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June 6th, 2005

 Intro and interview by Luxi Lahtinen


“Lovecraftian Death Metal…” – sounds like a fascinating title, doesn?t it? The German foursome, Alex, Mike, Christoph and Tobias call Philosopher a ?Lovecraftian Death Metal? band due to band?s strong interest in H.P. Lovecraft?s creations as far as the band?s lyrical approach is concerned. Musically, the Philosopher camp has a certain attraction to old school ?90s Death Metal in which people can associate them with bands like Death, Morgoth or even Morbid Angel. Plain copycatting has, however, luckily been avoided in Philosopher?s heavy and slowly creeping Death Metal approach and the band has already proved to stand out in its own, especially on the band?s debut album THOUGHTS which really shows what this talented German bunch is all about.       

I talked to Alex ?Snakes?, the band?s guitarist, just recently and tried to gather together sort of an info kit what Philosopher is really all about as far as the band?s musical journey through the current Death Metal territory goes; basically finding out how they have been received by extreme Metal diggers and wanting to know a bit more what kinds of thoughts Alex has about Philosopher?s position amongst a countless amount of extreme Metal bands these days.

Uh, enough said for an introduction, now let?s get to the point finally?  


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