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November 22nd, 2010


(New York, NY) — eOne Music has signed a world wide deal with NY rock band BRONX CASKET CO. “I am totally psyched to be working with eOne for the new Bronx Casket release! They did an amazing job with the Overkill record and I know they will do the same for this.  Having a label home where people “get” it and are psyched to work a record is a great feeling, ” says front man DD Verni.

The band originally formed in 1998 by Overkill co-founder and bassist DD Verni.  Having played in one of the most respected thrash bands ever for over 2 decades, why have another band.  Two reason states DD, “the challenge of writing interesting new material and for fun of course!”

The bands second release caught the ear of playwright Andrea Lepcio. Soon after, Verni and Lepcio were collaborating with 3-time Tony Winner Hinton Battle to direct and choreograph. Soon the seeds of The “Bronx Casket Co, A New Musical” were planted. Verni quickly recruited several members from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra to perform. The cast consisted of performers from the Broadway shows Hairspray, Rent and Dance of the Vampire. There have been several performances off-Broadway for producers/backers and the show is still in the writing stages. It has a gothic/Broadway score with a twisted love story woven throughout. Songs from the first two Bronx Casket Co. releases are included in the show, as well as 13 new songs D.D. Verni penned just for the musical.

It’s been five years since BRONX CASKET CO last released an album and has been well worth the wait. Verni concludes, “This Bronx Casket record is the best we have done, and we are looking forward to getting out on the road and doing some shows.” As with every Bronx Casket Co release Verni has charted new territory, and stretched his writing boundaries.

For more information on The Bronx Caskett Co, visit:

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OVERKILL – Wrecking Everything – Live Due Out On Limited Edition Double-LP Gatefold Vinyl

November 14th, 2010
OVERKILL - Wrecking Everything

OVERKILL - Wrecking Everything

Night Of The Vinyl Dead has released OVERKILL’s Wrecking Everything – Live as a limited edition double-LP gatefold vinyl including a 12-page booklet and card stickers. The album is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

Previously released on CD through Eagle/Spitfire Records in 2002, the album features the following tracklisting:

Side A



‘Evil Never Dies’

‘Deny the Cross’

Side B

‘I Hate’


‘Bleed Me’

‘Long Time Dyin”

Side C

‘It Lives’


Side D

‘The Years of Decay’

‘In Union We Stand’


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Getaway Rockfestival 2010 at Gasklockorna in Gavle, Sweden

October 4th, 2010



Getaway Rockfestival




8-10/7 – 2010


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall





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TUSKA OPEN AIR 2010 Festival

September 6th, 2010

Tuska 2010-Logo_20-02-2010(WM).jpg


Kaisaniemi Park

Helsinki, FINLAND  

As everyone who was there still recalls, last year’s Tuska wasn’t a highlight experience when it comes to bands. This was surprising as there were some killer names on the bill such as Suicidal Tendencies, Pestilence, My Dying Bride. Obviously, last year was some kind of intermission for booking bands to pull more people. Thankfully, this year’s Tuska event was completely different. The line-up definitely looked more than awesome. The legendary Megadeth headlined Sunday, Nevermore on Saturday and above all the Canadian guitarist, wizard, and music genius, Devin Townsend. Japanese j-rock groups were not seen at Tuska. Instead the death metal bands ruled such as Obituary, Nile and of course domestic bands such as Sotajumala ja Torture Killer. The festival was an utter success. The whole weekend was totally packed….and above all Megadeth crowned the whole three day metal inferno.

Sad but true, Tuska will not be held in the heart of Helsinki in the upcoming years. The park of Kaisaniemi will be a construction zone as the whole area will be improved to be better and more enjoyable. However, it is going to be interesting to see how the new area will work for metal bands. At least the upcoming area has proven itself to be a good festival area as there have been a couple of festivals and gigs arranged there so far. This is a farewell to the Kaisaniemi park and the current Tuska formation.

Enjoy the review and above all enjoy our pics.

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August 7th, 2010

(New York, NY) — Thrash legends OVERKILL will be re-releasing their record “Immortalis” and DVD “Live at Wacken Open Air” on October 5th, 2010 via eOne Music. This will be a CD/DVD combo release with three new unreleased live tracks. Those tracks are:

Within Your Eyes          (from “Relix” CD)

Blood and Iron  (from “Feel The Fire” CD)

Nice Day…For a Funeral (from “Horrorscope” CD)

OVERKILL have also officially announced the second leg of their “Killfest 2010” tour. Killfest will continue in areas the band has not played in many years. Bay area masterminds, FORBIDDEN are set for main support. “It’s going to be a KILLER run, thrash-thrash-thrash!  Having FORBIDDEN along for the ride in November will put this totally over the top, just the way we all like it!  Bite down hard, here we come!” says front man Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth.

Tickets are now on sale here []. There is also a special VIP package available that will allow fans one-hour early access to the venue for a special pre-show meet-and-greet.

OVERKILL released “Ironbound” earlier this year which charted at 168 on the Billboard Top 200, the band’s fastest selling record in 16 years. A video was also filmed a video for “Bring Me The Night”in Brooklyn, NY with director Kevin Custer (HATEBREED, TESTAMENT, SUFFOCATION). View the video here [].

