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Mark “M.E.” Edwards – Custom presets for new VST AMP RACK plugin; Statement regarding the recent passing of Gary Moore

February 25th, 2011

Steinberg USA has invited M.E. to design custom presets for the  new VST AMP RACK plugin  that comes with their new CUBASE 6 DAW software.  This is a great honor for M.E. These presets will be made available via download  from the Steinberg website in the coming months.

Meanwhile. M.E. will be demonstrating the VST AMP RACK during two New York City area CLUB CUBASE events during the first week of March. They will be held at GUITAR CENTER stores. Dates and information can be found at:


And a video has been uploaded to Youtube showing M.E. working on his presets with Steinberg’s Sal Pelaez at G&S Recording Studios in New Jersey. Check it out:


Screen shots from one of M.E.’s presets can be viewed at his Facebook page.


On a final, and sadder, note… below is M.E.s statement regarding the recent passing of Gary Moore.


On February 6, 2011, the world lost a legendary guitarist. Ireland’s Gary Moore. When I read the news, I was in shock.


I am a huge fan of Gary’s rock/metal work, and had the pleasure to see him live on the WILD FRONTIER tour. For about 25 years, I have been referring to Gary as “my favorite living guitarist”. He influenced me greatly. Just a week before his death, I had performed two of his tunes live. His instrumental BLINDER, and his version of Free’s WISHING WELL. And his influence from tunes like PARISIENNE WALKWAYS and THE MESSIAH WILL COME AGAIN can be found in a number of my songs, specifically LOVERS.


R.I.P. Gary Moore. We lost you far too soon….but your music will not only live on forever in your own recordings, but also in the inspiration you have given other players who will continue to speak your praises. – Mark “M.E.” Edwards Guitarist/Overlorde

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See Mark Edwards (Overlorde) Live on Friday, January 28, 2011

January 26th, 2011
Mark "M.E." Edwards

Mark "M.E." Edwards

Guitarist Mark ‘M.E.’ Edwards of Overlorde has been added as the opening act for the Friday, January 28th, 2011 show at Dingbatz featuring headliners ZO2. M.E. will be performing his instrumental “One Man show” and joining M.E. onstage for a few vocal tunes will be Paul LaPlaca (Chris Caffery, October Thorns, Zandelle). Paul is good friends with ZO2, who are coming off of great shows at the Whisky in L.A. and the ROCK ASYLUM at the Canal Room in Manhattan. So it promises to be a special evening.

M.E. performs at 9:00pm, followed by PYRAMADA and MAXIMUM AMERICA, with ZO2 headlining and ending evening.

RSVP via Facebook

Tickets are $12.00

Door open 8:00 pm    21 & Over  show

Dingbatz  620 Van Houten Ave. Clifton NJ 07013

For more information on Mark, visit his website at:

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Keep It True IV

July 4th, 2005

Keep It True IV
Review and Pics by Blackgoat & Skyklad

Friday April 1st
Warm Up “Fist Held High”
Dittigheim “Sporthalle”

For the fourth time in not even 2 years Skyklad and I went on this pilgrimage of Metal. Our trip from Regensburg to Tauberbischofsheim (a 2 hour drive) went surprisingly uneventful thanks to a quick trip to the FIAT dealer the day before where I had the loose muffler of my car welded. It would’ve been a disaster losing that on the motorway and most definetly more expensive than the 3 EUR I had to pay there. Saved us a lot of money for the impending Metal Market.

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Mark Edwards of Overlorde

April 29th, 2005

Mark Edwards of Overlorde
Interview by EvilG

For those who haven?t followed this US band, you might be surprised to know that they formed way back in 1985. Their first release in 1987 was a 5-song EP released on their own label. However, the band broke up in 1988. As time passed the band developed a cult-like status and in 2000, the band members took note and decided to give it another go. They then recorded a 4-song demo called ?Overlorde 2000?. Using that demo, the band successfully marketed themselves and achieved many glowing reviews. It took them nearly 4 years, but the end result, their signing to Sonic Age and the release of RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT, was worth the wait.

In this interview I got to speak to Mark about the band’s return, the recording of the new CD, playing live, flying V’s, WWII, etc etc… Enjoy!


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