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December 30th, 2014

Final Tour poster


28’th of October 2014


Motley Crue’s highly anticipated FINAL TOUR arrived in New York on late October. The tour was announced in January and it also feature a very special guest Alice Cooper. The tour has been a great success and so far all the dates have been sold out including this one in the legendary Madison Square Garden.

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Mick Mars of M?tley Cr?e

August 28th, 2005

Mick Mars of Motley Crue
Motley Crue – Back To Basics Brandishing A New Tattoo

Interviewed by Keith McDonald in August 2000

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Mick Mars of M?tley Cr?e

August 23rd, 2005

Mick Mars of M?tley Cr?e
Interviewed in Jan. 1999 by David Lee

MOTLEY CRUE is set to raise its middle digit to the world once more.  This time the vehicle is called “Greatest Hits” and the wheels have already begun to burn a bit of rubber across a very limp and lifeless music industry. Elektra records has been cast aside in favor of the Motleys own label and distribution network. An international tour of theaters and arenas to support the release is currently being planned and Tommy is, finally, out of jail! Things, as they say, are about to happen.

The group that set the standard for outrage and excellence is also using the American portion of their tour to fish for talent by allowing a local group to open the show in each market played. Standard practice for acts of lesser popularity but, virtually, unheard of for groups of MOTLEY CRUE’s stature. The “Kick Start Your Career” contest is an act of genuine class that the group feels it owes the next generation of rockers. A Motley Records(TM) compilation CD is scheduled to follow the tour and will, likely, launch several of these current unknowns onto the national stage.

One thing that you can set your watch by is the fact that their will be controversy of some kind attached to all these goings on. The last tour kept both the PMRC and local law enforcement officials busier than the Arkansas State Troopers under, then Governor, Clinton. Almost as predictable is the fact that Mick Mars will, probably, sit back and watch it all, preferring to let his six string wreak his share of the havoc.  Mars has established a following as a guitar hero that he, scarcely, seems to recognize. He is soft spoken and humble preferring to leave the term “legend” for his own heros, (OZZY and KISS), rather than for himself. In a phone interview Mick told me of both the immediate and some future plans for the band as well as the ongoing legal dispute with John Corabi. I don’t think that I can fully express my excitement over having the opportunity to interview such an important artist from my rock and roll adolescence. I did manage to keep from fawning for most of the interview so as to get as many pertinent facts as possible. In any case, here in his own words, is MOTLEY CRUE’s Mick Mars.

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