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OVERLORDE – New songs released and new websites launched

August 14th, 2017

As promised in March when we announced that singer George Tsalikis (Zandelle) had joined the band, we are proud and excited to release three new demo recordings. It has been a long time since Overlorde has been able to share new music with the metal world, but we think the wait was worth it!

The song titles are “Awaken the Fury”, “The Madness Within”, and “Destroy Us All”.

The songs are available online, specifically at

And the first lyric video, for “Awaken the Fury”, has also been posted:

New from Overlorde in July 2017! Original members Mark “M.E. Edwards (Flying V) and John “Kong” Bunucci (Bass), joined now by drummer George Janeira and vocalist George Tsalikis, have recorded three new demos. “Awaken the Fury” is a heavy, fast, pounding song that perfectly showcases the new Overlorde lineup.

At the same time, we have launched our newly revised website and launched our Soundcloud page .

This is just the first solid step in bringing more Overlorde to the masses. Interested record labels, music festival promoters, etc, are encouraged to contact the band to see how we can work together to get a full new Overlorde album out and some metal festival performances arranged.


“Across the sea amidst the horizon. Overlorde forever binds us!”

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George Tsalikis joins Overlorde on vocals!

March 21st, 2017

OVERLORDE is excited to announce that George Tsalikis has joined the band on lead vocals!

OVERLORDE - L-R: George Janeira (Drums), Mark "M.E." Edwards (Flying V), George Tsalikis (Lead Vocals), John "Kong" Bunucci (Bass)

OVERLORDE – L-R: George Janeira (Drums), Mark “M.E.” Edwards (Flying V), George Tsalikis (Lead Vocals), John “Kong” Bunucci (Bass)

Many in the metal community will know George as the face of ZANDELLE, as well as lead vocalist for PORPHYRA, and most recently his first ever solo album, THE SACRIFICE.

M.E., John, and George J. could not be happier with this development. Per M.E.: “I have known of George for 17 years, first becoming aware of Zandelle and him when Overlorde reunited in 2000. Overlorde appeared on the same festival bill as Zandelle a few times, and seeing him live was impressive. Then last year, I performed my solo instrumental act at Blackthorn 51 in Queens, NY and had the good fortune to see George sing with BLACQUE JACQUE SHELLACQUE. That performance included an excellent cover of QUEEN OF THE REICH. We talked and things proceeded from there”.

George says: “I’m very excited to be a part of such an amazing band. We clicked instantly both musically as well as personally and I look forward to us bringing forth a new Overlorde era to the Metal world.”

George officially joined in early November 2016, just before the holidays. Overlorde had already recorded three new demo songs prior to him joining the band, so it was simply a matter of George jumping in and getting right to it. The songs are done and in the process of being mixed.

Drummer George Janeira stated : “George took the demo songs and textured them with his vocals….. it was an amazing thing to hear the songs come to life. It’s a kick ass ride to be cooperating musically with these guys and George really compliments Overlorde and our music at every level. His musical intuition is unparalleled and I can’t wait to climb on a stage with him fronting. Strap in because Overlorde is not for the weak of heart! Cheers!!!”

John echoes that sentiment: “It is an absolute honor to be playing with George. His vision fits Overlorde like a glove.”

Once completed and uploaded to the web, the songs will showcase the new lineup so the band can begin talking with record labels for the release of their next album. The band is also open to possible festival performances.

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OVERLORDE – Vocalist & Drummer Leaves The Band Due to 10 years of inactivity and lack of label support

May 17th, 2014

Bobby ‘Leatherlungs’ Lucas (ex-Morbid Sin/Seven Witches/Exhbition/current Attacker vocalist) and long-time drummer Dave Wrenn (ex-Persia) have officially left the NJ based power metal band Overlorde. Bobby states their reasons for leaving the band center around an extensive period of inactivity and lack of label support (it has been over 10 years since the band released their full-length debut Return Of The Snow Giant in 2004 on Sonic Age Records). Read the rest of this entry »

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Mark ”M.E.” Edwards (of Overlorde)- NAMM 2013 schedule

January 21st, 2013

Stop by the Sonic Core GmbH booth during NAMM 2013 as Overlorde’s Mark “M.E.” Edwards demos the Cubase VST Amp Rack emulation plug-in. He will be performing a few of his original instrumental songs, and one cover tune featuring Germany’s Cinja Pausewang on vocals.

The recent Version 7 release of Cubase includes VST Amp Rack presets designed by M.E., along with presets from other guitarists including Wolf Hoffmann, Ty Tabor, Ihsahn, and Fredrik Thordendal.

