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Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2017 – 20th Anniversary – Suvilahti – Helsinki – Finland

August 23rd, 2017

The Tuska Open Air Festival is definitely a real metal institution among metal festivals in Europe. The mighty Tuska festival has reached one hell of a milestone in the long, yet metallic mayhem history. Tuska celebrated its 20th anniversary this year which is pretty damn good for a festival like this. The line-up was huge, covering a wide range of different types of metal. It was obvious the Finnish Love metal messengers HIM was one of those names pulling a lot of people from other countries. Besides, HIM announced that they will call its quits after this year. Anyhow, Sabaton, Suicidal Tendencies, Amorphis, Tryptikon etc. and a plenty of other bands made Tuska definitely great.  All in all 37,000 people made a visit to Tuska during these three days.

By : Marko Syrjala; Arto Lehtinen; Petri Da Costa

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Bill Kelliher of Mastodon – Emperor of Sand has Little Bit of Each Record in it!

May 24th, 2017

Interview by Robert Cavuoto



Mastodon has just released their eighth full-length album entitled, Emperor of Sand. The CD is framed around the tragic turn of events that transpired when Brann Dailor and Bill Kelliher’s family members were diagnosed with cancer. The two talked everyday about their loved ones getting sick, dying, and how much time they have on this planet. Together they went into the studio to lay down some of the bands most adventurous and epic tracks to date, a cathartic release given to the fans. Mastodon is Troy Sanders on bass/vocals, Brent Hinds on guitar/vocals, Bill Kelliher on guitar Brann Dailor on drums/vocals.

I had the pleasure of speaking with guitarist Bill Kelliher to discuss the making of this CD and the band’s skyrocketing career.

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Bloodstock Open Air 2016 @ Catton Hall, Derbyshire

August 30th, 2016

Bloodstock Open Air 2016

@Catton Hall, Derbyshire

11th – 14th August 2016

Review by Demitri Levantis

Photography and Additional Reviews by Graham Hilling

Derbyshire is probably the last place you’d expect to find metal. It’s not one of England’s most famous counties, nor has it built up a reputation for a place of art and culture. But within the south of this quaint midlands county, some of the country’s finest music promoters are at work building the county’s reputation as a haven for metalheads.


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BLOODSTOCK Release Day Tickets; Launch YouTube Competition

July 7th, 2016

Just six short weeks ‘til the gates are opened at Catton Park and the metal hoards flood onto the hallowed turf for BLOODSTOCK 2016!  To celebrate, day tickets are now on sale!  Ticket prices have been frozen for the FOURTH year running at £60 each (+ booking fee) and are available here.


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Bloodstock Open Air 2016 Less Than 3 Months Away!

May 23rd, 2016

Bloodstock, the UK’s biggest and best heavy metal festival is back again this year at Catton Park, Derbyshire, with as monstrous a line-up as ever.

The four day event, also featuring four stages, will be presenting headliners Twisted Sister, Slayer and Mastodon alongside thrash gods Anthrax, black metal innovators Venom, and American progressive metallers Symphony X.

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Hellfest Festival 2015

July 16th, 2015

Hellfest Festival 2015

@ Clisson, France

19th-21st June 2015

Review by Anna Dumpe and Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Photos by Gavin Lowery and Ritchie Birnie

Break out the balloons – it’s birthday time! No, not just mine (although thank you very much), but Hellfest’s big 1-0, the crossing point into double figures, the decade marker.  It’s practically an institution now, not just in France, not just in Europe but across the world with folks coming from every which place to rock n revel. Hellfest is just about the best damn festival out there, so you KNOW this is going to be special.