Nov. 05 – Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall

Nov. 06 – Farmingdale, NY – Crazy Donkey

Nov. 07 – Providence, RI – Club Hell

Nov. 08 – Baltimore, MD – Sonar

Nov. 09 – Virginia Beach, VA – Gil’s

Nov. 10 – Charlotte, NC – Amos’

Nov. 11 – Raleigh, NC – Volume 11

Nov. 12 – Jacksonville, NC – Hooligans

Nov. 13 – Orlando, FL – Club Firestone

Nov. 14 – Ft Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room

Nov. 15 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade

Nov. 16 – Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s

Nov. 17 – Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall

Nov. 18 – Pittsburgh, PA – Diesel Nightclub

Nov. 19 – Manchester, NH – Rocko’s

Nov. 20 – Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom

For more information on OVERKILL and KILLFEST tickets visit: &

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OVERKILL – Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth

May 28th, 2010

Overkill Logo.jpg

Overkill Band.jpg

Interview conducted by Robert Williams

Videography courtesy of Sandra Torres

After thirty years of wrecking necks live, East Coast thrash metal legends Overkill are still in their prime, as evidenced by this year’s excellent onslaught of an offering dubbed "Ironbound". Hitting the road in support of the new record, the green and black attack headlined the aptly-named KILLFEST tour atop a bill that also featured God Dethroned, Vader, Evile, Warbringer and Woe of Tyrants. Overkill frontman Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth is in good spirits this night in Austin, Texas as he cracks jokes and fills us in on life out on the road. The subject of the evening is primarily focused on the pummeling new Overkill record and the band’s immediate tour plans. Rather than placing too much emphasis on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the band’s debut album "Feel the Fire", Blitz seems very content with the band’s present achievement and looks to the future of the band with excitement and anticipation. Tonight’s concert is further proof why now is as good a time as any, to be an Overkill fan.

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Jalometalli Festival – Oulu, Finland – August 15th & 16th 2008

October 17th, 2008


The 15th -16th of August 2008

Oulu Teatria Finland

Review and pictures by Arto Lehtinen, Niko Karppinen and Luxi Lahtinen


Finland is definitely one hell of a paradise for metalheads as there are five to six metal festivals arranged all around Finland during the summer time. One of those metal festivals which has started becoming more and more known is Jalometalli up in the north of Finland. The whole festival started as a small event, mostly consisting of local bands. Jalometalli has since grown, attracting plenty of killer and catchy names such as Onslaught, Testament, and Rotting Christ.  This year’s event was no exception with several first time visitors such as Overkill, Trouble and Mortal Sin. It is obvious most of these bands have been all time favs of the Jalometalli organization. The festival is not a big massive gathering of tens of thousands of people. Instead, the event is a small, true, intense metal event with visitors having travelled from far away. This is the very first time ever when Jalometalli festival is covered by And if you live somewhere in the northern part of Sweden, Norway or Russia, start seriously considering having a roadtrip to the next Jalometalli event as the line-up of 2009 will surely be full of pleasant surprises…
Enjoy the article and some video clips in it, too! 

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Bloodstock Open Air 2008

October 17th, 2008

All pics and words by HannTu

(except where noted)

For an introduction to what Bloodstock Open Air is all about, check out my preview of it here. Suffice it to say that BOA is the only proper UK outdoor metal festival that is devoted to true metal of all genres. This would be the first time I was making the trip up to the Midlands to cover this amazing festival.

Reaching there late Thursday night, we set up camp and went off to explore. BOA has one of the most random things I’d expect at a metal festival: a shisha tent! Armed with a 1.5 litre bottle of JD and two bongs of shisha, we spent the night there meeting weird and crazy people (Frida from Sweden, if you’re reading this, get in touch!). After a disgusting fry-up at the All-Day Breakfast bar, I went off to bed to catch some shut-eye before Friday’s bands. Good start to BOA!

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Rat Skates (ex-OVERKILL)

May 3rd, 2008

Interview with Rat Skates

By David Leslie

Pics courtesy of Rat Skates

Rat Skates - 1986

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Overkill/Infernal Majesty/Stress Factor 9 Live In Vancouver: September 15, 2005

October 23rd, 2005

Overkill/Infernal Majesty/Stress Factor 9
Thursday, September 15, 2005
Richard?s On Richards
Vancouver, BC  Canada


**Live Review & All Photos By Lord of The Wasteland

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Overkill, Live at JAXX, October 30, 1999

September 7th, 2005

Overkill, Live at JAXX, October 30, 1999
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OVERKILL : Bobby ?Blitz? Ellsworth

August 26th, 2005


Interview By Arto Lehtinen / Transcription by Blake Wolfe

Overkill is definitely and without any doubt one of the longest running and the most hard working touring thrash bands around today. The legendary New York thrash metal squad haven?t slowed down any inch. They just keeping on thrashing year after year. Even though our Canadian collegue Lord Of The WasteLand did a real massive in-depth interview with the frontman of Overkill Bobby Ellsworth, but I couldn?t turn down an opportunity of doing another interview with Ellsworth who politely answered a few questions.


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Overkill Vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth

July 28th, 2005

Vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth

Interview By Lord of The Wasteland/Transcription by Adam & Jodi

**All pics from

Twenty years is a long time?longer than some of the readers about to pore over this interview will have even been on this Earth, yet thrash legends, Overkill, are celebrating that monumental anniversary with the release of their 14th studio album, entitled RELIXIV (pronounced ?Relics?).  A lot has happened in those twenty years and the band has seen many members come and go but with vocalist Bobby ?Blitz? Ellsworth and bassist D.D. Verni at the helm from day one, Overkill is ready to take on the world with a huge tour (finally including Canadian and U.S. west coast stops) and a celebration of sorts for having survived twenty years in the heavy metal trenches.

I spoke with Ellsworth in early-March and found him to be one of the funniest subjects I have ever interviewed.  After clearing the air with a discussion about the NHL players? strike, we got down to business with a 85-minute chat about the new album, big plans for the band?s 20th anniversary, the early days of Overkill, surviving the 90s, his health, why there are always ten songs on their albums, what?s it?s like being known as the ?working man?s metal band? and about a hundred other things!  Enjoy?

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