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HELLYEAH – Vocalist Chad Gray and Drummer Vinnie Paul

July 10th, 2012

Hellyeah Interview

With Vocalist Chad Gray and Drummer Vinnie Paul

Interview By Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Photography by Michelle Murphy


When it comes to rock n roll hotels, the Sanctum in Soho is right up there, and as such it’s roof terrace bar seems like a natural place to meet two of metal’s brothers-in-arms Chad Gray (Mudvayne) and Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Damageplan). Such introduction’s are clearly unnecessary, but today talk is of heavy metal supergroup Hellyeah and the new album Band of Brothers, which by all accounts is ‘the record that people expected of us from the start’. As we talk the album, touring, the end of the world, and seriously expensive drinks, with these two it can only be the real deal..

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ZAKK WYLDE Would Be ‘Honored’ To Celebrate DIMEBAG’s Greatness In PANTERA Reunion

June 23rd, 2012

Zakk Wylde (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, OZZY OSBOURNE) recently answered a number of fan-submitted questions via his official YouTube channel.

Good memories: Dime, Zakk, and Kerry.

Good memories: Dime, Zakk, and Kerry.


When asked about former PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott’s recent comment that if PANTERA ever reformed, Zakk would be the man to replace the band’s late guitarist — and Vinnie’s brother — “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, Zakk said (see video below), “My thoughts on the PANTERA thing… Everybody’s been asking me about it now, too. Which is cool. I love [Vinnie Paul]. Rex [Brown, PANTERA bassist] I saw at my roast [in January]. It was great seeing Rex again. And Phil [Anselmo, PANTERA singer], I know. . . Put it this way, if the guys were ever to do that and they asked me to… Obviously, it would be to honor Dimebag’s greatness and the band’s amazing achievements. I mean, to me, as far as I’m concerned, if the guys were to do it, it would just be a celebration of everything they achieved and a celebration of Dime’s life and Dime’s greatness. So, of course, I’d be honored to play my fallen brother’s stuff, without a doubt. And I know he’d be getting a kick out if it, too. That’s for sure; he’d be laughing his ass off. But that’s all up to the guys. So whatever… I’d always be there for them. Without a doubt.”


Speaking to Cindy Scull of the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas radio station 97.1 The Eagle Rocks back in March, Vinnie Paul stated about the possibility of a PANTERA “reunion” with Wylde filling in for Dimebag. “[Zakk] and my brother were so tight. If [a PANTERA reformation] ever were to happen, [Zakk] would be the guy [to step in for Dimebag]. But I honestly think, out of respect for my brother, we should just leave the 14 amazing years PANTERA had be. We’re all happy doing our own thing. We have to continue living and do other things.”


Last month, former PANTERA singer Philip Anselmo was asked by Ned of the WGRD 97.9 FM radio station in Grand Rapids, Michigan about the likelihood of a PANTERA reformation with Wylde, “That’s an interesting question,” he said. “Well, look, before anything like that could possibly happen, Vince and I would have to actually be in the same room, we’d have to sit down, hash out whatever differences, demons… whatever… we’d have to hash it all out. And as far as Zakk Wylde goes, I’m not so sold on all that, because I think he and I have to sit down and hash some crap out. That day has not come yet, and [when] that day comes, I can comment further on it. As of right now, it’s just talk.”


Former PANTERA bassist Rex Brown also addressed the possibility of Wylde taking Dimebag’s place in a reformed PANTERA. He told the San Antonio Metal Music Examiner last month, “You know, we keep hearing rumors about a reunion with Zakk Wylde on guitar, and that is such bullshit. You can’t replace my brother.”

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ZAKK WYLDE Says It “Would Be An Honour” To Play With A Reformed PANTERA

May 22nd, 2012
Bringing Metal To The Children: The Complete Berzerker's Guide To World Tour Domination

Bringing Metal To The Children: The Complete Berzerker's Guide To World Tour Domination

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY mainman Zakk Wylde (ex-OZZY OSBOURNE) spoke with Billboard recently about a number of topics including his new book, Bringing Metal To The Children: The Complete Berzerker’s Guide To World Tour Domination. Here are a few excerpts from the chat:

Billboard: What’s your number one rule when touring?

Wylde: “No crapping on the bus. You’d figure that would be rule number one for any band going out on the road. It really is amazing to this day when we’re out on the road how many people want to use the bathroom and we have to tell them that. We still have to put signs up.”

Billboard: What’s your advice about groupies?

Wylde: “People always ask me how I’ve remained faithful to my wife for 26 years. I go, ‘Well sexually I would keep it hot in the bedroom.’ Instead of having her dress up in garters and a bustier and stuff like that, I’ll have her dress up in a gorilla suit and I’ll punch out the holes for all the spots I need and that way not only do I feel like I’m conquering her, I’m also conquering wildlife…. Being out on the road is definitely a great summer trip for the kids.”