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Mastodon + Bad Breeding @Ulster Hall, Belfast, June 28th 2015

July 6th, 2015

Mastodon + Bad Breeding

Ulster Hall, Belfast
June 28th, 2015

Review by Melanie Brehaut
Photos by Jamie Hunter 

Mastodon Ulster Hall

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July 17th, 2013

Download Festival 2013

@ Donington Park, UK

June 13th-15th

Review by Anna Dumpe

Download 2013

Download Festival is known as one of the most exciting rock/metal festivals all over the world. It’s usually one of the first events to kick off the festival season and it never disappoints. For eleven years in a row, Download has booked some of the biggest names in rock and metal music scene and 2013 was no different. Three acts to headline the Download weekend of June 13th-15th included Slipknot, Iron Maiden and Rammstein. However, many other bands appeared on five different stages across the weekend and we were there to catch as many of them as possible. So we offer you to read about our Download 2013 adventures and see what you missed out on, if you weren’t there.


The excitement that kicks in once you arrive to the arena is inconceivable. You see first bands hitting the stage and thousands of heavy metal fans arriving and gathering together. The sun is shining and beer is flowing signalizing the beginning of one of the most exciting weekends of the year.

We’re at Download 2013. This is happening…

Download 2013

Download 2013

The first band we get to catch when arriving to the arena is Asking Alexandria.
While the legendary Uriah Heep are performing on the Second (The Zippo Encore) stage. It’s an easy decision, so we quickly pass the Main stage to kick off our Download 2013 with some good old “Easy Livin’”.

Uriah Heep put on a great show and it’s a pleasure to be watching such a classic band still going strong. They’re still sounding tight and perform some of their greatest tunes they’ve ever written, like “Sunrise,” “Gypsy,” “Look at yourself” and, obviously, “Easy Livin’”.

After a great set by Uriah Heep, we head back to the Main Stage to see Papa Roach.
We wonder if there are still people out there that genuinely love this band, taking that their streak of luck happened quite a while ago. About a minute later our question is answered when we’re nearly swept off our feet by thousands of Papa Roach fans, running head over heels, just to fight their way through the crowd and get to the front of the stage. True story, ladies and gent. It was crazy.

Papa Roach set is everything you’d expect from it. It’s energetic, fun and a bit ridiculous when singer Jacoby Shaddix jumps off the stage to dive in the mud. …but that’s what you do when you’re at Download Festival, right?

Not everyone’s a fan of this band, but trust us on this one. When it comes to hits like “Between Angels and Insects,” “Scars” and “Last Resort,” not a single person in the audience is able to stand still.

After a good shot of energy delivered by Papa Roach, we head over to The Pepsi Max Stage to witness The Sword blast out some epic riffs in the best retro-metal manner. Coming all the way from Austin, Texas to perform material off their new album ‘Apocryphon’ and throw in some good old classics, like “Freya,” The Sword guys prove themselves as a great bunch of professionals that manage to sound live as great as they sound on the record.

Back to the Main Stage and it’s time to see Down.
Phil Anselmo and the boys have chosen to perform a great selection of tunes turning their set into an absolutely ripping performance. Songs like “Witchtripper,” “Lifer,” “Ghosts Along the Mississippi,” “Stone The Crow” and “Bury Me In Smoke” go down exceptionally well.

Best comments in-between songs and the funniest facial expressions delivered by the one and only Mr. Phil Anselmo; there is no stage too big for that man.

Next up on the main stage are Korn with a thrilling and rather challenging set, as they mix all the well-known classics with some fresh material off their latest album The Path Of Totality. Dub step inspired tracks, like “Narcissistic Cannibal” and “Get Up!” go down surprisingly well and the audience seems to be having a blast.

Songs like “Falling Away From Me,” “Coming Undone”, “Did My Time” and “Freak On A Leash” are sounding as powerful as ever and takes us on a sentimental trip back to the 1990’s when nu-metal and dreadlocks ruled the charts and were a part of every teenager’s life.

Next up on the Main Stage are Bullet For My Valentine.
Apologies to all their fans, but no, thank you.

We leave the Main stage to catch the upcoming and in-every-aspect-awesome-and-mind-blowing French trio The Algorithm. They’re on at The Red Bull Studios Stage and deliver a killer of a set. Songs like “Trojans” and “Access Granted” are the right party anthems to officially kick off this Friday night. As amusing it might seem to see hundreds of metal heads bounce around to electronic music mixed with proper metal breakdowns, it’s also incredibly satisfying to see so many people that seek variety in heavy metal genre and are here to support upcoming artists, like The Algorithm.

