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Necrodeath – Flegias and Peso

February 3rd, 2007

Interview with Peso and Flegias

by Arto Lehtinen

It was about time to talk to the Italian blackthrashers, Necrodeath’s drummer Peso and vocalist Flegias, about the most recent output called 100% HELL. The Italian four piece has undergone some line-up changes as long time and founding member Claudio pulled out, whose interviews can be found here (2001) and here (2004).  

Necrodeath’s music should appeal to all extreme metal fans as the band’s tight and aggressive black-thrash assault is like a brutal slap to the face. The most recent album is another excellent masterpiece from these Italian extreme metal mongers. Enjoy the interview…

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December 4th, 2005

Written by Thrash Attack & BlackGoat
Review and Photos by Thrash Attack & BlackGoat

Again the worlds biggest garden party for Metal was at hand! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this is one of the greatest Metal events EVER! And in case you are wondering: the other is Keep It True. It had been a dry spell for concerts, so I was brimming with excitement when it finally came time to head towards the Hamburg area. After recalling how exhausted we both were last year, having made the approximately 7 hour drive up there and THEN going to the warm-up show, this year we opted to leave a day early to rest up from the tedious road trip. This proved to be a great idea and will be repeated when we go to next years H:O:A. When we arrived and packed away our stuff, we headed into Itzehoe to visit Hellion Records and make our first (but not last) CD haul of the weekend. It was a successful trip as both of us found some cool stuff, which was later blasted in our hotel room (quite possibly to the dismay of other guests) to get into the mood for the next day’s warm-up.


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Necrodeath – Claudio

September 6th, 2005

Necrodeath’s Guitarist, Claudio
Interviewed in Feb 2001 by Arto Lehtinen

The legendary Italian cult deathrashers Necrodeath have returned back from the beyond after being on hiatus since the first split up 1989 and of course their new and third output “Mater of all evil” was unleashed in the beginning of this year and it definitely shows this band truly rules and every old school deathrash manic should get that album immediately. Here is the interview with the guitarist Claudio.

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