Billboard: Vinnie Paul said if Pantera reformed you’d be the man to replace Dimebag” Darrell Abbot (PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN).

Wylde: “I love all those guys. It would be an honor. How could I say no? I’d do my best to make them proud.

Read more at Billboard .

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PHILIP ANSELMO Releases Exclusive Vocal Ringtones – Available Now!

April 7th, 2012

PHILIP ANSELMO, known as heavy metal’s most notorious vocalist, is releasing several ringtones for fans to grace their cell phones with. Ten individual ringtones have been created using Philip’s voice, ranging from hilarious to seriously badass!


“Grab one of my new ‘Craptastic’ ringtones and be the first one on your block to be full of it!” – PHILIP ANSELMO


The ringtones are available now! To download the ringtones, just text the keywords below to 69937 and your ringtone will be sent to your phone. Charges apply per ringtone.






Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Ring

Keyword: Phil1


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Ring Inhale

Keyword: Phil2


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Ding Dong

Keyword: Phil3

Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Bbbbbb

Keyword: Phil4


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Pick Up The Phone

Keyword: Phil5


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: There’s Someone Calling

Keyword: Phil6


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Answer

Keyword: Phil7


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Whaaoo

Keyword: Phil8


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: I’ll Keep Calling

Keyword: Phil9

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PANTERA – Vinnie Paul Turned Down “Large Sum of Money” For Reunion Show

February 11th, 2012

TMD has learned from a source close to the camp of legendary ex-PANTERA and current HELLYEAH drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott that indeed a “large sum of money” has been put on the table to reunite him with surviving PANTERA members, vocalist Philip H. Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown for a one-off reunion/tribute event (with special fill-in guitarists), in honor of fallen brother and band mate, lead guitarist Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott, who was shot to death on stage while performing in a new project called DAMAGEPLAN on Dec 8th, 2004 at Alrosa villa nightclub in Columbus, Ohio.

This source says Vinnie Paul basically laughed the offer right off the table.

Read more here.

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SLAYER, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX Members Jam PANTERA Classics With PHIL ANSELMO At Metal Masters Clinic In New York

September 13th, 2011

The second Metal Masters clinic took place last night at the Best Buy Theater in New York City. Frank Bello, Charlie Benante, and Scott Ian from ANTHRAX were joined on stage by David Ellefson of MEGADETH, ADRENALIN MOB drummer Mike Portnoy (ex-DREAM THEATER), SLAYER’s Kerry King, and former PANTERA frontman Phil Anselmo. The supergroup cranked out two Pantera classics – ‘A New Level’ and ‘Fucking Hostile’ – as seen below.



After the event David Ellefson checked in:

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PHILIP H. ANSELMO On VINNIE PAUL’s ‘Closed Door Policy’: “Good Job. You’ve Hurt Me!”

September 4th, 2011

The legendary lead vocalist of PANTERA/DOWN/SUPERJOINT RITUAL and guitarist of ARSON ANTHEM has unleashed some explosive words towards his former band mate Vinnie Paul Abbott, stating: “Somewhere within this invented scapegoat… and that redneck hatred of his… there is a love bigger than all of that f**king sh**!” The front man discusses a wide range of topics in this 3-part exclusive interview with Jay Nanda of San Antonio Metal Music Examiner mere hours before Down kicked off its U.S. tour in San Antonio, Texas on September 1st.

Read more HERE:

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2011 ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL Artists Perform Pantera’s ‘Walk’ in Tribute to Dimebag Darrell

August 24th, 2011

The 2011 ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL wrapped up its bludgeoning streak through the country last week, but before the fest was finished, several of this year’s festival artists took to the mainstage in Dallas, TX to perform a special tribute to Dimebag Darrell by performing Pantera’s ‘Walk’. A video of the performance can be viewed at the official ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL YouTube page now!


Numerous artists on this year’s fest took the time to thank the fans and festival team in a brand new video that can be viewed at the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL YouTube page. More words of praise and thanks can be viewed below:

“The ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL was even more rad than I thought it would be! I got turned on to killer new bands, rediscovered legendary older bands, and played to the hands down best fans on the planet,” statesGodsmack drummer Shannon Larkin. “From the producers of the whole event down to the carpenters, everything was handled with professionalism and care, making a drama-free environment that was a pleasure to be a part of.”

“The critically acclaimed ‘tour of the summer,’ the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2011, was quite an enigma to me when we first were approached with the idea,” adds Megadeth vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine. “But lemme tell ya, it became real clear that we had made a brilliant decision! I was honored to play for John Reese and wholeROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL team.”

“The ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL was certainly a touring highlight for me in the seven years I have been in Megadeth,” states Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover. “So many fantastic bands, amazing crowds every night and the overall positive vibes both on and off stage between bands, crews and the entire festival staff will be something I will remember for life.”

