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July 9th, 2017


Once again, the Finnish two-man-team made their annual road trip to Sweden Rock.  The 2017 line up presented a wide range of metal and hard rock as usual. Over 70 bands offered one hell of an experience for the attendees during the four-day festival. Sweden Rock has been successful during the past twenty years, always being sold out as it was again this year. However, it took a bit longer until all the tickets were gone this year. It has become quite logical for us to give an in-depth report on several bands performing at Sweden Rock to all the readers out there. It was an enormous pleasure to testify Scorpions, Venom, Ratt, Warlock, Running Wild, and a whole lot more.  Unfortunately, we are not able to cover every bloody band, but hopefully, you will have a pleasant reading experience… Stay hard, True As Steel.

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AL JOURGENSEN Creates Comic Book Series, Becomes Super Hero

October 2nd, 2013


You’re a legendary, pioneering rock star,  you’ve headlined sold-out gigs all over the world, indulged in every rock’n’roll decadence imaginable, survived drug addiction and alcohol abuse, crossed paths with the likes of Madonna, Courtney Love, Robert Plant and Johnny Depp, and released a revealing and critically-acclaimed autobiography.  You’ve done all this and lived to tell the tale…so, what do you do next?  Well, if you’re Ministry’s Al Jourgensen, you join forces with British dark-artist Sam Shearon, a.k.a. “Mister-Sam,” to create a series of comic books and become a super hero yourself.

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MINISTRY To Release 13th Studio Album FROM BEER TO ETERNITY On September 10th

August 27th, 2013


Al Jourgensen, six-time Grammy nominated godfather of industrial metal, will release his band Ministry’s 13th studio album, From Beer To Eternity, on September 10 (AFM/13th Planet Records).  Pre-order info is available here.  As fans of the band know, after last year there wasn’t going to be another Ministry album, but as Jourgensen put it recently, “I had no choice.” Read the rest of this entry »

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MINISTRY’S “PERMAWAR” Music Video: A Psychedelic Statement On America’s Litany Of War

August 16th, 2013

“PermaWar,” the first music video from Ministry’s upcoming studio album From Beer To Eternity, is making its premiere today on Loudwire and Noisecreep simultaneously.  The digital single is currently available exclusively in the iTunes store.

The “PermaWar” video is a amalgamation of provocative news images culled from World War Two, Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq, and a bad acid trip.  Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen is featured in the video portraying three different personalities, representing three different points of view on America’s repetition and persistence of war:  the corrupt political leader, the predatory business man, and possibly most dangerous of all, the passive observer.

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January 1st, 2013


Bassist Casey Orr (MINISTRY, RIGOR MORTIS, GWAR) has released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET regarding the passing of MINISTRY and RIGOR MORTIS guitarist Mike Scaccia:

“How do I say goodbye to Mike Scaccia? How do I say goodbye to my best friend, my bandmate, my songwriting partner, my mentor, and yes, sometimes my tormentor? How do I say goodbye to such a unique and amazing talent, taken away from us far too soon? How do I say goodbye to someone I loved and admired, who enlightened me and inspired me, and made me believe that anything was possible? How do I say goodbye to my brother? How do I say goodbye to someone like Mike Scaccia?

“I can’t. I won’t. I don’t have to.

“Mike Scaccia will live forever.

“Mike Scaccia lives on through his wonderful children and his beautiful wife, Jenny. He lives on through his family who were always his biggest cheerleaders. He lives on through his bandmates and all the musicians that had the honor of working with him over the years. Those of us who got to experience the full range of his musical capabilities. We, fortunate few, who knew, who REALLY knew, just how truly gifted he was. He lives on through his friends and his fans, and he will live on through the next generation of guitar players who will no doubt discover and be inspired by him and continue to push the boundaries of the instrument that he loved so much. He will live on through each and every one of us that he touched, because he was much more than just a brilliant guitar player. More than the just the coolest motherfucker I ever knew. He was a genuinely good guy. He had a way of making anyone feel like an old friend. He was accessible and would talk to anyone who wanted to talk. Especially if the subject was guitars. We hear story after story from people who met him for the first time after a guitar clinic, saying the same thing: ‘Mike talked to me for 45 minutes after his clinic, talked to me like he knew me, suggested records to listen to or guitar players to study, gave me a fresh pack of strings and told me to go home and practice my ass off.’ He was just a cool dude! And he didn’t have a big ego. He wasn’t a competitive guitar player. He wasn’t out to be the best. Never claimed to be. He just loved the guitar and the guitar loved him right back. He wasn’t flashy. He didn’t showboat. But he didn’t have to. His abilities were the flash and his hands were the show. You could always tell who the guitar players were in the audience, because they were all standing in front of Mike with their jaws on the floor and their eyes glued to his hands. It truly was just that amazing to behold!