Sonic Core

Hall B Booth 5406

Thursday 3:30pm
Friday 4:30pm
Saturday 4:30pm
Sunday 3:30pm

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Mark ”M.E.” Edwards (of Overlorde)- Video with Urban breed posted

August 23rd, 2012

The second video from M.E.’s performance at the Artmore Hotel in Atlanta, GA during PROGPOWER USA XII weekend is now posted! Featuring guest vocalist Urban breed, the song is the M.E. original titled TEARS OF ALLAH.

The video is from the Artmore Hotel, the official hotel of PROGPOWER USA metalfest, during PROGPOWER USA XII weekend in Atlanta, GA September 16, 2011.

This is M.E.’s “One Man Show”, where he performs to sequenced backing tracks that he programmed using a Roland R-70 in the 1990’s. Joining him on vocals is Swedish vocalist Urban breed.

This is M.E.’s “One Man Show”, where he performs to sequenced backing tracks that he programmed using a Roland R-70 in the 1990’s. Joining him on vocals is Swedish vocalist Urban breed. This was the first time that M.E. had performed TEARS OF ALLAH since 1991, and the two of them had no opportunity to rehearse together prior to the performance.

Per M.E.: “Urban had the burden of not only performing with me unrehearsed, but also singing around noon. Not the best time for a vocalist. I think everyone will agree, he did an excellent job on the song. Thanks Urban!”

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August 21st, 2012

The New Jersey based U.S.Power Metal band OVERLORDE has issued the following Press Release:
Recently a matter has made its way into the press that needs addressing. A matter that should have been handled privately by the parties involved but was not. And now entities unfamiliar with the situation are adding to the confusion, and actually hurting the very people they are trying to help.

Earlier this year, Heaven & Hell Records issued a press release stating that they were issuing old recordings by a band in North Carolina named OVERLORDE SR under the title MEDIEVAL METAL TOO. This band had previously been known as OVERLORDE. Heaven & Hell also stated they would be releasing new recordings from the band.

We felt that the North Carolina band OVERLORDE SR was infringing on our trademark, an opinion confirmed by various legal counsel. This since the addition of the “SR” is not enough to avoid confusion, and confusion is the test for trademark infringement. Indeed, we have documented multiple instances of confusion that have already occurred.

Given the likelihood of confusion, we were thus legally required to act. Trademark law basically states that to maintain trademark protection, you must actively work to defend the trademark, no matter how big or small the entities involved may be. If we did not police our trademark, all such protections of the registration, and the registration itself, would be nullified. The money we had paid over the years to register and maintain the trademark, and it is a substantial amount, would in effect become wasted money.

This is not the first time we defended the trademark against the North Carolina band, either.

Around 1985, both bands released demos under the name OVERLORDE. In 1987, we both had our first formal releases. We, the New Jersey band, released our 5-song vinyl E.P. on Strike Zone Records, and the North Carolina band had one song on the Metal Blade METAL MASSACRE VIII compilation.

Being well before the internet age, and being that our two bands were not in the same region and thus not advertising in the same local music newspapers, we were unaware of the North Carolina band until we saw a review of the Metal Blade release in a magazine. At that point, our trademark was already in place. We immediately issued a “Cease and Desist” letter to Metal Blade. While we never heard back from Metal Blade, Metal Blade did not release anything further from the North Carolina band and the North Carolina band made no attempt to challenge our trademark or make their own trademark registration.

The 90’s went by with both bands either in hibernation or disbanded. In 2000, we, the New Jersey band, reunited after being made aware of a cult status that our 1987 EP had gained. Our EP was regarded as one of the premier U.S. Power metal releases of the 80’s. It was clear that the fans wanted more. We reunited in late 2000, and the Trademark Registration was re-activated soon after.

Our resulting full length CD titled RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT was recorded in 2004. It was released and promoted by Sonic Age Records, and was reviewed by 500 heavy metal magazines, websites and radio stations worldwide. It was one of the top ranked releases of 2005 (late 2004 in Europe, early 2005 in North America and elsewhere). Critics universally hailed it as a metal masterpiece We were flown over to Germany and performed at KEEP IT TRUE IV metalfest in April 2005. A DVD compilation containing 4 Overlorde songs from that show was issued on STEEL PRIDE RECORDS.

We have maintained and expanded our web presence and the CD continues to be sold by Sonic Age Records. We are working towards issuing a follow up release.

