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July 21st, 2010

FANGORIA ENTERTAINMENT is very proud to announce that we will be premiering the new MUNICIPAL WASTE music video for the track “Acid Sentence” off of their newest album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE at booth #1736 at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con International. FANGORIA film crews helmed this gruesome video, which is sure to be a favorite with MUNICIPAL WASTE and FANGORIA fans alike.

“It seemed like a perfect fit,” says video director David McKendry. “The FANGORIA staff has always been huge WASTE fans, and when we heard they wanted to shoot a horror oriented video, we knew FANGO had to be part of the action.”

Bass player Phil Hall stated, “I have been a big fan of FANGORIA for years, so when I heard they were interested in producing a music video for MUNICIPAL WASTE, I was stoked. Just like any metal head, I am a fan of classic horror movies and who else would know that genre better than FANGORIA! I think the dark and gritty vibe of the new video fits the atmosphere of the song very well. I hope all the WASTE fans out there get a kick out of it!”

The song “Acid Sentence” is from the band’s most recent album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, released by Earache Records. Based on the legendary serial killer John Haigh, the song/video center around a serial killer who bathes his victims in acid. The video was shot over several weeks in May and June of 2010 and features the band as well as plenty of FANGORIA style gore. The gore and body parts were provided by the world-renowned Dapper Cadaver, whose fine gore craftsmanship has graced TV shows like BONES and DEXTER.

Drummer Dave Witte on the collaboration- “It was a huge thrill to work with FANGORIA as they’ve been totally supportive to many artists over the years from Clive Barker to Romero and beyond, people who have uncompromising visions with their art and are pros all across the board. To me, as a fan and a musician, I couldn’t be more thrilled that FANGORIA wants to support what we are doing with our music.”

FANGORIA will debut the video at the FANGORIA Booth, #1736, at 3pm on Saturday, July 24th. After this, the video will play once every hour until the end of the event. Director David McKendry will be at the booth during the premiere to answer questions and discuss the video shoot. To arrange an interview with David McKendry, please email

Information on FANGORIA ENTERTAINMENT: FANGORIA sliced its way onto the scene in 1979, becoming the only national publication devoted to the modern horror genre. Three decades later, FANGORIA is still the number one authority on all things scary! FANGORIA provides the best in horror entertainment and news coverage including the website, magazine, radio show on Sirius XM, film production division, comic book division, convention circuit, and TV On-Demand Channel (coming this September). FANGORIA ENTERTAINMENT: We know what scares you! For more information, please visit

Information on MUNICIPAL WASTE: Named by Billboard Magazine as one of the world’s “up and coming” metal bands, Richmond, Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE have not only proven themselves worthy of the honor, but they have worked hard to become the undisputed modern leaders of the crossover genre. Founded by guitarist, Ryan Waste and vocalist, Tony Foresta in 2000, MUNICIPAL WASTE have gone from an underground sensation playing songs that incorporate elements of thrash metal, punk and hardcore (in the vein of DRI, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and NUCLEAR ASSAULT), to singlehandedly resurrecting a genre and finally defining it. Along with bassist, Land Phil and world-class drummer, Dave Witte, MUNICIPAL WASTE has taken its frantic, crossover-infused sound all over the world to high p raise from critics and fans alike. The band is still hard at work promoting their latest album, 2009’s MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE. Supported by tours with LAMB OF GOD, headlining runs with the likes of BRUTAL TRUTH and GOATWHORE, as well appearances at major metal festivals the world over, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE has been the band’s best-selling record to date

MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, is available now worldwide. Get your copy in the USA at

For more news and info, head to

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July 7th, 2010

Virginian crossover kings MUNICIPAL WASTE are gearing up for a European tour, which kicks off on July 24th in Brussels, Belgium, and will see the band play a mixture of festivals and club shows across Europe.


