul Speckmann is one of those incarnations of everything heavy, brutal and metal that many have considered as a true inspirations and influence when starting their own band. Paul is mainly known for his bands Death Strike, Abomination and especially Master. He has received a lot of credit from musicians around the globe,from such bands as Terrorizer, Napalm Death, Obituary, Entombed, etc., for being a huge influence for all these bands back in the day. His impact on the whole death metal scene is unquestionable.

Having recorded 9 studio albums with Master in his career so far, the band´s latest album, SLAVES TO SOCIETY, contains 11 songs of classic Master material. Paul´s well distinctive, death grunts are one of the trademarks of Master´s sound – so is the fast, uncompromising, heavy and to-the-point approach style, which is actually easy to love. It even could sincerely be said that Master is like a rolling stone that just never becomes covered with moss. It has only gotten better over the years, which SLAVES TO SOCIETY so clearly proves for being a real nutt-kicking effort from them.

In talking with one of the true icons of the death metal, Paul was very keen on telling us about his latest ´baby´ SLAVES TO SOCIETY, his move from his birthplace Chicago, Illinois to his current home country the Czech Republic, problems about finding their latest album in music stores from Czech Republic – as well as naturally anything related to his past bands from War Cry to now Chech-based Master, that is also activated touring-wise.

Now let´s call our favorite beast in, and let him continue telling the story…           

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