So this brings us to February 2012, shortly after Heaven and Hell Records announced the signing of the North Carolina band which had decided to now go by the moniker OVERLORDE SR (SR standing for “Still Rockin”, but the words are not part of the official name).

We initially contacted both the label and the band to bring their attention to the infringement, and attempt to work out some sort of arrangement prior to the release of MEDIEVAL METAL TOO. We contacted various band members, including main member and booking agent George Koerber using multiple email addresses for him. Facebook, his official contact email, etc.

None of the band members chose to reply to us officially. Only Jeremy Golden at Heaven & Hell replied, and he refused to discuss the matter, stating that no infringement was present and the release would go on as planned.

When the release did occur, that forced us to seek legal counsel, which we did. ”Cease and Desist” letters were issued to both the band (as the actual entity infringing our trademark) and the label (since they were selling product infringing on our trademark).

But once again, only Jeremy Golden chose to respond with legal counsel. As a result of our exchanges, Heaven & Hell Records ceased sales of MEDIEVAL METAL TOO on their website, and plans to release a new CD by the North Carolina band were put on hold until the bands could reach an agreement. But instead of Heaven and Hell alerting us directly, we had to find out about this development when Heaven & Hell issued a Press Release. A Press Release that served to misrepresent the facts of this case and present us, the New Jersey band, in a poor light.

Meanwhile, it came to our attention that an application had been recently submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark OVERLORDE SR. The application was made by a SHERRY KOERBER. Attempts to reach Sherry are ongoing, but she has also refused to reply thus far. While it would have been far better for George Koerber to make contact with our attorney, even while making the application, it was their prerogative to take this approach. But the application will be reviewed by the Trademark Office, and should be rejected for multiple reasons. The main reason being our long time ownership of the registered trademark over the past 25 years.

So anyone who suggests that the New Jersey band is bullying anyone, or being unreasonable, is misrepresenting the situation. It is unfortunate that Heaven & Hell has become involved in this, when it is the North Carolina band that is the source of the infringement. It is George Koerber’s continuing silence for 6 months that has resulted in undue time, effort, and expense on both our part and the part of Heaven & Hell. Had George replied to us in February, this likely would have been settled amicably by now.

If George and Sherry, who legally is now the trademark applicant, decide to maintain their silence pending the outcome of the review of the new application, then all they do is cause further harm to themselves and Heaven & Hell. Once the Trademark Office rejects the application, they will then be far more exposed to legal action. Not just George, but also Sherry and all the individual band members both current and on MEDIEVAL METAL TOO.

In closing, Overlorde regrets that this case has taken the turns it has. We are and have been looking to settle this reasonably and professionally, taking additional steps only in response to actions or inactions by Jeremy Golden and George Koerber. We call upon Heaven & Hell Records to resume contact with us directly instead of debating this in the press. We call on George and Sherry Koerber to have their attorney contact us immediately so we can settle this case. And we call on George and Sherry Koerber to stop placing undue stress on Jeremy Golden of Heaven & Hell Records, which the Koerber’s have done by refusing to contact us and thus placing the burden of defending the trademark on Heaven & Hell.

OVERLORDE (Registered Trademark)

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Mark ”M.E.” Edwards (of Overlorde) – Video posted from Atlanta

July 21st, 2012

The first video from M.E.’s performance at the Artmore Hotel in Atlanta, GA during PROGPOWER USA XII weekend is now posted. This show took place September 16th, 2011.

Mark ''M.E.'' Edwards (of Overlorde)

Mark ”M.E.” Edwards (of Overlorde)

He is performing the song BLINDER by Gary Moore as part of his unique “One Man Show”, accompanied by sequenced backing tracks that he programmed using a Roland R-70 in the 1990’s.

Be sure to check out his updated Youtube page which now has organized playlists of his solo videos, Overlorde’s videos, cool equipment videos, and more!

Learn more about ProgPower USA at

M.E. endorses GRAPHTECH, SAMSON and RAIN PC products

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Heaven and Hell Records respond to trademark infringement claim

July 12th, 2012

In March of 2012 Heaven and Hell Records released a limited 1000 pressing CD for the band Overlorde SR (formerly known as Overlorde) titled Medieval Metal Too. The release is an archive of the band’s material recording from 1983 to 1989. Many will remember the North Carolina band from the track “Keeper of the Flame” featured on the Metal Blade Records’ Metal Massacre VIII compilation and their infamous 1985 ‘Medieval Metal’ EP.