Just before it’s time to head to the Main stage for tonight’s headliners, we wander off to the Second Stage and catch a bit of Gogol Bordello’s on-stage shenanigans.

Download 2013

Download 2013

Bringing a full band of eight people with him, he puts on a show that’s as entertaining as hectic and chaotic. There’s a mad party happening on-stage and within the audience, as the band performs hits like “Wonderlust King,” “Break The Spell” and “Start Wearing Purple”.

Gogol Bordello is a gypsy punk band you must see if you’re familiar with or a fan of Eastern European and Russian culture, as hearing their music will make you want to down vodka, dance a little stupid and swear in Russian. What a band..!

After a nice day of watching lots of great bands and drinking beer with your mates, it seems that it doesn’t get any better than this, but just because we’re at Download, it does, in fact, get a lot better.

It’s Friday night at Download 2013 and 90’000 people are here in Donington Park to witness Slipknot headline the Main stage for the first time since 2009. The crowd is buzzing with excitement, as we prepare to be blown away by their performance.

Download 2013

Download 2013

Slipknot take the stage with an incredible amount of energy and they manage to own the crowd within seconds.
Opening their set with “Disasterpiece,” Slipknot manage to shake the grounds of Donington like a thunderstorm. Blasting out a hit after hit, they seem to have managed to put together a set list to please any kind of Slipknot fan. Classics like “Wait and Bleed,” “Dead Memories,” “Sulfur,” “Psychosocial” and “Duality”, which is dedicated to Paul Gray, really make the crowd go nuts.

There’s mosh-pits, circle-pits, crowd surfing and random human bodies flying around the place. The performance is stopped twice during songs “Before I Forget” and “Left Behind”, as the safety barrier in front of the stage collapses twice. It’s an absolute madness, but it’s also the best fun we’ve had in a long time.

The band appear to be in a great shape and are sounding superb. Corey Taylor’s vocal parts are sounding immense and Joey Jordison’s drumming is, as always, spectacular and a real entertainment to watch. Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan is a great entertainer, as she smacks the hell out of his percussions while spinning up in the air.

After finishing their set with “Spit it Out,” Slipknot return to stage for an encore of “(sic),” “People = Shit” and “Surfacing”.
The band really put their heart and soul into this performance and you would struggle to find a single member of the audience that was left unsatisfied.

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Copenhell Festival 2012 at Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark

August 14th, 2012

Copenhell Festival




15-16/6 – 2012

Live pictures and reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson




Here comes a review of the great Copenhell festival that took place during two slightly rainy days in the middle of June. Acts that performed included Slayer, Anthrax, Lamb Of God, Immortal, Saxon, Gojira etc.. Lets take a closer look at what the festival had to bring…..



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May 7th, 2012






May 7, 2012 – (Burbank, CA) – Mastodon have announced that they hit the road in Europe, performing both major festivals, including Pinkpop, Sonisphere, and Nova Rock, as well as headlining shows beginning May 23rd and continuing through the end of June. Mastodon will also perform at both the Reading and Leeds Festivals in the U.K. in August. Mastodon have always commanded a high press profile abroad and THE HUNTER continues to amaze fan and critics alike. Kerrang! Magazine, the UK’s leading hard rock publication has nominated Mastodon in both “Best Album,” and “Best Video: “Curl Of The Burl” at this year’s Kerrang! Awards set for June 7th, in London. Click here for further info.

Mastodon are touring in support of their critically acclaimed current album The Hunter, which entered the Billboard Top 200 Album chart in the Top 10 and found its way onto several Year End/Best Of critics’ lists, including those compiled by Rolling Stone, Spin, Revolver, Decibel and many more. A video for the current single, “Dry Bone Valley,” shot live at London’s Brixton Academy, has been posted here. Another live video clip from the same show for “All The Heavy Lifting,” is being readied for release now. Details to be revealed soon.

