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OLIVER/DAWSON SAXON – Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson

November 3rd, 2009



In 1979 when the classic NWOBHM band SAXON was formed its ranks consisted of five members, singer Biff Byford, guitarist Paul Quinn, guitarist Graham Oliver, bassist Steve Dawson and drummer Pete Gill. Now, thirty years later only Byford and Quinn remain under the SAXON banner. However, Oliver and Dawson have since joined together to carry on their part of the SAXON legacy. First, in 1996, under the name SON OF A BITCH, with Pete Gill on drums, and later, mainly to appease the promoters, as OLIVER/DAWSON SAXON. Read on to learn, straight from two founding members of SAXON, about the various stages in the history of one of the most celebrated metal bands to have emerged from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and the falling apart, piece by piece, of its classic lineup through the years.





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Saxon’s Nibbs Carter and Paul Quinn

September 26th, 2006



The legendary Saxon doesn’t need too much introduction here but I will do it briefly anyway. Saxon, who originally called themselves Son of a Bitch, was formed in1977 by vocalist Biff Byford, guitarists Graham Olivier and Paul Quinn, bassist Steve Dawson and drummer Pete Gill. Their early albums “Denim and Leather”, “Wheels of Steel” and “Strong Arm Of The Law” are heralded as some of the most important NWOBHM classics. A ground breaking live album “The Eagle Has Landed” was released in 1983 and still today, along with such classic as Motorheads “No Sleep At All”, it’s often mentioned as one of the most important live releases from that period. Since those days the band has gone through many ups and downs. There has been a great number of line -up changes, problems with record companies, problems with former band members and low record sales but on the other hand over the last few years they have succeeded to reach a new, strong and loyal fanbase who have helped them to re-create their glory days. Their recent albums “Lionheart”, Killing Ground” and “Metalhead” are modern heavy metal classics and are also living proof that Saxon is alive and well. Recently the band released a brand new live album “The Eagle Has Landed III” which continues the saga which originally started in 1983. I managed to catch Paul Quinn and Nibbs Carter after their great show in Ruisrock and here is the transcription of our lengthy causerie, hope you like it?


Interview and pictures by Marko Syrjälä
Interview pictures by Taru Saarinen
Transcription by Cindy Zhang


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Saxon Drummer Nigel Glockler

February 6th, 2006



Nigel Glockler is probably best known of his long career as a drummer for legendary NWOBHM band Saxon. Nigel did his first tour with the band in 1981 as a temporary member when original drummer Pete Gill damaged his hand just days before starting a huge tour. Nigel soon became a permanent member and in the early 1982 Saxon released their highly acclaimed live album “THE EAGLE HAS LANDED” , which is still one of the best live albums ever released. At that point Saxon was on the top of their game. The line up which consisted of vocalist Biff Byford, guitarists Paul Quinn and Graham Olivier, bassist Steve Dawson and Nigel, released three classic albums: “POWER AND GLORY”, “CRUSADER” and “INNOCENCE IS NO EXCUSE” before problems started. In 1986 Dawson left the band and only one year later Nigel decided to leave himself and join the shortlived”supergroup” GTR. After various projects and recordings with such artists as Fastway, Nigel decided to re join Saxon in 1989 and together they did several albums and tours before health problems forced him to again leave the band in 1997. Since leaving Nigel hasn’t been able to play drums in many years but after a long rehabilitation and much training he got back working again and in 2004 he got up on stage and did a few songs as a special quest for Saxon at Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. That show was going to be the last show for Fritz Rainbow, who had replaced Nigel 1997, and at that point Jorg Michael (Stratovarius, ex- Running Wild) became the new drummer for Saxon. The band released the album “LIONHEART” in 2004 but in the middle of the tour Jorg announced that he was going to leave after the tour and re -join his old band Stratovarius. At this point the band decided to contact Nigel and ask him to rejoin band permanently. After some thinking and training Nigel decided to accept an invitation and give it a try.

I met Nigel last December in Stockholm right before Saxon show in Swedenrock festival annual kickoff event and here are the results of our discussion…




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