“Of course, Mike wasn’t perfect. None of us are. He traveled some dark roads in the past and he went through some dark times. But he never gave up on himself and he came back into the light and continued his journey, wiser and more humble for his experience. He fought his demons and he won. And for the last decade or so, he steadily hiked back up the mountain, concentrating on his family, and really enjoying his work and all of the people he worked with.

“And, most definitely, Mike Scaccia will live on through his music. He left behind some classic records as well as a whole lot of unreleased stuff. Not filler to be included to stretch out some best-of package, but albums worth of incredible music, that I, as a fan, sincerely look forward to being released someday, so the world can finally see the depth of his talent and enjoy the beautiful music he created.

“I am honored to be able to say that I have been Mike Scaccia’s bass player for 30 years. Privileged to get to watch him play the things very few people ever got to see. The little riffs and things he would play at practice or just warming up. STONES, Johnny Cash, DEVO, cartoon songs, ‘Jessie’s Girl’, just whatever. He had a rare gift, in that any tune he could conjure in his head, he could instantly translate to his hands and guitar. No searching for key or the notes. It was effortless. Instinctive. Freakish. It was awesome!

“And I am honored to be able to say that I have been Mike Scaccia’s friend for 30 years. Privileged to share all the things that life throws at you. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. We laughed a lot.

“We had our own language that only a band of brothers could understand. A weird, movie reference twin-speak that would drive our wives or girlfriends crazy, because they had no idea what we were saying or why we were laughing like idiots.

“It’s really hard to say goodbye to Mike Scaccia. It hurts deeply. It’s such an enormous loss to all of us and to the world. Such a tragic and shocking and unexpected passing of a man who was already a living legend. And we’re all so very very sad. We will continue to shed tears for our loss for some time to come, and I for one will not apologize for a single one.

“We lost one of the greats. An unpretentious rock star. An incredible and one-of-a-kind talent. One of, if not the, greatest rock and roll guitar player of our time. And I say that without reservation or hesitation.

“On December 22, 2012, Mike Scaccia died. But he died doing what he loved. He died with his boots on and with his current favorite Les Paul in his hands. He died onstage, playing with his brothers, the guys he started his career with, playing to his hometown crowd, surrounded by the people who loved him most and who he loved. He died with happiness in his life. He died playing the guitar. How rock and roll is that?

“So, yeah, I can’t say goodbye to Mike Scaccia. I’ll just say ‘so long,’ you beautiful motherfucker. We’ll meet again one day on the other side and you can show me that new riff you’re working on.

“I love you, Mike.”


Ministry Live


Ministry Live

MIKE SCACCIA dead (Rigor Mortis, Ministry)

MINISTRY/RIGOR MORTIS Guitarist Michael “Mike” Scaccia

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The guitarist of Ministry and Rigor Mortis Michael “Mike” Scaccia dies

December 23rd, 2012

The guitarist of Ministry and the legendary Rigor Mortis, Michael “Mike ” Scaccia, has passed away last night after the Bruce Corbitt’s 50th B-day show. Reportedly, Scaccia had a heart attack after the show.

Mike’s brother, Bruce Corbitt, wrote the following on Facebook: “My brother is gone! The only reason I am who I am is Because of this man. If it was not for him I would not even be in a band. RIP Mike Scaccia! The greatest guitar player I ever knew!”

Metal-Rules.Com sends condolences to all the Ministry and Rigor Mortis teams and Scaccia’s family.

MIKE SCACCIA dead (Rigor Mortis, Ministry)

MIKE SCACCIA dead (Rigor Mortis, Ministry)


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Getaway Rock Festival 2012 at Gasklockorna in Gavle, Sweden

October 23rd, 2012

Getaway Rock Festival
Gasklockorna, Gavle, Sweden
5-7/7 – 2012

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall
Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson


This is a review of the third edition of Getaway Rock Festival that was held in Gavle, Sweden during three hot days in July. The festival has a new organizer – the German FKP Skorpio – and we were eager to see how the festival was planned this year. We got to see some exclusive Swedish performances by Suicidal Tendencies, Nightwish, Venom, Manowar, Ministry and Yngwie Malmsteen to mention a few. Other acts that performed were Mustasch, Saxon, Finntroll, Satyricon, Behemoth, Devin Townsend Project and Ghost. Read more about the festival down below.

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Ministry’s Al Jourgensen Hospitalized; Gig Cancelled 1/2 through

July 29th, 2012

Ministry Front man Al Jourgensen collapsed on-stage during the live Ministry performance and was rushed to hospital via ambulance where he was examined by numerous physicians and diagnosed to have had a full-system collapse due to extreme dehydration and heat exhaustion intensified by the lack of ventilation on stage at the venue. Doctors confirm via blood tests conducted that Jourgensen’s alcohol blood levels were well below normal and no narcotics were found in his system. As a result, Ministry has cancelled today’s appearance at the L’Etaples France Rock en Stock Festival in order to allow Mr. Jourgensen a few days rest to recuperate and receive additional medical attention in Switzerland. Jourgensen fully intends to complete the remaining shows on the Ministry DeFiBriLlaTouR European leg.