“As of right now The Waste is cutting back on touring as much as we normally do for this summer, but when we were offered to play both Fluff Fest and Sonisphere we couldn’t pass on this opportunity.  Even though both festivals are completely different from each other, we feel The Waste fits perfectly with both and we can’t wait to trash these places!  There’s a lot of great cities we’re hitting up on this short run as well.  Can’t wait!

“I’m really pumped about Sonisphere because it’s going to be my first time seeing Iron Maiden!  I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was a kid.  From what I’m told, we get to play the party tent right after they play.  It’s going to be so much fun!”

Catch MUNICIPAL WASTE live in Europe at the following shows:

24.07.10 Brussels, Belgium – Magasin 4
25.07.10 Rokycany, Czech Republic –  Fluff Fest
27.07.10 Vienna, Austria – Viper Room
28.07.10 Innsbruck, Austria – Weekender
29.07.10 Frankfurt, Germany – Elfer Club
30.07.10 Fidenza Parma, Italy –  Arci Q Open Air
31.07.10 Viveiro, Spain – Ressurection Fest
01.08.10 Knebworth, UK – Sonisphere Festival

Watch MUNICIPAL WASTE’s video for the track “Wrong Answer”:

MUNICIPAL WASTE’s latest album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, is available in Europe at and in North America at

For more MUNICIPAL WASTE news and info, head to

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Lamb of God / Children of Bodom / As I Lay Dying / God Forbid / Municipal Waste – Live In Vancouver

April 16th, 2009

No Fear Tour feat. Lamb of God / Children of Bodom / As I Lay Dying / God Forbid / Municipal Waste

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

UBC Thunderbird Arena

Vancouver, BC  Canada


***Live Review & All Photos By Lord of The Wasteland

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South By Southwest (SXSW) 2008

April 8th, 2008


By Robert Williams

South By Southwest (SXSW) is an annual music and film conference/festival held yearly in beautiful Austin, Texas. In the 21 years of its existence, SXSW has served as a launching pad for many unknown bands turned media darlings overnight. For one week in the month of March each year bands from all over the world gather in downtown Austin and showcase their music, their craft, for record executives, media big wigs, and most importantly in my opinion, music lovers!

This all sounds like a splendid and festive occasion with the exception of one detail. SXSW has almost exclusively all but overlooked metal and its many subgenres for its entire existence.

Now I won’t lie. In years past I have seen some cool showcases. Century Media and Relapse usually cart their bands into town, and scattered about my 12 year tenure in Austin I have seen some notable showcases featuring among others In Extremo, Sol Evil, Children Of Bodom, and Grey Skies Fallen. But when 1,400 bands come to town for one week in March each year, you would hope at least, I don’t know, 50-100 of them would be awesome heavy metal, right?

Well, this year Austin got a fair amount of killer metal. Kicking things off on Wednesday, the 12th I had the pleasure of witnessing my first Municipal Waste concert. A day later I got off of work early and headed downtown with some friends and caught a showcase featuring Enslaved, Mixhell, Napalm Death, High On Fire, and the mighty Motorhead.

Lastly, I witnessed the “It’s Grim Up North” showcase featuring Sabaton, 1349 and Enslaved. I partied like a true champion, saw some really, really good performances and got some really solid interviews. Read on metal faithful and I shall guide you through these conversations in steel conducted in my homeland of Austin….Let’s start at the beginning….

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Municipal Waste – Ryan Waste

March 10th, 2008

Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste guitarist Ryan Waste

Interview and pics by Luxi Lahtinen and Arto Lehtinen
Transcripted by Fucking Hostile

The crossover thrashers from Richmond (VA), USA, have achieved a reputation of an outstandingly tight live band. In their concerts, surfboards tend to flip around, tremendous circle pits burn floors up, insane stage diving is seen, etc. All those kinds of things can be witnessed at the gig of Municipal Waste. The band´s latest album THE ART OF PARTYING is undoubtedly one hell of a package of raging crossover thrash – bringing several old school classic crossover/thrash names to the lips of anyone who dig bands from Crumbsuckers to Slayer.