“What an amazing summer on the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL! A huge thanks to John Reese and everyone involved for creating such a band friendly atmosphere for metal and hard rock,” adds Machine Head drummer Dave McClain. “Machine Head are honored to have been a part of it for the second time and we hope there’s more in the future!”


For more information on the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL, visit, and stay tuned for information on next year’s festival!

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PANTERA – Earliest Band Photos Unearthed!

August 11th, 2011

In 1979, there was a group of Arlington, Texas teenagers that joined together to make a band. It wasn’t just your ordinary group of kids neither. This band would eventually go on to make heavy metal history. That band being the one and only: PANTERA.

TMD has obtained the earliest known photos of the group during its literal infancy – shot during the summer of 1979 – featuring late great guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott… at the youngest you have ever seen him!

Pantera: (In the pic: Donny Hart, Vinnie Paul, Terry Glaze, Darrell Abbott and Tommy Bradford)

Pantera: (In the pic: Donny Hart, Vinnie Paul, Terry Glaze, Darrell Abbott and Tommy Bradford)

Read more and see more pics HERE:


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ZAKK WYLDE – On Possibly Doing A PANTERA Reunion Show: “I’d Be Honored!”

May 28th, 2011

Texas radio disc jockey Angela Chase of 97.1 The Eagle recently cornered the bearded one of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY on the radio during her May 11 show, and she got the former OZZY axe man to say: “I’d be honored!”, if he’s indeed asked to be part of any kind of future one-off PANTERA reunion event that would essentially bring back the surviving members (Rex, Phillip, and Vinnie Paul) with Zakk Wylde as the guest guitarist.

Earlier this year a small army of devoted PANTERA fans began piling up on each other in honor of the late great rocking Texas metal band and to support the cause (obviously a sore subject to many, including Vinnie Paul himself), one by one on Facebook…

Read more HERE:

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PANTERA Facebook Reunion Cause Hits 3,000 Members

April 21st, 2011

3,000 fans on Facebook have now joined the effort in calling for a one-off reunion/tribute concert (or a series of US dates) with the surviving members of disbanded Texas groove metal act PANTERA: vocalist Philip H. Anselmo, bassist Rex Brown and drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott. Despite the ongoing rumor in the press recently that fans wanted the band’s legendary former lead guitarist, Dimebag Darrell Abbott, who was shot and killed on stage in Dec/2004, replaced in a
new Pantera band reformation, the Facebook Pantera Reunion Tour Cause wants to make it clear that they do not support the idea of replacing Dime, for nobody could ever truly replace the late great guitar God.

Read more HERE:

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Pantera Fans Call For Reunion Tour

February 3rd, 2011
PANTERA - Cowboys From Hell 20th Anniversary Edition (Sept 14 via Rhino Records)

PANTERA - Cowboys From Hell 20th Anniversary Edition (Sept 14 2010 via Rhino Records)

Though Vinnie Paul has dismissed the idea of a Pantera reformation without his brother Dimebag Darrell as “ridiculous,” fans of the band are calling for a reunion tour in tribute to the late guitarist.

Fans on Facebook are banding together to ask Texas groove metal act Pantera’s surviving members Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo to play either a one-off show or a series of US shows in memory of Dimebag.

The fans specifiy that they are not calling for the band to reform, only to reunite for a single show or single tour.

The fans are making it clear that they do not want the band to attempt to “replace” Dimebag Darrell in any permanent capacity, and are instead suggesting possible guest guitarists to appear on the tour. Comments on the Facebook Cause page seem to favor recruiting former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde to fill in, though the idea of having multiple guest guitarists is also popular.

The fans’ request comes only days after Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott slammed the idea of a Pantera reformation in an interview with the Russian e-zine Darkside, saying:

It’s ridiculous. Dime was such a huge part of it; it would be just completely asinine to even consider that. I think it’s pretty disrespectful from people to even suggest it.

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2010 ‘Dimebag Beyond Forever Tour’: Footage From Helsinki Concert Available

December 18th, 2010

A dozen or so Finnish metal musicians took part in the seventh annual “Dimebag Beyond Forever Tour”, which kicked off in late November and concluded on December 11 in Helsinki, Finland. The 10-date trek honored the legendary PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, who was shot and killed on stage on December 8, 2004. The musicians performed for free and the concert proceeds are being donated to the Finnish organization Victim Support Finland, which offers practical advice and psychological support to victims of crimes or attempted crimes and those closest to them and witnesses of crime.