The band travels to Europe a few days after performing at this year’s Rock on the Range Festival on May 20th. Mastodon have been on the road since early April co-headlining a triumphant U.S. tour with Swedish metal band Opeth and special guest Ghost that wraps on May 12th with a show in Mastodon’s hometown Atlanta at The Masquerade. As ever, the press remains in thrall of Mastodon’s powerful presence:

“Sinewy tendrils that wrap around your ankles and pull you into the deep end. by the time the band closed out the show with the almost-pretty “The Sparrow,” it was hard not to feel like you had been a part of something grand in scale.・- GuitarWorld.Com

“Mastodon came out heavy from the start and stayed in that gear for most of its set. The impressive Mastodon does a lot of things in double — the dual vocals of Brent Hinds and Troy Sanders, the synchronized guitars of Hinds and Bill Kelliher and the drumming of Brann Dailor, who often sounds like two people…all of which kept the mosh pit in motion.” —  Pittsburgh Post Gazette


“Like the beast it’s named after, Atlanta’s Mastodon makes a hell of a racket. In just over a decade, the band has released five albums and each has been better than the last, culminating in 2011’s The Hunter.” – Dallas Observer


Mastodon on the road with Opeth:

05/07    Minneapolis, MN    Brick – Ghost 8:00 | Opeth 8:50 | Mastodon 10:20

05/09    Washington, DC    The Fillmore – Ghost 7:30 | Mastodon 8:20 | Opeth 9:50

05/10    Charlotte, NC       The Fillmore – Ghost 7:30 | Opeth 8:20 | Mastodon 9:50

05/11    Myrtle Beach, SC  House of Blues – Ghost 8:00 | Opeth 8:50 | Mastodon 10:20

05/12    Atlanta, GA          Masquerade Music Park – Ghost 7:00 | Opeth 7:50 | Mastodon 9:20


Rock on the Range Festival:

05/20     Columbus, OH       Crew Stadium


European and Canadian tour dates:

05/23    Oslo, Norway            Valle Hovin

05/25    Lisbon, Portugal         Bela Vista Park / Rock in Rio Lisbon (w/ Metallica, etc.)

05/26    Madrid, Spain            Getafe Sonisphere

05/27    Landgraaf, Holland      Pinkpop Festival

05/28    Werchter, Belgium       Boutique Festival (w/ Metallica, etc.)

05/30    Yverdon, Switzerland   Sonisphere at Rives du Lac (w/ Metallica, etc.)

06/01    Bavaria, Germany        Rock In Park Clubstage

06/02    Nurburgring, Germany  Rock Am Ring Clubstage

06/03    Warsaw, Poland          Ursynalia Festival

06/06    Horsens, Denmark        Open Air

06/07    Sölvesborg, Sweden     Sweden Rock Festival

06/08    Zagreb, Croatia           Rokaj Festival

06/09    Muenster, Germany       Vainstream Festival

06/10    Nickelsdorf, Austria       Nova Rock Festival (w/ Metallica, etc.)

06/13    Bergen, Norway           Bergen Calling

06/15    Copenhagen, Denmark   Copenhell Festival

06/16    Gothenburg, Sweden     Metaltown

06/17    Seinäjoki, Finland          Provinssirock

06/19    Tallinn, Estonia             Rock Café

06/20    Riga, Latvia                 Palladium

06/23    Roeser, Luxembourg      Rock A Field Festival

06/24    Eindhoven, Holland        Effenaar

06/25   Amsterdam, Holland       Melkweg Max

06/27   Rome, Italy                  Atlantico

06/29   Werchter, Belgium          Rock

06/30    Belfort, France             Eurokennes

07/14    Ottawa, ON                 Ottawa Bluesfest

07/15    Quebec, QC                 Festival D’Ete Quebec

08/25    Reading, England           Reading Festival

08/26    Leeds, England              Leeds Festival




MASTODON:  Troy Sanders — Bass Guitar / Vocals
Brent Hinds — Guitars / Vocals
Bill Kelliher — Guitars
Brann Dailor — Drums / Vocals

