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AVANTASIA – Tobias Sammet

February 13th, 2016





Tobias Sammet is the man and the visionary behind Avantasia and Edguy. Tobias sat down with in Helsinki to discuss the brand new Avantasia opus entitled GHOSTLIGHTS. Avatansia is best known for their bombastic and rock opera oriented metal offerings. The band has conquered thousands of fans all over the world and they’re now more popular than ever. GHOSTLIGHTS is the bands seventh studio album. This is yet another masterpiece by Avantasia offering a magnificent journey into the world of Tobias Sammet and his musical adventures. Here’s the summary of the discussion we had about the album creation process, Avantasia in the Eurovision contest, the special quests, and more, including the current state of Edguy. Read on!  

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Royal Quest – Mastermind Yannis Androulakakis

July 17th, 2015


Mastermind Yannis Androulakakis – Royal Quest

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Birgitt Schwanke at GerMusica for setting up the interview.
Thanks to GerMusica for the promo pictuers

Interview_royal_quest_Yannis Androulakakis _3_2015

Yannis Androulakakis is a Greek guitarist and composer who has worked with metal, music for theater/musicals, and film soundtracks. In 1998 he and bass player Dennis Bekatoros formed the metal act Royal Quest and the work on a concept album began the year after. A lots of twists and turns ended up in Androulakakis making the album on his own, and it took him several years to finish off the album, but in 2014 the opus was finally ready to be unleashed. THE TALE OF MAN is the name of the album, and it’s a very ambitious work Androulakakis has unveiled to the masses. The album contains four different characters that bring the tale forward, and Androulakakis plays all the instruments on his own. In the interview Androulakakis speaks about the work he put into the album, work that began long before the legendary metal opera Avantasia was born, the past present and future of his career, and what he thinks of the Greek metal scene. Be sure to check out THE TALE OF MAN if you’re into metal operas like Avantasia, Genius etc.

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Avantasia – Tobias Sammet

March 27th, 2008


Written by Simon Lukic

Transcribed by Mike ‘fucking hostile’ Holmes


Tobias Sammet is currently one of Metal’s most engaging personalities. His work with Edguy has taken him to all corners of the world and has proven to be highly successful. However in 2001 Tobias surprised the Metal community with a project called Avantasia and the release of THE METAL OPERA PART 1 was a massive gift to fans. The album bought together a host of Power Metal’s greatest stars, the highlight being that Tobias was able to entice vocalist Michael Kiske back from a self imposed Metal exile. THE METAL OPERA PART 2 followed in 2002 and now we have the latest installment, THE SCARECROW. A different album in many ways THE SCARECROW shows another side of Tobias with many tracks leaning towards a Rock format, more so than ever before. It’s a great album nevertheless made even better with guest appearances from Eric Singer on drums and Alice Cooper on vocals. Michael makes a return as do a number of artist from the first two albums, so do check it out if you haven’t already. I had the opportunity to chat to Tobias and as always he was amicable and ready to talk.

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