Since the announcement of this release, both Heaven and Hell Records and Overlorde SR have been contacted by the New Jersey band Overlorde with claims of trademark infringement. The New Jersey band has also claimed that band’s similar monikers will cause confusion in the metal community. We feel there are substantial questions about who first used “Overlorde” and who is best known as Overlorde. We also feel that the audience for this material is sufficiently small and sophisticated to know the difference between Overlorde and Overlorde SR (in fact, we also reissued material by Canada’s Overlord). Nevertheless, the issue should be settled, and it should be settled between the bands without threats to Heaven and Hell Records. In light of this situation Heaven and Hell Records will be ceasing with sales of Overlorde SR – Medieval Metal Too until the two bands have come to some agreement. In addition any plans to release another album under the name Overlorde SR have been halted at this point.

Although we do support Overlorde SR and strongly feel that the evidence shows they used the name first and have tried to avoid confusion by using “Overlorde SR”, this is an issue between the two bands. And any assumptions that there will be confusion caused between the similar monikers, and that fans will not be able to distinguish between the two just seems rather insulting to the intelligence of the metal community.

In closing H&H Records hopes that both bands can come to a civil conclusion and put this matter to rest.

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Mark ”M.E.” Edwards (of Overlorde) – Video with ZO2 posted + other news

March 31st, 2012

The following news has been added to the website for Overlorde guitarist Mark ‘M.E.’ Edwards (

The video from M.E.’s performance with ZO2 on August 5th, 2011 at the CANAL ROOM in Manhattan has been posted.

And to catch up on other news:


2) Pictures from M.E.’s show at the Artmore Hotel in Atlanta during ProgPower USA XII weekend Sep 2011 are posted on his band Facebook page.

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Mark “M.E.” Edwards – Sept. 18th at Sidelines in Marietta, Georgia

September 10th, 2011
Mark "M.E." Edwards

Mark "M.E." Edwards

On Sunday, September 18th, Atlanta’s PATHFINDER PROMOTIONS presents MARK “M.E.” EDWARDS of Overlorde and DROPDOWN SUZI at THE LOCAL at Sidelines in Marietta, Georgia. This show is in addition to M.E.’s show at the Artmore Hotel in Midtown Atlanta during ProgPower weekend.


Vocalist Urban breed (Pyramaze, ex-Tad Morose, ex-Bloodbound) will be joining M.E. for a few songs.


It is an early show. M.E. goes on first followed by local favorites DROPDOWN SUZI.


Doors open 7:30. M.E. on at 8pm. Dropdown Suzi on at 9:30.PM. Ages 18+ Admission: $5.00


RSVP at Facebook


THE LOCAL at Sidelines


1440 Roswell Road


Marietta, GA 30062




Mark "M.E." Edwards

Mark "M.E." Edwards - flyer

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Overlorde guitarist Mark “M.E’ Edwards Will be at ZO2 on Friday!

August 3rd, 2011
Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards

Overlorde guitarist Mark “M.E’ Edwards will be joining Brooklyn’s ZO2 on Friday. August 5th at the Canal Room in Manhattan during their “ZO2 Karaoke” night. He will be performing their song DIRTY WATER, from their critically acclaimed debut CD titled “Tuesdays and Thursdays”.  A night not to be missed!


Its a late show. Doors open at 11pm, show time is 11:30pm.


Facebook fans can enter to win free single tickets from PIERCING METAL by liking their Facebook page and then posting a comment asking to be entered into the ZO2 drawing. Click here to go to the Piercing Metal Facebook Page.


Further show information can be found here:

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Mark Edwards (of Overlorde) – URBAN BREED joins Atlanta performance

July 27th, 2011
Mark ''M.E.'' Edwards

Mark ''M.E.'' Edwards

URBAN BREED announced to join M.E. onstage at his upcoming Atlanta solo performance during PROGPOWER USA XII weekend.


Overlorde guitarist Mark “M.E.” Edwards has announced that vocalist Urban breed (Pyramaze, ex-Tad Morose, ex-Bloodbound) will be joining him onstage September 16th at the ARTMORE HOTEL during PROGPOWER USA XII weekend.


M.E. noted: “I have attended the fest as a fan on multiple occasions and Urban has been there most of those times. So having Urban join me onstage for this performance, in addition to Paul LaPlaca, will make it a very special show”


Urban contributed the following statement: “I am going to thoroughly enjoy taking part in this unusual and thus special event.”



The show is on Friday September 16th, 2011 at the Artmore hotel, which is the official hotel of Progpower USA XII and only a block away from the venue. It starts at noon with a free BBQ hosted by the event sponsor, DataReport Consulting LLC. Show time is 12:15. M.E.’s “one man show” consists of him on electric guitar backed by sequenced drums and bass programmed himself in a unique style. Visit and listen to LUNCH BREAK BOOGIE for an idea. RSVP at Facebook.

