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Machine Head’s Robb Flyyn calls out Phil Anselmo for Racist Salute

January 29th, 2016
Machine Head

Machine Head

As reported/transcribed by Ultimate Guitar:

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn issued a video response toPhil Anselmo‘s recent racist outburst.

As reported, Anselmo concluded the recent “DimebashDimebag Darrel tribute show by shouting “White power” and giving the crowd a Nazi salute.

Robb stressed that only in metal community are things like this so easily “brushed off,”addressing the majority of online comments that had the “lighten up, grow a thick skin” type of attitude.

He pointed out: “If this was Chad from Nickelback, if this was Justin Bieber, if this was Tom Brady, if this wasLars fucking Ulrich, heads would roll! Holy shit, the goddamn shitstorm that would fly around if Lars Ulrich screamed ‘White power’ from the stage!

“The same silly argument: ‘Why is it OK for a black man to say ‘Black pride,’ but it’s not OK for a white man to say ‘White pride’?’ Well for one, in case you need a little brush up on your history, white men aren’t oppressed by black people here in America.”

He added about racism: “I’m talking about our lifetime – 40-50 years now. No white person has been oppressed by black people, quite the contrary. And it’s not OK to scream ‘White power’ and then brush it off as a fucking joke about white wine, especially when there was none.”

Focusing on how Anselmo acted that night and during the show, at which Robb was also present as a special guest, Flynn said that Phil was obnoxious, noting:

“Within 30 seconds of sitting down and talking to him, this drunk ass decided to let me know that he hated the ‘nigger era‘ of Machine Head, ‘hated it with a passion, that stupid look.’

“I just laughed in his face,” Robb added, saying how ridiculous it is that Anselmo makes image remarks considering Pantera’s early glam era.

Directly addressing Phil, Robb said: “I had to stand on that fucking stage with you, and granted, I wasn’t on that stage when you said all that stupid shit; no, I was only on stage when we were playing ‘New Level,’ and you were sieg-heiling after the ‘and power (white power)’, like you’ve done forever now.

“And nobody calls you on it! No bands call you on it. I’ve talked to people on so many tours, ‘Yeah, Anselmo’s out there sieg-heiling and mouthing the words ‘white power.’ Why don’t you call him out on it?! ”Cause I love Panteraman, and who wants to start shit with him?!’

“Exactly, who wants to start shit with you? You’re a big bully, a big scary dude. But, enough’s enough. Enough’s enough!

“Now, I haven’t felt connected to the metal community for quite some time now. I don’t get it, I don’t get how this kind of shit is tolerated!

“Do I think we should go and lynch Phil Anselmo and call for his head? No, you are more than welcome to say all that shit. But that freedom of speech doesn’t allow you freedom from criticism. ‘Cause that shit’s wrong!

“If you weren’t offended by that, fuck you! Fuck you! FUCK YOU! There’s no place for that in metal! And if there is a place for that in metal, count me out! Goodbye Phil Anselmo, I’ll never be playing another Pantera song as long as I live…”

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Machine Head @ Glasgow 02 Academy

December 21st, 2014

Machine Head

Glasgow 02 Academy

December 13th 2014

Review by Ritchie Birnie

Pics by Gavin Lowrey


Machine Head


Can you believe Machine Head have been on the go for 23 years? No matter what genre of rock/metal you follow you know who they are. Even the haters recognise the input to metal these guys have made. They have trodden a lot of boards since Burn my eyes hit the scene during the grunge era. This is one of the bands that shook up the establishment and got us away from that whiny, sad MTV period and for that I thank them from the bottom of my Heart.

It may have meant less rock/metal on TV but I get a bit uncomfortable when our music gets too popular. A bit like a good thief. its best kept with a low profile. Who cares if its not on radio or TV? Definitely not Machine Head. They have burned their path regardless and built a following and a reputation without any of that crap and in return they are tattooed down the spine of metal forever.
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MACHINE HEAD Post Making of “Now We Die” Music Video

November 27th, 2014

Bay Area Metal Titans MACHINE HEAD have posted a behind scenes look at the making of the video clip for the track “Now We Die”, here.The clip was directed by Mike Sloat (TESTAMENT, STAIND) and  comes from their recently released Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut,Bloodstone & Diamonds.

