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Mark Van Erp – Ex-Monstrosity, Ex-Cynic, and Ex-Malevolent Creation

May 21st, 2008

Mark Van Erp

Interviewed by David Leslie


Mark Van Erp was the bassist in the early days of some notable death metal bands such as Monstrosity, Cynic, and Malevolent Creation. We recently caught up with him to talk about his death metal days.

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Monstrosity – Vocalist Brian Werner

July 30th, 2006

Monstrosity – Vocalist Brian Werner
Interviewed by Robert

As one of the longest running forerunner’s for the Florida Death Metal throne, Monstrosity has been a force to reckon with since 1990. From the classic IMPERIAL DOOM to the most recent output, a split cd also featuring death metal giants Incantation as well as Rottrevore and Repulsion for Relapse Records, Monstrosity has maintained a loyal worldwide fanbase, toured the globe almost constantly and endured their share of line up changes. Having seen the band in concert over five times during various stages of their career, I was as anxious as any to hear what the band had been up to these last few years.

Upon attending the NAMM Summer Session conference (a music industry trade show that just so happened to take place in my hometown of Austin, Texas) I had the chance to meet many interesting musicians. A good number of them were death metal related. There was Derek Roddy of Hate Eternal fame, David Vincent of Morbid Angel, and Tim Yeung from Vital Remains hosting the World’s Fastest Drummer competition. Taking a break to step outside and quench my desire for an afternoon smoke, I happened upon one Brian Werner who it just so happens is Monstrosity’s new lead singer….in addition to fronting the underground death/black metal outfit Infernaeon.

I got a chance to speak at length with Brian about all things Monstrosity / Infernaeon related. Here is what he had to say…

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Monstrosity Drummer Lee Harrison

August 24th, 2005

Monstrosity Drummer, Lee Harrison
Interviewed in July 1999 By EvilG

Monstrosity - band

Florida has long been home to a great number of death metal bands. One band that has been plugging away at it since the early 90’s is Monstrosity. Drummer Lee Harrison recently spoke with us from Tampa where the band are currently planning their tour for their new CD “In Dark Purity.” Besides Nile, Monstrosity are about the only pure death metal band that I’ve gotten excited about in recent years. Why you may ask? Well it’s because they aren’t just noise. They have distinguishable riffs that are often technical yet still memorable. Their latest CD “In Dark Purity” is available now from Conquest Music. This is THE death metal CD of 1999. No other death metal band came close to this level of intensity and musicianship in the death metal realm.


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