Jourgensen extends his most sincere apologies to his devoted Parisian fans who displayed so much love, respect and concern for him before and after the Ministry show. Says Jourgensen: “I will make it up to you, somehow. I love Paris, I love the Parisian people. I’m so sorry …but, shit happens and the shit hit the fan for me last night.”

Ministry management are calling it a “Full-System Collapse Due To Extreme Dehydration And Heat Exhaustion’ but the reporter from Radio Metal out of France had a different idea of what happned: “Because of vocalist Al Jourgensen’s alcohol problems, MINISTRY was forced to interrupt then later cancel its performance given this Saturday at the Bataclan in Paris, about 50 minutes into the show. Al Jourgensen was even taken to the hospital. The frontman came on stage rather intoxicated and was nearly unable to move throughout the performance. What a shame for Ministry fans who bought their ticket to, in the end, see the vocalist be painfully escorted off stage by the crew. Al Jourgensen has reportedly been drinking heavily earlier in the afternoon.Indeed, our photo gallery of the show, done by our photographer Julien Perez, depicts an Al Jourgensen who does seem really drunk. On the previous evening, on Friday, we saw Ministry’s performance at the Léz’Arts Scéniques festival in Sélestat and, though the show was great, Al had the empty eyes of someone who, already, wasn’t fully himself. Drinking a bottle of alcohol on stage, the vocalist did however manage to move, even if – assisted by a lot of samples – his voice was sometimes hesitant and his gestures were often vague.”

Click here for the complete report.

As a result of the situation, Ministry will not play the Rock En Stock festival tonight (July 29th). Click here for details.


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Tuska Open Air Metal Festival – Helsinki Finland June 27-29, 2012

July 28th, 2012


Tuska Open Air 2012

Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland

June 27-29, 2012

The Tuska Open Air Festival is definitely a real metal festival institution amongst all other metal festivals in Europe. This current area, Sivulahti, almost located in the heart of Helsinki, only a few kilometers away from the downtown, is a new home for Tuska for the second time. Suvilahti is more like an industrial environment with the burning and hot asphalt underfoot. When raining, at least the area won’t turn to one hell of a big mud fest.

Another thing forcing Tuska to make a change was the date. Originally the festival was supposed to be at the beginning of July, but another big more international based festival took over the date and Tuska was postponed until three weeks later. Well at least some people got pissed off at the changed date. Obviously a few band negotiations needed to start all over. Hopefully Tuska will return back to the original date.

The line-up looked once again – amazing. Megadeth and Ministry and of course the Swedish war trad metallers were headliners, but Lamb Of God had to pull out of Tuska because of the arrest of the frontman in Republic Czechia and was replaced by Finntroll and Animals As Leaders had to cancel as the band managed to miss the flight. Of course a few cult metal bands like Saint Vitus, A.R.G. could be witnessed. The festival was an utter success although the event wasn’t sold out. All in all 26,000 people visited Tuska during three days. was present to check out a lot of bands and enjoy the sun and rain.

Review and pics by Arto Lehtinen and Petri  Da Costa

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Tommy Victor of PRONG

May 1st, 2009

Tommy Victor of PRONG


Interviewed by EvilG

Questions by EvilG, Lord of the Wasteland, and Aaron Yurkiewicz

Prong are one of those bands that took different elements and styles and mixed them together and offered something completely new yet crushingly heavy. Many bands copied some of what they did, but the band never became as much of a household name as they should have. We spoke to Tommy about his career, playing in Ministry and Danzig, and asked for his reflections on things like the impact Prong has made, why the band broke up and then returned, and why in 2009 Prong is still here kicking our asses!


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R.E.M. Live in Burnaby – May 23, 2008

June 13th, 2008


Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Deer Lake Park

Burnaby, BC  Canada


***Live Review & All Photos By Lord of The Wasteland

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Static-X Live In Vancouver: July 10, 2007

July 18th, 2007

Richard’s On Richards
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Vancouver, BC  Canada


***Live Review & All Photos By Lord of The Wasteland

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Ministry & Revolting Cocks Live In Vancouver: May 30, 2006

June 13th, 2006

Ministry/Revolting Cocks
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
The Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC  Canada

***Review and Live Photos by Lord of The Wasteland

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Ministry Live In Vancouver: Sept. 30, 2004

October 24th, 2004

Ministry< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Monday September 30th, 2004

The Commodore Ballroom

Vancouver, BC Canada


Review and all live pictures by Lord of The Wasteland

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