For information, merch and so much more visit:


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Mastodon Release Live Video Clip Of New Single “Dry Bone Valley” + Hit The Road This Week For Co-Headlining Spring Tour With Opeth

April 3rd, 2012



April 3, 2012 – (Burbank, CA) – MASTODON have posted a live video of their new single “Dry Bone Valley.” The performance was shot live at London’s Brixton Academy – the band’s biggest UK headlining show to date in front of a sold-out manic crowd. View “Dry Bone Valley (Live)” here.


“Dry Bone Valley” is the second single from Mastodon’s critically acclaimed Top 10 album The Hunter, and has just entered the Top 20 at radio this week. As expected, The Hunter found its way onto several Year End/Best Of Critics’ Lists, including those compiled by Rolling Stone, Spin, Revolver, Decibel and many more.


The song’s original video was created by noted fine artist Tim Biskup, a long-time friend who has amassed a cadre of loyal fans and collectors of his painting and sculpture. Watch that clip here.


This week, Mastodon hit the road for a co-headlining tour with Swedish metal band Opeth, plus special guests Ghost. The coast-to-coast trek kicks off Wednesday, April 4th. Watch a trailer for the tour here.


Tour dates and Set times as follows:

Be sure to arrive early to see Special Guests, Ghost.


04/04                Portland, ME                  State TheaterGhost 7:30 | Opeth 8:20 | Mastodon 9:50

04/05                Boston, MA                    Orpheum Theater Ghost 7:30 | Mastodon 8:20 | Opeth 9:50

04/06                Montreal, QC                 Metropolis Ghost 7:30 | Mastodon 8:20 | Opeth 9:50

04/07                Toronto, ON                    Sony Centre Ghost 7:30 | Mastodon 8:20 | Opeth 9:50

04/09                Philadelphia, PA           Electric Factory Ghost 7:30 | Opeth 8:20 | Mastodon 9:50

04/10                Wallingford, CT  The    Dome Ghost 7:30 | Opeth 8:20 | Mastodon 9:50

04/11                New York, NY                  Roseland Ballroom Ghost 7:00 | Opeth 7:50 | Mastodon 9:20

04/13                Chicago, IL                     Riviera Theatre Ghost 7:00 | Opeth 8:00 | Mastodon 9:40

04/14                Grand Rapids, MI         The IntersectionGhost 8:00 | Opeth 8:50 | Mastodon 10:20

04/15                Pittsburgh, PA                Stage AE Ghost 7:30 | Opeth 8:20 | Mastodon 9:50

04/16                Knoxville, TN                 TN Theater Ghost 7:30 | Opeth 8:20 | Mastodon 9:50

04/18                Oklahoma City, OK       Diamond Ballroom Ghost 7:30 | Opeth 8:20 | Mastodon 9:50

04/19                Dallas, TX                       Palladium Ballroom Ghost 7:30 | Mastodon 8:20 | Opeth 9:50

04/20                San Antonio, TX             Back Stage Live Ghost 8:00 | Mastodon 8:50 | Opeth 10:20

04/21                Corpus Christi, TX        Concrete StreetGhost 8:00 | Mastodon 8:50 | Opeth 10:20

04/23                Denver, CO                     Fillmore Auditorium Ghost 7:30 | Mastodon 8:20 | Opeth 9:50

04/25                Las Vegas, NV                House of Blues  Ghost 6:30 | Opeth 7:20 | Mastodon 8:50

04/26                Los Angeles, CA             Gibson Amphitheatre Ghost 8:15 | Mastodon 9:05 | Opeth 10:35

04/27                Oakland, CA                  Fox Theatre Ghost 8:00 | Mastodon 8:50 | Opeth 10:20

04/28                Reno, NV                        Grand Sierra Resort Ghost 8:00 | Opeth 8:50 | Mastodon 10:20

