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MELIAH RAGE “Warrior” album details

April 19th, 2014

The 8th full-length of the US power/thrash veterans from Boston MELIAH RAGE was supposed to be out last year, but apart from finding a new vocalist, the band didn’t have much luck, in particular due to health problems of the guitarist Anthony Nichols (who underwent 2 surgeries for herniated disc last June, and in December suffered severe wrist injury requiring multiple plates and screws). It will still take months before they can play live again, as besides the broken bones, Anthony’s tendons and nerves will need recovery time, but at least their new CD “Warrior” is finished and will be released onApril 25th through Metal on Metal Records. The label states: “The new album is more in-your-face and aggressive than their last one, mostly thanks to the new singer, whose vocals, while being pretty versatile, are less melodic, but the band’s trademark intricate dual guitar harmonies and melodic interludes are still there of course. They have delivered a solid, hook-filled album, and show they can still pack a punch.” 

The band’s vocalist, Marc Lopes, created a lyric video for “I Am the Pain”, which can be watched on YouTube. This song, along with 2 other songs off the album, “Stranger to Your Sympathy” and “Warrior”, are available for streaming from Metal on Metal Records website. And a promo clip for the album (featuring a fragment of a song“When We Wake”) can be seen on the label’s YouTube channel.

Here’s the track list of “Warrior”:
1. Warrior
2. I Am the Pain
3. Stranger to Your Sympathy
4. When We Wake
5. A Dying Day
6. These Scars
7. Garden of Evil
8. In Hate

The album art was designed by award-winning artist Martin Bouchard “Fitto”, and painted by Alec Dowie, the band’s drummer Stuart’s brother. More details about “Warrior” and high-res cover image can be found on the page of this release.

MELIAH RAGE “Warrior” CD is available for pre-ordering with a discount from Metal on Metal Records’ website, while the digital download (in lossless formats) from the Bandcamp page.  Later on it will be distributed digitally by CD Baby and made available also from iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and other retailers.

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MELIAH RAGE announces new singer; Song sample online

April 24th, 2013

Boston power/thrash veterans MELIAH RAGE have recently announced Marc Lopes joining their ranks as the new vocalist. This marks the end of the nearly 2 years of downtime for the band: they are currently working on a new album, “Warrior”, to be released this July through Metal on Metal Records, and getting ready to play some shows, including Warriors of Metal VI festival in June in Ohio (with ATTACKER, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, STEEL ASSASSIN, TWISTED TOWER DIRE and many others). The previous vocalist, Paul Souza, sang on “Dead to the World” (released in July 2011), but he was not a real band member, therefore the group hasn’t played a single show in support of their last album.

Commented the band’s founder and guitarist Anthony Nichols: “We knew a lot of the same people and decided to have Marc come in and work with producer Rich Spillberg. We are all very excited to work with Marc. He is a talented vocalist and highly motivated to write, tour and record with MELIAH RAGE.”

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MELIAH RAGE – “Where Nothing Ever Grows” music video; Warriors of Metal festival 2013

October 28th, 2012

Power/thrash metal veterans from Boston MELIAH RAGE have recently released a video for “Where Nothing Ever Grows”. The clip was produced by Brad Piche and Branden Maxham of Omnidawn Productions, who previously worked with the band on the “Hourglass” and “Halo of Flies” videos. The song comes from the band’s seventh full-length album “Dead to the World”, released in July 2011 through Metal on Metal Records, and lyrically deals with post-traumatic stress disorder. In the role of the soldier suffering from it you can see none other than the band’s own bass player Darren Lourie. The video can be watched on YouTube.

MELIAH RAGE have been confirmed as the Friday night headliner for the 6th edition Warriors Of Metal Fest Open Air that will take place on June 27th-29th 2013 in Pataskala, Ohio.

Band founder and guitarist Anthony Nichols states: “We in Meliah Rage are excited to announce that we will be headlining the first night of Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Open Air next year which will be the 25th anniversary of our debut release “Kill to Survive” and so we shall play the majority of the songs from that record during our set. This will be our one and only appearance in the midwestern United States region in 2013 and with any luck we’ll have a new record out by then as well!” 

Confirmed acts for Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Open Air include so far: Alas Negras, Amadis, Attacker, Axenstar, Brazen Angel, Dantesco, Dawn of Valor, Fiakra, Flotsam and Jetsam, Iron Will, Meliah Rage, Mistress, Noble Beast, October 31, Ravage, Seax, Skull Hammer, Solvo Animus, Sonic Pulse, Twisted Tower Dire, Vindicator, Voltax, Wulfhook.

