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December 13th, 2007

New York´s INCANTATION  – Former member John McEntee

Interview and live pictures by Luxi Lahtinen
Thanks to Lucas Dahl for transription

Death Metal´s thunderstorm called “Northern Assassination Tour 2007” rolled over the Scandinavian countries in the beginning of September, bringing over 4 fully-armed hordes of Death Metal: Crionics, Incantation, Rotting Christ and Krisiun. The Polish Massive Music company had done a really splendid job by booking all these bands to play to some of those countries they had never played before, for example Finland being on the tour list for even 5 dates in 5 different Finnish cities.

My personal focus was on the New York Death Metal pioneers Incantation who have basically been around forever – spreading their ancient Death Metal spirit for the last 18 years,  selling thousands of albums worldwide. The band´s latest album, PRIMORDIAL DOMINATION, which was released through the band´s new label Listenable Records in 2006, has also very well been received amongst the worldwide Death Metal community, establishing Incantation´s name even more on the map of Death Metal as one of the last torch bearers and survivals of the genre. 

I met up with my old penpal John McEntee (who´s the only founding member left from the original Incantation line-up) at Nosturi in Helsinki on September 5th about 3 hours prior to their showtime, and John was more than keen on talking about his past days he spent with Revenant up to this current tour they have going on with all these bands, etc. – and how this one special Anal Cunt song titled, “Kyle from Incantation Has a Mustach” got started actually. Extra special thanks go out to John personally for being so enthusiastic and excited about giving such an in-depth insight into the whole history of Incantation…

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