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Mark Edwards (of Overlorde)- Atlanta show update

July 19th, 2011
Mark ''M.E.'' Edwards

Mark ''M.E.'' Edwards

Mark ”M.E.” Edwards, the guitarist for OVERLORDE, checks in with news about his upcoming solo ATLANTA show…


“Planning for my outdoor show at the ARTMORE HOTEL on the opening day of Progpower USA XII is really kicking into high gear. My set is going to be 90+ minutes, and will feature my unique “one man show”. This is my first opportunity to perform in Atlanta, and I look forward to it!”


“Besides my usual set of instrumentals, I will be joined by Paul LaPlaca (Chris Caffery Band, Ted Poley Band, October Thorns, Zandelle) on vocals. Paul has joined me onstage a few times in the NY area. Norman Skinner was also scheduled to join me onstage to sing, but unfortunately he had to bow out late last week. While this is a disappointment to me for sure, luck has it that another vocalist is coming onboard. Keep an eye out for a special announcement later this week…”


The show is on Friday September 16th, 2011 at the Artmore hotel, which is the official hotel of Progpower USA XII and only a block away from the venue. It starts at noon with a free BBQ hosted by the event sponsor, DataReport Consulting LLC. Show time is 12:15. M.E.’s “one man show” consists of him on electric guitar backed by sequenced drums and bass programmed himself in a unique style. Visit and listen to LUNCH BREAK BOOGIE for an idea. RSVP at Facebook.

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Mark Edwards (of Overlorde)- Performance during ProgPower USA Weekend Announced

April 20th, 2011
Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards

Performance during ProgPower USA Weekend Announced. Mark ‘M.E.’ Edwards of Overlorde will be performing at the beautiful outdoor courtyard of  the Artmore Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, September 16, 2011. The Artmore is the official hotel of the long running annual PROGPOWER USA power and progressive metal music festival. His performance will occur during the festival weekend, now in it’s twelfth year.


Below is the official news release, which can also be found at

DataReport Consulting LLC is proud to announce an exclusive music-filled BBQ within the beautiful open-air courtyard at none other than the renowned Artmore Hotel on Friday, September 16th.  In celebration, beginning at noon, the first 100 attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary lunch!

Guests will be treated to a special live performance by guitarist and songwriter Mark “M.E.” Edwards of the veteran U.S. Power Metal band Overlorde. The performance will feature his unique and not to be missed “One Man Show” consisting of both original and cover heavy rock & metal instrumentals. He will also be joined by singers for a number of songs.  Special guest vocalists confirmed to join M.E. onstage include the acclaimed Norm Skinner (Imagika) and much-admired Paul LaPlaca (Chris Caffery Band). Some of these songs will be original music that hasn’t been performed live in 10 or 20 years.

The following video is from M.E.’s recent show opening for ZO2. Here, Paul LaPlaca comes together with M.E. to perform the FREE song “WISHING WELL”; an adaptation primarily based upon the version by the legendary Gary Moore and fatefully performed just 8 days before his passing.

DataReport Consulting specializes in custom report design and training utilizing SAP Crystal ReportsTM



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Mark “M.E.” Edwards Demos New VST AMP RACK plugin for Cubase 6

April 17th, 2011

Mark “M.E.” Edwards – April 17, 2011 NEWS:

Video is now available of M.E. demoing the new VST AMP RACK plugin for Cubase 6. Filmed during the NYC Club Cubase event at GUITAR CENTER on 14th street in Manhattan, M.E. is performing his instrumental ballad LOVERS. The demo features a rare public appearance of his 1968 Gibson ES-335. Thanks to Sal Pelaez of Steinberg and Club Cubase for creating the new “epic” arrangement of the backing tracks specifically for the event, as well as creating and posting the video.

Watch the video at M.E.’s YOUTUBE page or below:

Catch M.E. live at Dingbatz for the makeup of the snowed-out show with the Iron Maiden tribute band Sanctuary. The show will occur Saturday. April 23rd, 2011. M.E. and Bobby ‘Leather Lungs’ Lucas (the singer for both Overlorde and Sanctuary) will be performing some songs together. This will mark the first time they have ever performed together outside of Overlorde, and the first time they have performed together since Overlorde’s show in Chicago in May 2005. This will also be one of Bobby’s final shows with Sanctuary. So don’t miss it!

See more information at

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