Bloodstone & Diamonds has been tearing up the sales charts all over the globe since it was released! In the U.S. alone, the band sold around 18,200 copies in its first week of release to debut at position #21 on The Billboard 200 chart. This makes it their biggest first week sales and chart position in history and their 4th album in-a-row with an upward trajectory. Comparatively, the band’s Unto The Locust (2011) opened with around 17,000 units to land at #22, The Blackening (2007) registered a first-week tally of just under 15,000 to enter the chart at #54, and Through The Ashes Of Empires (2004) premiered with less than 12,000 copies to debut at #88.

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MACHINE HEAD: Official Track-By-Track Feature Available Now

November 19th, 2014
Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds

Machine Head – Bloodstone & Diamonds

Bay Area Metal Titans MACHINE HEAD have released the official track by track for the band’s brand new album Bloodstone & Diamonds. Open up your Spotify client and check out how mastermind Robb Flynn describes every track in his own words:

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MACHINE HEAD Release New Song Teaser for “Beneath The Silt”

November 4th, 2014

Bay Area Metal Titans MACHINE HEAD have released a teaser for the brand new song ‘Beneath The Silt’, from their upcoming album Bloodstone & Diamonds, here.
The band’s Nuclear Blast debut will be released on November 07 (Europe) and November 10, 2014 (N. America/UK) on several physical and digital formats. Pre-order the CD, limited edition mediabook, box set, vinyl or the exclusive premiumMACHINE HEAD guitar edition via this link:

Bloodstone & Diamonds was produced by Robb Flynn & Juan Urteaga (TESTAMENT, VILE) and masterfully mixed byColin Richardson (CARCASS, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, SLIPKNOT, BEHEMOTH).  Additional tracking, editing, and mixing was done with the legendary Andy Sneap (EXODUS, ARCH ENEMY, MEGADETH) and Steve Lagudi.

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October 8th, 2014

The Nuclear Blast USA Webshop is proud to offer this exclusive & extremely limited edition premium MACHINE HEADpre-order bundle for the new Bloodstone & Diamonds album which includes an Epiphone Robb Flynn “MH” Signature Flying V guitar and randomly selected accessories used in the recording of this epic eighth studio release, while supplies last.

Will your bundle include used guitar or bass strings or used guitar or bass picks? What song does Robb Flynn’s handwriting say they were used on?  Will you get used bass drum or tom heads, or used drum sticks?  The only way to find out is by ordering!

Only 250 of these ebony gloss Epiphone Robb Flynn “MH” Signature Flying V bundles are available.  Gear heads curious about the guitar specs can read up on them at this location.

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MACHINE HEAD: 5th Production Vlog Available / “Bloodstone & Diamonds” Release Date Announced

September 24th, 2014
Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds

Machine Head – Bloodstone & Diamonds

Bay Area Metal Titans MACHINE HEAD, has released the fifth video blog documenting the making of their eighth full-length album Bloodstone & Diamonds, here. The band’s Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut will be released on November 7 (Europe) and November 10, 2014 (N. America/UK) on several physical and digital formats.
Bloodstone & Diamonds was once again produced by Robb Flynn himself and Juan Urteaga (TESTAMENT, VILE), and like the last 7 out of 8 albums, was masterfully mixed by Colin Richardson (CARCASS, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, SLIPKNOT, BEHEMOTH). Additional tracking, editing, and mixing was done with heavy metal legend Andy Sneap (EXODUS, ARCH ENEMY, MEGADETH) who also launched his career co-mixing Machine Head’s 2nd album “The More Things Change”, and Steve Lagudi.   Read the rest of this entry »

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MACHINE HEAD Announce New Album Details

August 14th, 2014
Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds

Machine Head – Bloodstone & Diamonds

Bay Area Metal Titans MACHINE HEAD, will release their eighth full-length album and Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut entitled,Bloodstone & Diamonds, this Fall! The record was once again produced by Robb Flynn himself and Juan Urteaga (TESTAMENT, VILE), and like the last 7 out of 8 albums, was masterfully mixed by Colin Richardson (CARCASS, FEAR FACTORY, SLIPKNOT, BEHEMOTH,DEVILDRIVER). Additional tracking, editing, and mixing was done with heavy metal legend Andy  Sneap (EXODUSTESTAMENTARCH ENEMY, ACCEPT, MEGADETH) and Steve Lagudi.

“I cannot even begin to tell you how proud we are of this album,” comments frontman Robb Flynn.  “It’s been a heck of a ride.  It looked like it might not ever happen again at one point, but man, this album is a milestone for us. You’re going to love it Head Cases.”