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Songwriter and Pianist Micah Sheveloff Teams up with Meliah Rage Singer Mike Munro to Release Heaven and Hell Duet

May 16th, 2012

Video release a tribute to Ronnie James Dio on the 2nd anniversary of his passing


Songwriter and Pianist Micah Sheveloff Teams up with Meliah Rage Singer Mike Munro to Release Heaven and Hell Duet

Songwriter and Pianist Micah Sheveloff Teams up with Meliah Rage Singer Mike Munro to Release Heaven and Hell Duet

Micah Sheveloff, cofounder of The Voodoo Jets, has announced that he will be releasing a collection of piano-based songs called Exhibitionist on July 1st, 2012, featuring a host of guest artists. The first track to be unveiled, a piano and voice cover of Black Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell recorded with Meliah Rage singer Mike Munro, will be released on YouTube to commemorate the second anniversary of the legendary Sabbath singer’s passing. Official release date for the video is May 16th, 2012.

“This rendition of Heaven and Hell has been percolating inside my head since the song was first released over 30 years ago,” Sheveloff said. “I wanted to maintain the dark feel of the track on solo piano, staying away from anything too flowery while layering in some interesting chord changes—and the huge voice of Mike Munro seemed like a perfect fit. I am so thankful we were able to work together.”

Sheveloff’s release contains ten songs encompassing a wide array of mood, tempo and lyrical content. There are eight original compositions plus the Black Sabbath track and another cover duet with legendary Boston singer/songwriter Rick Berlin. Berlin sings Sheveloff’s piano arrangement of Cheap Trick’s Heaven Tonight. “I had several fundamental goals for this record—the first was to sing my own songs, establish my own voice,” Sheveloff explained. “I also wanted an opportunity to mix in the personalities and creative sensibilities of some gifted musicians, and everyone who participated in the project was amazing. I think recording live to 2-inch tape was a big part of it—I kept computers out of the equation until the mixing stage and that process allows great players to shine. I think we captured a lot of genuine human energy on this record,” Sheveloff added.

Drummer Greg Trabandt and bassist Clint Amereno anchored Sheveloff’s original songs, with guitarist Ed Vick sizzling on five tracks. Sheveloff also enlisted noted guitarist Marc Shulman (Suzanne Vega, others) to impart his ethereal style on two of the original songs. “I played a session some years ago and I remember asking the producer—who played those tasty guitar tracks? I’ve been looking for an opportunity to work with Marc ever since,” recalled Sheveloff.

Rounding out the guest list is renowned Vermont guitarist Paul Asbell and vocalist James Mix who teamed up with Connecticut jazz rhythm players Steve Clark (bass) and drummer Paul Mills on a song called Too Many Times.

Exhibitionist is an honest record. The writing is uninhibited; the players played, the singers stepped up to the mic and sung the songs. Recorded at New Haven’s Firehouse 12 using a 9-foot concert Steinway and a vintage Hammond B3, Exhibitionist is meant to be an intimate experience. Release date July 1st, 2012.

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July 8th, 2011

MELIAH RAGE have recently signed with Metal On Metal Records and have finished the work on their new album.
Commented guitarist and band’s founder Anthony Nichols: “MELIAH RAGE is pleased to announce our recent signing with Italy’s own Metal On Metal Records. We look forward to working with Jowita and Simone, who have already proven to be not only die-hard metal fans themselves, but true professionals. Our new record “Dead To The World” is set to hit the streets this summer, and features the return of Paul Souza to the fold on vocals.”

The 7th full-length studio album (or 8th if you count also “Unfinished Business” CD) of these US power/thrash metal veterans “Dead To The World” will be available since July 28th.

For now you can listen to 2 songs from “Dead To The World” album: “Where Nothing Ever Grows” and “Up In Flames” from the player on Metal On Metal Records website ( and to the 3rd song “Never From Me” from the band’s MySpace page ( Here’s the complete track list (please note it has changed since the news in February):
1. Up In Flames
2. Valley Of The Shadowless Souls
3. Skin And Bones
4. Absolute Obedience
5. Where Nothing Ever Grows
6. Never From Me
7. Cold Cruel Fate
8. Time Won’t Let Me Breathe
9. Awaken Sorrow

The album’s album artwork was created by Jowita Kaminska (, known from her work on EXODUS “Tempo Of The Damned”, WITCHBURNER “Final Detonation”, “Blood Of Witches” and “Demons”, MANILLA ROAD “Gates Of Fire”, ATTACKER “The Unknown”, FORSAKEN “Dominaeon” and “After The Fall”, DANTESCO “De La Mano De La Muerte” and “Pagano”, METAL INQUISITOR “Doomsday For The Heretic”, PARAGON “Screenslaves”, DECEASED “As The Weird Travel On” and many other cover arts.

