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November 21st, 2016


Fabio Lione, Luca Turilli, Dominique Leurquin, Patrice Guers and Alex Holzwarth proudly announce the reunion of the original members of RHAPSODY, and the relevant farewell tour of the band.

The Italian band Rhapsody, one of the greatest icons of Symphonic Power Metal, will gather together to commemorate the 20th Anniversary from their first official release, playing their album “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands” in full, as well as other classics of the band. It will be an exciting and emotional event no one should ever miss, as this will be the only and last chance to see the band performing on stage together. The Rhapsody’s 20th Anniversary Farewell Tour will be hosted by Top Link Music.

Since its consecration in 1997 with the album “Legendary Tales”, Rhapsody has become a worldwide awarded band thanks to its unique, epic and orchestral sound. Initially baptized in the “Hollywood Metal” style, because of its movies-related fascination and its characteristic epic soundtrack elements, the Italian band established itself as one of the biggest names in Symphonic Power Metal thanks to their second release “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands”, which soon became a classic of that music genre. Rhapsody’s main influences also include classical composers such as Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Paganini and many others (the song “The Wizard’s Last Rhymes” from Rain Of A Thousand Flames, for example, is based on Antonín Dvořák’s “New World Symphony”). These elements made the band clearly unique in the whole heavy metal scene and, thanks to its magic, gathered lots of fans all over the world and inspired many bands, giving birth to a brand new musical wave and genre, that established a real and effective Rhapsody imagery. The 20th Anniversary Farewell Tour will represent a last chance for everyone to feel part of that wonderful magic once again. Luca, Fabio, Patrice, Dominique and Alex will celebrate such important and historical event with and for their amazing fans!

Luca Turilli states: “I am really super excited to be part of this unique and special event together with Fabio and my other friends. The fact of playing legendary songs like ‘Wings Of Destiny’, ‘Beyond The Gates Of Infinity’ and ‘The Dark Tower Of Abyss’, never played on stage before, will be the best way to celebrate the 20th Anniversary and a great reason to meet together for a very last time. This farewell tour represents for me the closing of one important chapter of my music career, as in the future I will dedicate myself to the cinematic music style of my new ‘Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY’ band and to other important projects exclusively. Don’t miss such amazing event. It will be the last time you will be able to see me, Fabio and Alex Holzwarth together on stage playing some Rhapsody songs. We wait for all of you to share some wonderful emotions and live together some memorable nights!”

Fabio Lione continues: “‘Magic’… this is what I always wanted to find in music…
and when I think about this great and unique opportunity to be again on stage with Luca, Holzy, Dominique, Patrice and celebrate with them the 20th Anniversary of the band… well… I can say this is truly ‘magic’! What an emotional moment remembering our great friend Christopher Lee, our stories, our feelings. After many years and things happened, I feel the time is right now… the time to close this important chapter of my artistic life in the best way, with my old friends, and share such ‘magic’ once again. We will celebrate 20 years of band history with all of you, beloved fans, in an unforgettable and glorious ‘last time party’. Be part of it!”

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Primal Fear and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody – Ruling Montreal & Toronto

June 19th, 2016

Primal Fear and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody

Monday May 30 @ Club Soda, Montreal
Wednesday June 1 @ Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto

Primal Fear and Luca Turilli's Rhapsody Monday May 30 @ Club Soda, Montreal Wednesday June 1 @ Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto

Primal Fear and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody

Review by EvilG
Photos by Karen Saunders

A couple of additional pics taken by EvilG 

Every time Primal Fear tours North America, I travel and attend. They are after all, one of my favorite bands. On our shores, they commonly tour by themselves and rely upon local openers. This time however, things are different as we get treated to a co-headlining tour featuring Primal Fear and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody. Rhapsody doesn’t tour over this way quite as often as Primal Fear, so they were high on my bucket list of bands to see and have been since I first heard them in the late 90’s. A match this amazing doesn’t happen that often, so we decided to see the show two times. It was interesting to witness the same show in two very different Canadian cities to see the different reactions from the audience.

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April 24th, 2015


The LYRIC VIDEO of the first single entitled “ROSENKREUZ (THE ROSE AND THE CROSS)” is a little appetizer from the upcoming full length album of 70 minutes: PROMETHEUS, SYMPHONIA IGNIS DIVINUS (out on June 19, 2015).



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Olaf Hayer – Dionysus / Luca Turilli

September 4th, 2005

Olaf Hayer Interview
Interviewed in Jan 2001 by Rick

Olaf Hayer is one of the best and busiest young vocalists on the metal scene today. In addition to being the voice behind Luca Turilli’s solo work he also has released CDs with Treasure Seeker and Lord Byron. Olaf is also the lead vocalist for the great new band Dionysus. Joining Olaf in Dionysus is Ronny Mialianowicz ex-Sinergy, who was recently interviewed by me for Olaf answers questions regarding all of his projects past, present and future.

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Rhapsody – Luca Turilli

August 28th, 2005

Rhapsody’s Luca Turilli
Interviewed by EvilG in August 2000

Rhapsody are one of the newer bands that have come along in the last couple of years that have really impressed me. From their lyrics that tell the saga of the Emerald Sword to their unique blend of power/speed metal with classical music this band is not for the casual listener. Band pillar, Luca Turilli also fronts his own solo band which is as impressive as his full-time band. I waited for the opportunity to interview Luca for months. For a while he was on the road with Rhapsody, playing on the same bill as Stratovarius and Sonata Artcia. In the final stages of recording the new Rhapsody CD Dawn of Victory, Luca took the time out of his schedule to call me just days before Rhapsody were to take to the stage at this year’s Wacken Open Air festival. 

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