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Magna Carta Records – Peter Morticelli

August 8th, 2007

Magna Carta Records – Peter Morticelli

By Simon Lukic
Transcribed by Murphy

When it comes to the world of Progressive Rock/Metal Peter Morticelli is a name that many of you should know. Not only is he the President/Co founder of Magna Carta Records his history as a manager (from The Rods to Vinnie Moore), booking agent and recording artist should be enough to warrant respect. If you’re still not sure of his credentials then feel free to pick up something released by Shrapnel Records during the eighties for a little proof – you’re sure to find Peter’s name associated with it in some way. The following interview focuses on Peter’s foray into the music industry and the creation of one of the most unique labels currently in operation – Magna Carta Records. Sit back and enjoy the read…it’s quite a story.


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Dream Theater – Mike Portnoy

August 23rd, 2005

Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater
and Liquid Tension Experiment

Intervied  Jan. 1999 by David Lee.

The term “Supergroup” is one that has its origin in the seventies when groups like EMERSON, LAKE and PALMER and BLIND FAITH ruled both the airwaves and concert stages. Since that time the concept and term have been used endlessly with less and less justification to do so. Finally, with the release of LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT, the progressive rock world has put together a group which is justifiably and demonstrably a “Supergroup.”

Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci of DREAM THEATER, Jordan Rudess of THE DREGS and Tony Levin who has played with everyone from PETER GABRIEL to YES came together for five days to hammer out an extemporaneous recording that only professionals of their ability and experience could have even attempted. The record has been called a “stroke-fest” by some but if what is contained in these 70 minutes is pure pomp the circumstance for it are perfect. Every number on the disc is pure adrenaline just this side of extreme. There are no singers and no ballads, just straight ahead virtuosity and passion. It is just what the music scene needs right now.

I spoke with LTE’s motivating force, Mike Portnoy about this project and about the state of progressive rock in general.


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