MELIAH RAGE “Dead To The World” cover art:

MELIAH RAGE "Dead To The World"

You can pre-order MELIAH RAGE “Dead To The World” from Metal On Metal Records website ( either as a regular or special tin-case edition with 2 photos. With this pre-order, you’ll get a download link for one unreleased song from 2003 sessions as a free bonus.

But before you can have the album on CD (or as mp3s, because it will be available for downloading as well), you can buy digital single “Cold Cruel Fate”. It’s available from CD Baby (, iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and other digital stores.

MELIAH RAGE “Cold Cruel Fate” digital single cover art:

MELIAH RAGE "Cold Cruel Fate" digital single cover art

Check out this short promo clip for the album and the single:

(Additional info)
These US power/thrash veterans probably don’t need much introduction, as classics like “Kill To Survive” or “Solitary Solitude” made their name well know in the scene. Formed in 1987 in Boston, MA, MELIAH RAGE soon signed a deal with Epic Records, that released their first 3 albums (including the live EP). After some time off during the period when grunge was hip and good bands were being dropped one by one, MELIAH RAGE came back together in 1996 to record another album and until now released 5 CDs, all through independent labels.

MELIAH RAGE @ Facebook:
MELIAH RAGE @ Metal On Metal Records:
MELIAH RAGE official homepage:


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Meliah Rage to Record & Tour with Paul Souza; Band to play Headbangers Open Air Festival 2011 in Germany

January 26th, 2011

Meliah Rage has announced that singer Paul Souza has returned to record a new full length CD as well as the band’s first ever cover song, a version of Alice Cooper’s Halo of Flies. The song will be a bonus track on the soon to be re-released remix of 2004’s “Barley Human.” The band will then begin recording its next record with Souza in February and March, slated to be called Dead to the World.

The band’s original singer Mike Munro has become very dedicated to his church and recently spent time volunteering in Haiti—Munro felt these and other missions of goodwill would not allow him the flexibility of schedule to tour with Meliah Rage.

Souza recorded two records with Meliah Rage—Barely Human as well as 2006’s The Deep and Dreamless Sleep. The remix will officially be called Barely Human Remix. “We feel very fortunate that we have the ability to work with Paul, complete this CD and play some shows,” explained Meliah Rage founder Anthony Nichols. Souza was the singer when the band toured with Metal Church across the U.S. in 2007.

A video for Halo of Flies was shot last month and will be released in mid February. Dead to the World is slated for release in July just before the band heads for Germany to play The Headbangers Open Air Festival. The track list for the new record is:

Skin And Bones

Up In Flames

Absolute Obedience

Hurts Like Hell

Time Won’t Let Me Breathe

Blood On The Stage


Static Station

Black Moon Sk

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Metal Church Vocalist Ronny Munroe

September 29th, 2008



Vocalist Ronny Munroe


***Interview By Lord of The Wasteland (Transcription By "Kill" Kamerman)

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Meliah Rage Guitarist Tony Nichols

November 19th, 2004


Interview By Lord of The Wasteland

All Pics courtesy of


Exodus, < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Metal Church, Megadeth, Metallica?Meliah Rage?  Yep, the Boston-based power thrash band deserves to be part of this list not only for having toured with them but also for unleashing two of the most underrated albums of the ?80s?1988?s KILL TO SURVIVE and 1990?s SOLITARY SOLITUDE.  The band was swallowed up by the grunge movement and dropped off the scene for a few years but their comeback album, BARELY HUMAN, finds three-fifths of the classic line-up in place and they are back with a vengeance. 

< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 

Being a long-time fan of Meliah Rage, it excited me to hear that the band was getting back together for a new album.  I hoped that, as is too often the case, the new CD would not tarnish the band?s legacy and find them clutching desperately at past glories.  Fortunately, BARELY HUMAN sees the band keeping every bit of the aggressive riffing and mixing it with melodies and a modern take on their classic sound. 


Guitarist and founding member, Tony Nichols, called me up one cool, October Sunday afternoon and for forty minutes, we discussed the new CD, the changes in metal over the last fifteen years and talked shop about Annihilator, Manowar and Godsmack, among other things. If you?re a fan of Bay Area thrash and aggressive metal, check out Meliah Rage, but first, read what Tony has to say?



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