“Without getting too philosophical on ya, bloodstone and diamonds represent two of the hardest materials on earth, it is also a lyric from the opening track of the album ‘Now We Die’.  In many cultures the bloodstone has been used as an amulet to protect against evil, and is the symbol of justice. Diamonds and are hardest natural material on earth (which is how we feel about our music), and it also represents the diamond logo I drew 22 years ago (in my wife’s apartment on Dover St. in Oakland) that has become the symbol for the band.”

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MACHINE HEAD Post 4th Production Video Blog and Launch New Website

July 10th, 2014
Machine Head

Machine Head

Oakland-based metal icons, MACHINE HEAD, have posted the fourth installment in their ongoing video blog documenting the creation of the band’s upcoming Nuclear Blast debut. The video can be seen at this location:

The band also recently launched their brand new homepage this week. Head over to and check it out!

Singer and guitarist Robb Flynn recently posted a new entry on his ongoing online journal “The General Journals: Diary Of A Frontman… And Other Ramblings”. In the newest posting entitled “Is it me you’re lookin’ for…”,  the legendary frontman talks about his favorite beer, the new album artwork and more.‪ Read the rest of this entry »

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MACHINE HEAD Announce “Killers & Kings Tour”!

April 8th, 2014

MACHINE HEAD are proud to announce their first round of tour dates in 2014 for North America. The 11 date “Killers & Kings Tour” will serve as an album primer for more dates in the U.S., but more importantly will hit numerous cities that MACHINE HEAD  hasn’t headlined in for over a decade, or in several cases, never headlined, or even played, at all.

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MACHINE HEAD: Details for “Killers & Kings” 10″ Revealed

March 12th, 2014
MACHINE HEAD: Details for "Killers & Kings" 10" Revealed

MACHINE HEAD: Details for “Killers & Kings” 10″ Revealed

With twenty plus years, seven critically acclaimed full-length releases and multiple world tours to their credit, few can deny that when it comes to metal, MACHINE HEAD is one of the kings of the genre!

This summer Nuclear Blast Entertainment will have the privilege of releasing MACHINE HEAD’s next full-length album, the band’s debut for the label. In anticipation and to celebrate Record Store (April 19, 2014), we’re excited to release a limited edition 10” featuring a demo version of a brand new track entitled “Killers & Kings”. Never heard or released before, MACHINE HEAD fans have been waiting for new music from the band for the last 3 years and “Killers & Kings” does not disappoint. Side B of the release will also feature MACHINE HEAD covering two tracks by the southern CA hardcore outfit, IGNITE.

“I remember growing up in the thrash scene and always wanting to hear the demo version of songs,” commented vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn. “You searched them out. Thankfully my buddy Jim was a big ‘tape trader,’ and through trading we had both METALLICA demos, EXODUS demos, bootlegs of songs sometimes ‘years’ before they came out. I knew how to play every note of Pleasure Of The Flesh by EXODUS, easily 2 years before the record was out! My friends and I would debate the merits of each, but we all agreed, It was so much cooler to hear it BEFORE the album is out! So we’re gonna do that for you. I can’t wait for you guys to hear this stuff.”

This limited edition 10” will also feature four alternate covers with two specific colors, each limited to 1,000 copies each. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival kicks off in San Bernardino, California – June 29, 2013

July 6th, 2013

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2013

San Bernardino, California
June 29, 2013

Review and band photos by Metalette
Crowd photos courtesy of Adrenaline PR

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2013

The San Manuel Amphitheatre is situated in a classic California desert-mountain valley. It was in this harsh, desolate, and port-a-potty-covered wasteland that the first day of Mayhem Festival 2013 took place. There was literally nothing else around the festival; just tall, brown, shrub-covered mountains and lots and lots of dust. The day itself was so hellishly hot – peaking at a scorching 107 F – it was almost as if Satan himself had a hand with the weather (maybe he was even at the festival; he’s kind of into the metal scene, isn’t he?). I’m sure the Mayhem people made a fortune on the ice cold $3 waters and $6 lemonades they were peddling all day long, and I witnessed at least one girl pass out from the heat. But with a name like Mayhem, what else would you expect?

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MACHINE HEAD – New Bassist Announced

June 24th, 2013
 Machine Head announce Jared MacEachern as their new bass player

Machine Head announce Jared MacEachern as their new bass player

Machine Head announced via their official site today who their new bass player:

It is with great pride and excitement that Machine Head announce Jared MacEachern as their new bass player. Jared has already begun rehearsals for the upcoming Rockstar Mayhem U.S. summer festival tour and will soon relocate from North Carolina to Northern California to begin pre-production for Machine Head’s upcoming 8th studio release.