04/30                Seattle, WA                    The Paramount  Ghost 7:00 | Mastodon 7:50 | Opeth 9:20

05/01                Vancouver, BC               Orpheum Theatre Ghost 7:00 | Mastodon 7:50 | Opeth 9:20

05/03                Edmonton, AB               Events Center Ghost 8:00 | Mastodon 8:50 | Opeth 10:20

05/04                Calgary, AB                    MacEwan Hall Ghost 8:00 | Opeth 8:50 | Mastodon 10:20

05/05                Saskatoon, SK               The Odeon Ghost 8:00 | Mastodon 8:50 | Opeth 10:20

05/06                Winnipeg, MB               Burton Cummings Ghost 8:00 | Mastodon 8:50 | Opeth 10:20

05/07                Minneapolis, MN         Brick Ghost 8:00 | Opeth 8:50 | Mastodon 10:20

05/09                Washington, DC           The Fillmore Ghost 7:30 | Mastodon 8:20 | Opeth 9:50

05/10                Charlotte, NC                The Fillmore Ghost 7:30 | Opeth 8:20 | Mastodon 9:50

05/11                Myrtle Beach, SC          House of Blues Ghost 8:00 | Opeth 8:50 | Mastodon 10:20

05/12                Atlanta, GA                    Masquerade Music Ghost 7:00 | Opeth 7:50 | Mastodon 9:20


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January 31st, 2012



January 31st, 2012 – (Burbank, CA) – Grammy nominees Mastodon have announced that they will hit the road for a spring North American tour in support of their current album The Hunter, which was released by Reprise Records in September. The tour kicks off on April 4th in Portland, ME, and visits more than 30 cities in the U.S. and Canada before wrapping up with a hometown show at Atlanta’s Masquerade Music Park on May 12th. These shows will feature an amazing night of powerful music featuring a dream bill with Swedish metal band Opeth as co-headliners, with special guest Ghost providing support on all dates. Collectively Mastodon has stated: “We’re excited to co-headline this tour with Opeth for whom we have great respect and admiration. Having Ghost along as well will make this tour a special event.”  Tickets go on sale February 3rd and 4th. Visit for details.  There will be a Fan Presale scheduled to begin at 3pm local venue time on Wednesday, February 1stavailable only at


Mastodon have recently posted a very special video for their new single “Dry Bone Valley,” created by noted fine artist Tim Biskup, a long-time friend who has amassed a cadre of loyal fans and collectors of his painting and sculpture. Watch the new video here.


“Dry Bone Valley” is the second single from Mastodon’s critically acclaimed album The Hunter, which found its way onto several Year End/Best Of critics’ lists, including those compiled by Rolling Stone, Spin, Revolver, Decibel and many more.


Released on September 27th, The Hunter entered the Billboard Top 200 Album chart in the Top 10. The first single, “Curl of the Burl,” has been nominated for a 2012 Grammy Award for “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance.”  Radio play for the track brought even Mastodon to the attention of the mainstream masses by rocketing into the Top 15 of the Billboard charts resulting in their greatest radio presence to date. By comparison, “Dry Bone Valley” is already accelerating with more immediate impact on radio waves. The press also continues to pledge their commitment:


“Mastodon exists as one of the most crucial and challenging acts working today.” – The Los Angeles Times


“Zeus be praised!  Mastodon streamlined their molten thrash into a taut thwump that doesn’t pull back one bit on their natural complexity of innate weirdness.” – Rolling Stone’s Best of 2011


Mastodon is currently immersed in an extensive tour of Europe and Australia. At the conclusion of the tour, Mastodon will fly directly to Los Angels to attend the Grammys as “Curl Of The Burl” has captured a nomination for  “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance.” Have a look at the official video for “Curl Of The Burl” here.  The 54th Grammy Awards Show will take place in Los Angeles on February 12th and be broadcast on CBS stations.


