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May 15th, 2015

Negura Bunget

@ Voodoo Belfast
May 10th, 2015

Review by Melanie Brehaut
Photographs by The Dark Queen


Belfast has a thriving and vibrant metal scene…unless it’s a Sunday night, when, presumably, most metalheads’ minds turn to work or school in the morning, and very few venture out of their pits for gigs.

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Negură Bunget @ The Garage

May 20th, 2014

Negură Bunget

@ The Garage, Upstairs

10th April 2014

Review by Lily Randall
Photography by Ashlinn Nash

Those who pass by The Garage this evening may assume a raucous event is about to ensue due to the aesthetics of those queuing to get it, but little do they know that what is about to take place is more beautiful that brutal. With both acts on the line up hailing from Romania and an intimate venue that’s relatively rammed, there’s a quiet excitement that fills the room and despite a lack of communication from both bands, the music does the talking.

Negură Bunget

Negură Bunget

With so many different instruments and styles making up Negură Bunget, it’s no surprise that their line up of members changes more regularly than Alice Cooper’s live costumes.

Negură Bunget

Negură Bunget

This however has no impact on the tightness of their live performance and with founding member Negru still firmly intact, the band flow through a set list showcasing each of their eras.

Negură Bunget

Negură Bunget

The array of traditional, Romanian instruments have an eerie effect live, similarly to on record and each section can be heard flawlessly despite such a small space. With a large amount of their live experience showcasing tracks from albums including ‘Om’ and ‘Vîrstele pămîntului’, it certainly leaves the question of when a new album will be out, seeing as their most recent is now four years old.

Negură Bunget

Negură Bunget

Grimegod start off procedures with a darker aura to the headliners, opting for a more gothic approach to the folk-infused black metal of other fellow countrymen. The four-piece may be down a drummer tonight but a drum machine is more than enough to keep the atmosphere seeping through the airwaves of the stuffy venue.




Grimegod’s approach is not the only aspect that connects them to tonight’s headliner, as it becomes apparent some of the members are shared by both acts and with a style that lays somewhere in the mind between early Alcest and late Burzum, it’s an ideal way to warm up the crowd.

With the crowd hopelessly hypnotized by the folk-infused blackness that is seeping from the stage like a toxic gas, it’s a still and sombre atmosphere but if a pit was about to kick off, it would merely destroy the aura created by a band that we can only hope continue to bring out their soundtracks of haunted enchantment.

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Damnation Festival 2013

November 18th, 2013

Damnation Festival

@ Leeds University, Leeds

2nd November 2013

Review by Caitlin Smith

Photography by Michelle Murphy

Calling all the sinners and heretics, the gathering of the damned with once again take place in the unholy city of, well, Leeds. Perhaps the settings may not be dark, dank pits of hell, but the bands certainly make up for this. Damnation festival has returned bigger and better than ever this year, with an additional forth stage and hallways chock full of denim cutoffs and weathered leather jackets on men and women alike. As some things change though, others stay the same. CARCASS made their Damnation debut in 2008, and judging by the packed halls, this was a more than welcome booking.

Damnation Festival

Damnation Festival

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HATE @ The Underworld, Camden

November 25th, 2011

Erebos European Tour

Hate, Vesania, Negură Bunget and Inferi

@ The Underworld, Camden

Sunday 18th September 2011

Review by Jo Blackened

Photography by Michelle Murphy

 Camden at first seemed pretty quiet, with only a small queue forming outside Camden Underworld, but seeing as this is a Sunday night it’s no surprise really!


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MetalCamp 2009 – Tolmin, Slovenia, 02/07/2009 – 08/07/2009

September 17th, 2009

Metal Camp 2009

Tolmin, Slovenia

2 July – 8 July 2009

All live pics by HannTu and Arto Lehtinen

Other pics by HannTu, Arto Lehtinen and Trease

Reviews by HannTu, Trease, Arto Lehtinen and Terry Douglas


For the first time ever, Metal-Rules brings you coverage of the one and only true metal holiday in the world: Metal Camp in Slovenia. Be warned, there’s pages and pages of reviews, press conferences and especially tons of high quality pictures ahead; but what can you expect from a week long festival of sheer awesomeness? Read on, if you dare…

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