Some fans might remember MacEachern from 2007’s The Black Tyranny Tour, playing with his previous band Sanctity. Machine Head, challenged to find a fill-in bass player for the North American tour after an injury sidelined their then-4-stringer, also found themselves in need of someone to sing harmony with singer/guitarist Robb Flynn. Flynn remembers, “We had locked in Brandon Sigmund of local boys Hostility to play bass on that tour, but we soon realized we’d need someone to hit the high harmonies. Our A&R guy Monte Conner recommended Jared since he was already on the tour, and that ended up being a great call. Jared flew out a few days before the tour and rehearsed with us and did great. What was most impressive about the whole thing was that he was doing double duty – opening for Machine Head with his band at the time Sanctity, and then later singing with us. He would stay sober until after our set, and often get in the van and drive all night. His seriousness and dedication was awesome to see and it stuck with us”.

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Machine Head’s Robb Flynn blogs about the dismissal of bassist Adam Duce

February 26th, 2013
Machine Head

Machine Head Promo Photo 2012

The below comes from Robb Flynn’s posting (link below for source):

That is the date we fired Adam Duce. That is the day that I had to tell Adam that after 21 years of being in a band together, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

That is the day I said “My hope is that this can be amicable.”

The words sounded like someone else had spoken them.

It was like being outside of my body watching someone else deliver these painful words.

But, it was me saying it.

And we all said it.

We had our say sitting in our jam room in Oakland. Dave said it. Joseph (our manager) said it. Phil said it. We all said that we couldn’t take being in a band with him anymore. That if this didn’t happen, we were going to break up the band.

It was hard. One of the hardest moments of my life.

It was also a long time coming. Read the rest of this entry »

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All That Remains Announces U.S. Tour (With Dethklok, Machine Head And Special Guests The Black Dahlia Murder)

September 10th, 2012


(New York, NY) – All That Remains (ATR) will hit the road this fall with Dethklok, Machine Head, and special guests, The Black Dahlia Murder. ATR will serve as direct support to Dethklok (alternating with Machine Head). The tour kicks off on October 30 in Norfolk, VA will make more than 30 stops throughout the United States and Canada before coming to an end in Atlanta, GA (full tour dates below). For ticket information please visit

All That Remains will release its much-anticipated new studio album, A War You Cannot Win on November 6th 2012 via Razor & Tie. The new album will be the band’s seventh studio album to date and their follow up to For We Are Many. A lyric video for the first single, “Stand Up” is available now – WATCH HERE.

A War You Cannot Win sees ATR reunited with longtime producer Adam D (The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage). The record is the culmination of an intense writing period for the group that began shortly after 18 months of touring in support of their last album For We Are Many. The band will tour heavily in support of the new album with a fall tour to be announced soon.

10/30/2012 Norfolk, VA @ Norva
10/31/2012 Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
11/2/2012 Silver Spring, MD @ Fillmore
11/3/2012 New York, NY @ Roseland Ballroom
11/4/2012 Worcester, MA @ Palladium
11/5/2012 Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
11/7/2012 Toronto, ON @ Sound Academy
11/8/2012 Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE
11/9/2012 Columbus, OH @ LC Pavilion
11/10/2012 Detroit, MI @ Fillmore
11/11/2012 Grand Rapids, MI @Orbit Room
11/13/2012 Fargo, ND @ The Venue
11/14/2012 Minneapolis, MN @ Myth
11/15/2012 Milwaukee, WI @ Rave
11/16/2012 Chicago, IL @ Aragon Ballroom
11/17/2012 Kansas City, MO @ Midland
11/18/2012 St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
11/20/2012 Denver, CO @ Fillmore
11/21/2012 Salt Lake City, UT @ Great Salt Air
11/23/2012 Seattle, WA @ Showbox SODO
11/24/2012 Portland, OR @ Roseland
11/26/2012 Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater
11/27/2012 Hollywood, CA @ Palladium
11/30/2012 Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
12/1/2012 Austin, TX @ Stubbs
12/2/2012 Houston, TX @ House of Blues
12/4/2012 Orlando, FL @ House of Blues
12/6/2012 Chattanooga, TN @ Track 29
12/7/2012 Charlotte, NC @ Fillmore
12/8/2012 Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
*MACHINE HEAD and ALL THAT REMAINS will be alternating in the direct support position each night. Check your local tour listing for the solidified line-up in your market.*


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