Tour dates as follows:

(M) Indicates Mastodon closes the show

(O) Indicates Opeth closes the show


04/04                Portland, ME                 State Theater (M)

04/05                Boston, MA                   Orpheum Theater (O)

04/06                Montreal, QC                 Metropolis (O)

04/07                Toronto, ON                   Sony Centre (O)

04/09                Philadelphia, PA              Electric Factory(M)

04/10                Wallingford, CT              The Dome (M)

04/11                New York, NY                 Roseland Ballroom (M)

04/13                Chicago, IL                    Riviera Theatre(M)

04/14                Grand Rapids, MI            The Intersection       (M)

04/15                Pittsburgh, PA               Stage AE (M)

04/16                Knoxville, TN                 TN Theater (O)

04/18                Oklahoma City, OK          Diamond Ballroom (M)

04/19                Dallas, TX                     Palladium Ballroom (O)

04/20                San Antonio, TX            Back Stage Live (O)

04/21                Corpus Christi, TX          Concrete Street (O)

04/23                Denver, CO                   Fillmore Auditorium (O)

04/25                Las Vegas, NV               House of Blues            (M)

04/26                Los Angeles, CA             Gibson Amphitheatre (O)

04/27                Oakland, CA                  Fox Theatre (O)

04/28                Reno, NV                     Grand Sierra Resort (M)

04/30                Seattle, WA                 The Paramount        (O)

05/01                Vancouver, BC              Orpheum Theatre (O)

05/03                Edmonton, AB               Edmonton Events Center (O)

05/04                Calgary, AB                  MacEwan Hall (M)

05/05                Saskatoon, SK             The Odeon (O)

05/06                Winnipeg, MB               Burton Cummings Theatre (O)

05/09                Washington, DC            The Fillmore (O)

05/10                Charlotte, NC                The Fillmore (M)

05/11                Myrtle Beach, SC            House of Blues            (M)

05/12                Atlanta, GA                   Masquerade Music Park (M)


More Mastodon information to be announced soon.


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December 2nd, 2011
Mastodon - The Hunter

Mastodon - The Hunter

December 2, 2011 (Burbank, CA) – Nominations for the 54th Grammy Awards were announced Nov. 30th in Los Angeles. Among them, hard rock icons MASTODON received the Grammy nod for “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance” for “Curl Of The Burl,” the first single from their new album, THE HUNTER. At present, “Curl Of The Burl” is ascending the Active Rock charts in the Top 15 and moving towards Top 10 territory. Have a look at the official video for “Curl Of The Burl” here.


THE HUNTER was released this past Sep 27th, and entered the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts in the Top 10 and immediately warranted Global critical praise.


Mastodon received their first Grammy nomination in 2006 for the single “Colony Of Birchmen,” from their Reprise Records debut album BLOOD MOUNTAIN, also in the “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance” category. Although the award went to their good friends Slayer, BLOOD MOUNTAIN went on totop several Year End “Best Of” and/or “Critics Lists” including Rolling Stone, Billboard, Decibel, Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, Blender, Total Guitar to name a few.


The members of Mastodon received the news of their nomination while on tour and responded in kind: “We were so excited to find out that we’ve been nominated for a Grammy. It’s a huge honor for our band, and we really appreciate the recognition.”

Mastodon will end their current US tour today, Dec 2nd, in their hometown of Atlanta with a special show. A tour of the U.K. and Europe will follow and wrap on Feb 11th.

The 54th Grammy Awards Show will take place in Los Angles the following day, Feb 12th and broadcast on CBS stations.

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Unholy Alliance Tour Live In Vancouver: July 13, 2006

August 2nd, 2006

Unholy Alliance Tour
Thursday, July 13, 2006
General Motors Place
Vancouver, BC  Canada

**Review & All Photos By Lord of The Wasteland

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Ozzfest 2005

January 17th, 2006

Thursday, August 11, 2005
White River Amphitheatre
Auburn, Washington  USA


**Live Review & All Photos By Lord of The Wasteland (NOTE: Photo approval was not granted for Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath)

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