Before this hot 4-piece crossover act ripped headbangers´ faces off at the Finnish Metal Expo, we had a small chat with the band’s guitarist Ryan Waste. Oh yeah, gotta admit Municipal Waste did indeed rule heavily that night for sure…


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Finnish Metal Expo 2008

March 1st, 2008


CABLE FACTORY: Helsinki, Finland

15th – 16th 2008

Article and Pics by Arto Lehtinen

The Finnish Metal Expo was arranged for the fourth time. The previous events have been an utter success with sold out nights and awesome band line-ups. The expo is held every year,  where several more or less important and not so important musicians and above all metal leaders usually gather to hang out and of course check out the latest on the metal map. Due to overwhelming interest and success, the organization of the Expo has expanded the expo capacity by arranging more space for different kinds of studio and other guitar and band clinics. Two notable band clinics were held by Children of Bodom and Stratovarius members. Of course, record labels, several magazines, and festival representatives werein attendance at the event and all in all everything related to a wide range of metal and hard rock was at the expo. The metal expo wouldn’t be any real expo event without live music and above all metal bands playing there. During these two days plenty of known as well as unknown bands got the great opportunity to play in front of thousands. As a matter of fact, 5000 metal maniacs visited the event during the weekend!

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Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust / Mutant / Seregon – Islington Academy, London

February 11th, 2008

Municipal Waste

with Toxic Holocaust

and supported by Mutant and Seregon



Carling Academy, Islington, London

6th February 2008

All live pics and review by HannTu

The thrash revival has been praised and criticised in equal parts from the metal mainstream, and the arguments usually run down the usual lines taken by metalheads. On the one hand, we’re getting the spirit of the early 80s back, with wild headbanging, insane partying, breakneck thrashing, brutal riffs, the lot. No one needs reminding of the Bay Area/California pioneers, but let’s not forget the crazy maniacs in Finland and the Kraut krazies in Germany as well. Naysayers claim it’s the trendy thing now to be into thrash; labels are seizing on to them, mags are hailing them as the second Metallica/Slayer/Testament/Exodus etc, and basically the scene’s expiry is long overdue.

Personally I’m happy for this so-called thrash revival. I didn’t grow up with the Bay Area scene, I’ve only listened to the bands ad hoc and retrospectively. From what I hear though, the spirit of the 80s is well alive. Sure, there isn’t the social commentary that Metallica, Sacred Reich or Megadeth brought to the table. But there are a lot of parallels with the wild, hedonistic, devil-may-care attitude of the bands of the 80s; paradoxically coupled with a heavy workaholic touring schedule and heavier partying regime. The music? Listen for yourself. Copycat? Slightly. Well, very heavily influenced, shall we say. It’s all there, the speed, filth, rawness and violence. Wednesday night at the Carling Academy Islington showcased two up-and-coming English thrash bands, together with Floridian band Toxic Holocaust, and the headliners Municipal Waste.

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Wacken 2007

October 9th, 2007

Wacken Open Air 2007 

Wacken is a blessed mecca of the whole metal world. Again this year it was entirely sold out when ten thousands of metal manics travelled from all around the world to gather and witness plenty of ass kicking bands. The weather forecast for Wacken didn’t look that promising. The chaotic and muddy mess caused by long and heavy rains rampaged the ground during the whole summer. The  festival often provides a survival test to every visitor with its mud and crap. But but gods of metal had seen the light and blessed the whole three day metal inferno with tremendous extreme heat and a sunny weekend. Things could not be better…sun, metal and beer. That combination is nothing but an utter perfect way to enjoy the metallic mayhem at Wacken.

As usual, the true metal commando team from Metal-Rules.Com was there again witnessing a helluva lot of great bands and above all an unexpected huge fire in the main area. Feel, see and enjoy this article.

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