The musicians taking part in this year’s “Dimebag Beyond Forever Tour” were as follows:

* Mikko Salovaara (KIUAS)
* Ben Varon (AMORAL)
* Ville Sorvali (MOONSORROW)
* Nico Hartonen (GODSPLAGUE)
* Mikko Herranen (RUST)
* Tommy Tuovinen (myGRAIN)
* Juhani Flinck (DEAD SHAPE FIGURE)
* Kai Kinnunen (FRONTLINES)
* Neissu Ruuskanen (DEAD SHAPE FIGURE)
* Rainer “Raikku” Tuomikanto (DECOMPOSTER, CAUSEMOS)
* Ville Sahakangas (NICOLE)

Fan-filmed video footage of the December 11, 2010 “Dimebag Beyond Forever” concert at Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland can be viewed below.

For more information, visit

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Philip Anselmo to Dissect True Crime Films at 2011 SXSW Film Festival

November 30th, 2010

Phil Anselmo

Phil Anselmo

Anselmo, McNaughton to Dissect True Crime Films at 2011 SXSW Film Festival

November 29, 2010/ Reel Crime Press Release

AUSTIN, Texas, November 29, 2010

International best-selling true crime author and MetalSucks contributor Corey Mitchell is proud to announce the esteemed speakers for his “Reel Murder: From Crime Scene to Big Screen” panel for the 2011 SXSW (South by Southwest) Film Festival, scheduled for March 15, 2011.

Mitchell has gathered together some of the biggest, brightest, and most controversial names in true crime filmmaking including (in alphabetical order):

  • PHILIP H. ANSELMO – former lead singer of Pantera/frontman for Down. Anselmo is a huge supporter of true crime-based films and composer of the underground cult classic, The Manson Family;
  • HART D. FISHER – the “most dangerous man in America” and notorious director of the indie serial killer feature, The Garbage Man. Fisher is the publisher of Boneyard Press comics and creator of the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer comic book;
  • AMI CANAAN MANN – daughter of Manhunt director, Michael Mann, and a rising new director with her upcoming true crime-based film, The Fields, about several unsolved serial killings along I-45 in Texas, featuring Sam Worthington, Chloe Moretz, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan;
  • JOHN McNAUGHTON – acclaimed director of Mad Dog and Glory and Wild Things. Creator of one of the most revered true crime-based films of all time, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer;
  • COREY MITCHELL, moderator – Los Angeles Times best-selling true crime author of several books including Pure Murder and Savage Son. Founder of Reel Crime and In Cold Blog, and former Hollywood crime blogger for the Discovery Channel. Mitchell also blogs for MetalSucks and Bloody Disgusting.

WHERE: SXSW 2011 Film Festival

Austin Convention Center

Room TBA

WHEN:   Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time TBA

For more information about “Reel Murder,” please visit:

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November 16th, 2010

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell album with the special Limited Edition Collectors vinyl release of COWBOYS FROM HELL: THE DEMOS. This special piece has a custom cover and demos of the Cowboys From Hell tracks, as well as “The Will To Survive.” This release is limited to 3,000 copies and only available at participating Metal Club stores starting on Black Friday (November 26).

Pantera fans will also want to check out the COWBOYS FROM HELL ULTIMATE BOX SET on November 22. The three-cd box set includes custom artwork and a 60-page booklet with rare photos, expanded liner notes and replicas from the Cowboys era including New Years Puke Party T-shirt – designed by Dimebag Darrell, multiple flyer reproductions, laminated passes, sticker, button and a newly re-mastered copy of the original Cowboys album along with unreleased and rare live performances from the era, and unreleased demos for nearly every album track.

In other Metal Club news, those who previously missed their chance at obtaining the limited edition deluxe “Worrmhole Tunnel Box Edition” of Mastodon’s latest album Crack The Skye are in luck. The group will make 600 copies of the limited-edition release available through retailers on December 7th as part of Metal Club.

The set, which originally sold out during the pre-orders for the album’s original release, comes housed in a hard box case. The elaborate packaging encompasses a tunnel book that, when looked through, reveals three-dimensional-like imagery.

About Metal Club:

Metal Club is a group of record stores throughout the US and Canada that work to connect the vibrant metal community with their local record store. Fans will be able to visit their local Metal Club store for special metal promotional pieces, exciting in-store events, and a series of exclusive Metal Club releases. Please visit for store locations, news and information on other Metal Club releases.

Other Metal Club releases include:

Metallica – “Live at Grimey’s” CD/10″ (11/26)

Anthrax – “Live at the Sonisphere” Picture Disc (11/26)

Slayer – “World Painted Blood” 7″ (11/26)

The Damned Things – “Ironiclast/We’ve Got A Situation Here” 7″/CD Single (11/26)

Job For A Cowboy – “Ruination” Vinyl/CD Box Set (11/26)

Monster Magnet – Mastermind Special Edition Box Set (Available Now)

The Sword – “(The Night The Sky Cried) Tears of Fire” Hexagonal Picture Disc (Available Now)

Add us to your blog roll:

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